Rejoice In It – AEW Review

The fall out to DoN is upon us, as AEW comes to us live once again. With the passing of big shows come new challengers and new surprises. It would be an understatement to say DoN was a disappointment, it could be rust or maybe the card didn’t live up to its hype, but only two matches were good in my view. Don’t worry though, AEW always finds a way to get back on track and produce great product.


Crazy Carlitos

There is no better way to kick off the night than with the Inner Circle. I love the way AEW shaped the Stampede Match to be like an actual football game. The Inner Circle decided to get a couple boxes of championship T-shirts, just like you’d get after a championship game, but Santana reveals it’s more than just a couple boxes, it’s more like a truck full of them. A great segment to kick off the night, with the comedic relief the Inner Circle always brings and I really want to get an Inner Circle Stadium Stampede Championship T-shirt.



This Matt Hardy version switch is gold, we saw it at DoN when Hardy was submerged in the pool and every time he came out, he was different version of himself from the past. Tonight, he did the same thing and it just works so well. I enjoy this partnership from Hardy and The Elite and it’s also great to see Private Party back on TV teaming with The Bad Boy, Joey Janela. If there’s one thing I truly enjoy from AEW, it’s that they don’t shy away from talking about wrestlers from another company, which really helps with commentary. They talk very openly about the Hardy Boys and the influence they had on tag teams throughout the years and didn’t shy away from mentioning Jeff Hardy, which is something WWE would never do. The match was hard hitting and didn’t lack the big moments, Matt Hardy has found the fountain of youth and was amazing throughout the match.

A great match to start the night, but the best came after the match was over, when the Butcher and the Blade attack the Bucks. Something that has been years in the making finally happened, to some it might be a surprise but to me, I saw it coming a mile away. Formerly known as Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder… The Revival, now Cash Wheeler and Dax Hardwood will hence forth be known as FTR in AEW. Good for the both of them and even better for us, as we will finally be able to see The Young Bucks versus FTR and we will all rejoice!


Shut Up Tazz

Moxley was in full form tonight during Brian Cage’s Dynamite debut. Mox is a star and he should hold that championship forever. Cage will probably be built like Lance Archer and then lose to Moxley, since that’s what AEW likes to do. I do like that Cage brings the big man aspect to AEW and  makes quick work of Lee Johnson, squashing him like a bug. By the looks of it, Tazz will be the mouth piece for Cage. I’ve never been a big fan of Tazz and we don’t need another retired wrestler to be a manager in AEW. We’ll see what happens at Fyter Fest, but in my opinion, Cage doesn’t have the star power that the AEW Championship needs.


Conspiracy Theory

You have to love Britt Baker for not breaking kayfabe. Baker uses something bad for her character gain, when life gives you lemons, you have to make lemonade and Baker is doing exactly that. Baker’s character has grown so much and she’s made a fan out of me. She’s the only woman in the division to have some sort of mic skills and I hope she gets back in the ring soon and continue to build on what was looking like a bright future for her. She said she’ll be back at All Out, but it’s too early to know for sure.


Shut Up You Fat Head

The Inner Circle is the best thing AEW has to offer right now, Chris Jericho mic skills are above and beyond everyone on the roster, he gets away with the name calling because he does it in a very comedic way. The way he hypes up his rally, makes you excited to see it happen. Unfortunately for Orange Cassidy, he was “slothing” around the wrong place at the wrong time and the Inner Circle is looking for any excuse to take their anger out on someone.


Holy Shida

Hikaru Shida will be the fighting champion the AEW women’s division has been desperate for, she looks great as she enters the ring as the new champion. Across the ring from Shida is the newcomer, Christi Jaynes. I have always been a sucker for great rope work, and Jaynes gave me one of the best ropes move I’ve seen in a long time. I didn’t expect Jaynes to go in the match and beat Shida, but she put in a great shift. It’s clear Shida won’t be the champion were things come easy for her, she’ll use that underdog persona and run with it. Shida will need to pick up some big wins to become a credible champion, but every win she does pick up will be a hard-fought victory.


Cowboy Ish

It’s great to see Adam Page back on AEW TV, he is a star and his cowboy persona really fits him well. Page and Kenny Omega are enjoying a couple of cold ones, well Kenny is enjoying a couple of cold glasses of milk. It’s great to see them on the same page and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Page and Omega and the weird way they make their partnership work.


Open Challenge

As happy as I am for Cody becoming the new TNT Champion, that championship belt looks awful, it belongs on a power ranger costume, not around his waist. I hope the upgrades come in soon and improve its look. I love the story of Cody’s wrestling career, he uses his personal life and wrestling struggles to connect with the audience. It’s hard to not be a fan of Cody and be proud of where he is today, he translates so well through the TV screen and I’m sold on every word. Cody issues an open challenge for his TNT Championship and you have to love it.


Number One Contenders

Firstly,  JR is just that creepy old man, I laugh at it because that’s how I cope with his creepy comments, but he always has some weird comment to make on Penelope Ford, I’m a fan of Penelope too, but keep your creepy vibes to yourself. For everything that is good, please give Scorpio Sky a singles run, he’s a star waiting to happen and as much as I enjoy his tag team run, I’d love to see him as a singles competitor. One thing’s for sure, you can tell how well of a tag team SCU is by the chemistry they have in the ring, but Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc somehow work as a tag team too. They held their own with their unique style of wrestling and by unique, I mean their dirty wrestling. They complement each other so well in a very odd way and I probably sound like a broken record but AEW’s tag division is red hot. I was shocked to see Kip and Havoc pick up the victory, got to be one of the biggest upsets to happen in AEW and I have no problem with that. I’m all for new teams getting a chance, especially the odd couple of Kip and Havoc. It will be the odd couple of Kenny and Page, versus the odd couple of Havoc and Kip next week on Dynamite. If Jimmy and Kip can have the match they did tonight with Page & Omega, then we should be in for a real treat.


Got Ya

Shots fired by MJF, as he takes pops at all new comers from other companies. The way he can cut a promo is so natural, his mic skills are undeniable and compare to basically nobody else. The hint at some tension rising between Wardlow and MJF is great, will it develop into something? I don’t see it happening any time soon. They both will participate in the battle royal for a shot at the TNT Championship. MJF is a star and it’s about time he be used as one.


Battle Royal

The collection of wrestling talent in the battle royal is very interesting, from jobbers, to up and comers all the way to the surprise entrant of Billy Gunn, and the number one cheerleader, Austin Gunn was overly excited to see his dad back in the ring. Remember how upset Jericho was at Orange Cassidy for “slothing” around the wrong place? Well the poor guy was attacked by the Inner Circle before he could enter the match. As much as I would like Orange Cassidy to win, I’m more exited for him to have a feud with the Inner Circle.

MJF intelligently lets everyone else go at it, while he stands behind Wardlow for protection. I’m a big fan of anything ‘royal’, as they are usually very entertaining and unpredictable. There were so many interesting combinations, most shocking of which came in the form of Marko Stunt eliminating Christopher Daniels. Then I was honored to witness the teamwork of Orange Cassidy and Jungle Boy to eliminate MJF and Wardlow. The match that I never thought we needed to see was right before us, the last 3 minutes was some of the best wrestling I have ever seen. I may be exaggerating, but it was honestly great, I hope to get more of Jungle Boy and Orange Cassidy. An exciting finish to a great battle royal.


Pep Rally

It was all fun and exciting until Vicky Guerrero came out, to JR’s dislike. I love the comedy in every Inner Circle segment and I always can’t help myself but join in on the laughs. The Inner Circle needed a pick me up after their battle at DoN and the whole segment of giving gifts was gold, especially when it came to Santana handing his out (I think if you had any Latino friends, then you have heard of the miracle of Vicks). I could keep going on, but it’s better to see it for yourself.

Sadly this is where things started to go downhill, as Jericho calls out Mike Tyson for something that happened 10 years ago back in WWE. The whole segment was great, don’t get me wrong, and while it felt a little too scripted, Tyson played himself and couldn’t even rip his shirt off. Then there was no social distancing whatsoever, as the whole locker room had to separate both parties. The MMA star power was great with Rashad Evans, Henry Cejudo and Vitor Belfort all in Tyson’s corner. I truly enjoy the way wrestling has crossed over to other sports. Mike Tyson’s return isn’t going to be a boxing match, for now, it looks like it will be in a wrestling ring with Jericho.


The Count Is Here

DoN might not have been the best AEW PPV, but they always find a way to make it up. Tonight, was fun to see, from the great matches to brilliant promos, new feuds have developed and I’m very excited to see the outcome. The build for Fyter Fest will soon be in full swing and we wait for a date, we have the whole Inner Circle and Tyson Squad brawl to watch progress. The only bad thing is JR’s commentating, JR is a legend in the wrestling business, but his comments from time to time are a bit cringe. Overall, a great show by AEW.