CHIKARA’s Action Arcade – Bringing Fun Back To Saturday Mornings

Founded in 2002, CHIKARA has made a name for itself in the world of independent wrestling and in the training of professional wrestlers. It has been a launching pad for some of wrestlings best performers – like Claudio Castagnoli, better known as Cesaro, Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan), Brodie Lee, and numerous others. Chikara also hosts one of the premier tournaments on the independent scene in King Of Trios, held over a weekend, Teams of 3 from CHIKARA and wrestling wide and far come together to compete. A Who’s Who Of Pro Wrestling has competed in KoT, from AJ Styles and The Young Bucks to Scott Steiner to British Strong Style to Meiko Satomura and the Sendai Girls.

Now big names are fun and all, but CHIKARA’s strength lies in its roster…a mix of trainers, veterans, and an ever-rotating roster of students and young and talented performers. CHIKARAs’ current endeavor just might be one of the best-kept secrets in wrestling…for now. Launching a weekly program on Saturday mornings, CHIKARAs Action Arcade airs weekly on Saturday mornings at 11 am EST on IndependentWrestling.TV.

Action Arcade showcases what makes CHIKARA so great and fun to watch. One of the features of the show is one of the promotions long-standing traditions, the Young Lions Cup. The YLC is open to any eligible talent that is 25 years or younger. Starting as 4-way elimination matches and then moving into a 1 on 1 tournament format, The winner can also defend the trophy. Past winners include AEWs Chuck Taylor, WWE’s Ruby Riott FKA Heidi Lovelace, and the reigning YLC winner and avant garde masterpiece Still Life With Apricots and Pears.

Tag Teams and Stables are a BIG part of what makes CHIKARA work…the current Campeonatos De Parejas (their tag team champions) Solo Darling & Willow Nightingale, known as The Bird and The Bee, are one of the promotions most popular performers. The Crucible, led by Ophidian, are the current King Of Trios Champions and are basically running CHIKARA these days. They even have their own “Crucible” style match featured on Action Arcade. The ropes come down, 2:00 are on the clock, and win comes by KO, Submission, or even a Ring Out. One of the eye-popping matches recently was Crucible member Matt Makowski, a former MMA combatant, who has taken to professional wrestling like a violent duck to water. Crucible’s leader Ophidian is as harsh on his charges as he is proficient in the ring. One of CHIKARAs longest-tenured talents and a trainer to boot, it is of little surprise to anyone who’s been watching that Ophidian and The Crucible have the position they do.

Fun is also front and center as Action Arcade has featured a number of ads for the CHIKARA hotline, Ice Cream Bars, and their Event Center, hosted by Sam Leterna. Sam has been keeping everyone up on the upcoming Cibernetico match. The Cibernetico is another CHIKARA tradition. a 7 wrestler roster goes head to head. I had a chance to talk with Sam about Action Arcade, the Cibernetico, and what she thinks are the best things about CHIKARA at present.

Molly McCoy
photo – Jay Lee Photography

As a bonus, here’s a quick Q&A with the Grittiest Girl In The Game, CHIKARA wrestler Molly McCoy – I chucked a few questions at her and she was kind enough to take time to answer.

1. Who is your pick for the Young Lions Cup?

Well it WAS myself, but I guess Ricky South is a stand up guy too

2. When are You and Boomer going after the Campeonato De Parejas title?

When he stops losing for us every time we team. My points for the titles w/ Uncle Dasher are more important

3. What would be your dream King Of Trios team?

Myself, Still Life and Sophie King. Trio They/Them

4. Preferred Breakfast Food?

Take that Young Lions Cup and never let it go. Then go after those tag titles w/ Uncle Dasher!

You can find MollyMcCoy on Twitter @_mollymccoy_


They have a lot of material for free on YouTube, and they also run their own streaming service ‘CHIKARAtopia’ and you can also find them on IW.TV