The Royal Council – COVID-19 & Wrestling

Tune in to our newest video cast, “The Royal Council”!  We did it last night and we love the way it came out.  Our Queen, Kendra was the host and she was joined by Duke Dre & me.  Also, for the very first time, we were joined by Lord Lewis!  We talked for a while about which wrestlers have flourished in a COVID-19 world and which ones have floundered.  We also talked about what the two major promotions have done to cope in this new COVID-19 world.

Grab some snacks and we hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed doing it:


Botch Take:  This really was fun.  We used to use Skype for these things and it was never right.  We used Zoom for this one and the results are so much better.  No more lag, no more freezing, no more post-production hassles.  We should have done this faster.  Kudos to Lewis for fitting in so seamlessly too.