Shad Gaspard: The Ultimate Father

Anyone reading this knows Shad Gaspard.  He came to fame with the WWE and was much fun with JTG in the tag team known as Cryme Tyme.  They began as a comedy thing but they could back it up in the ring.  They stayed together in the WWE for four years before Shad broke up with JTG and the brief “my time” era began – culminating in a really solid strap match at Extreme Rules between the two that JTG won.  Shad won their last encounter – ending the feud and Shad was sent down to FCW for a bit before being let go with other superstars in 2010.  Shad & JTG would come back together as Crime Time on the independent scene in 2014 after JTG was let go.  He also began a fairly successful acting career in both film and television.  He even appeared in two video games.

I woke up this morning and saw one of the tweets about Shad Gaspard.  There was only one or two by that point and after a bit of digging, their legitimacy became uncomfortably apparent.  I felt a tremendous responsibility to make sure this got reported as soon as possible.  As it happened, no one else was available to do it so I dove in and it became my first article in months.  I wrote it, not really being able to connect with it at all.  I mean…who would be able to imagine something like this?  How do we as writers wrap our heads around this kind of thing?  Heck, how do we as fans (which is what we really are) do it?  The answer?  We don’t.  We do our job and report…so I did.

Now, I have a far heavier task.  See, when I originally reported on Shad’s disappearance, I was hopeful that he’d be found and rescued.  There was still reason to think that could happen.   Okay, maybe there wasn’t but I allowed myself to think there was.  Many of us on Twitter held out a similar hope that might he be okay.  Sadly, it was not to be.

The search for Shad began in earnest on Sunday and they called it off when it got dark.  They tried again for several hours on Monday – even streaming the search so people could see it.  Sadly, that one came up empty as well.  Then, during “Raw” this evening, MVP (who was on the show, BTW) tweeted this out:

I cannot begin to imagine how his family must be feeling.  The bittersweetness must be just crippling for them right now.  The good news is, of course, that his ten year-old son is okay.  It’s quite possible both of them could have been lost.  Because of Shad insisting that the rescuers save his son first, that didn’t happen.  For that, Shad is a bonafide hero – putting the life of his child ahead of his own.  Of course, any parent worth his or her salt would say they’d do exactly that.  Heck, they’d even mean it.  The truth, though, is that few find themselves in a position where they have to show it.  Shad did…and he shined.

The truth is that Shad Gaspard will always shine…through the fans who enjoyed his ring work, sense of humor, and incredible charisma.  He will shine through a wife who loved her husband.  He will shine through the friends who supported him and those he supported.  He will shine most brightly, though, through the eyes of the son whose life he saved and for whom he showed the ultimate love.

Ending articles like this is very tough so I figured I’d end it with Shad himself.  Here’s video proof of him in a clip from TallBoy’s YouTube channel (click [here] to visit) from five years ago…showing us in word what kind of a father he truly was.  His actions would speak even louder when they mattered most:



We at Wrestle Royalty are absolutely devastated by this.  We’ve been talking about it all day backstage – trying to come to terms with it.  We send our condolences to all of his family, his friends, and all who knew and loved him.