Fast Times at SD Live!

Queen is back on SD this week and quite refreshed.  Having not written SD in a couple months I really feel like I can look at it with a fresh set of eyes, and really give my true feelings about everything, and it’s not the same stuff you read every week.  Sam keeps things fresh for Raw, but I know I get into a rut, and Lewis has helped break that up for me quite a bit.  I was so excited to write SD this week, and it was a fantastic episode to write!  I hope you enjoy not knowing who will be writing SD, and I hope you enjoy my review of this episode because I had a blast writing it!


Who Hit Who?



Well, that was an interesting way to start SD!  I missed who was on the ground at first because of severe thunderstorm alerts coming across my screen, but once I saw the guitar (and asked in the DD), I knew it was Elias.  At that point, I was sure it was either King Corbin or Sheamus who did it.  Even after the booze bottle was looked at and Braun was spoken to, I never even thought of it being Jeff until they found him dazed and confused.  I love where they are going with this storyline.  This, unlike when they tried to do it with LOD, could work as Jeff is clean right now, unlike Hawk who was made to look the fool in that storyline.  If they handle this well, it could be one of THOSE stoylines that we talk about for decades after.  I just hope it doesn’t turn into one of THOSE storylines – ‘I. Did it. For. The Rock.’ that we roll our eyes at for decades after.  Looking at the directions most things in WWE are going right now, I worry it will be the latter, but I’m hoping for the former.  Further, I truly hope it wasn’t Sheamus who did it and framed Jeff.  It needs to be someone truly unexpected, but that they can write into making sense.  Also helps if the person who needs to sell it can do so because we all know Rikishi dropped the ball when he admitted to running Austin down.

I also need to mention Renee in all this.  She killed it out there as the roving reporter.  Renee was downright fantastic, even though her outfit made her look very out of place there.


Is Bry Too Nice?



Personally I think Bryan is daft putting himself out there like this, but he’s very fair in his character play right now.  I loved seeing Gulak back with Bryan, and all the complaints from AJ.  The whole setup of the Battle Royal was very cool and different from what we have seen in the past.  I actually really liked how this segment played out.





I struggle with writing Battle Royal matches – both results and review – because I always miss so much, and usually end up missing the most important moments because I’m either looking at something else, chatting in the DD, or trying to type and not miss everything at the same time.  Luckily there were not too many in this match and it worked well, so I’m going to hit on some of what I think were the best moments:

  • I’m thrilled to see Jey Uso running without his brother.  I always thought it was a travesty that the uninjured twin had to sit out when his brother was injured, so I’m giddy over this.
  • Cesaro eliminating Shorty G the way he did behind the refs’ backs.
  • Jey looked like he might actually get the win.  Jey and Sheamus really worked the ropes and the apron with the best of them, and there are a lot of ‘best of them’ from the many years of Royal Rumbles.  I’m very impressed.


Pushy Woman



Sonya has been killing it on mic since she turned on Mandy.  I’ve been saying for years that Sonya was the star of the team, and she’s proving that right now.  Sonya is killing this character change and the push she’s getting that she more than deserves.  Short and sweet here, but she was so good, selling every bit of hatred with her voice and her eyes.  Lacey behind her was really great in her smirking and mocking facial expressions.  Both of these women can emote, and everyone knows that’s one of the most important things a wrestler can do to get over with me.


Shortened Battle



Cesaro went from being not much in that match to having a Shorty storyline – I hope.  Cesaro is so well-spoken, as it Shorty G, so if they feud, it could be as great out of the ring as in!


Marine Wants More



I LOVES Sonya’s new look.  I hated her in jeans in the ring, and while I liked her little skirty look, this actually feels right for her character.  Also, look at her abs!  I don’t like objectifying anyone’s body, but both Sonya and Lacey deserve serious props for their conditioning and work in the gym.

Those women worked that ring hard!  They worked the ring as I expect them to work the ring at a PPV, but I get it.  Lacey is a hardworking woman, and Sonya is finally getting her push, so they’re going to work all out.  Also, they’re of a size, so they aren’t struggling the way Charlotte and Bliss did in the ring together at times.  They looked great in there, and outside the ring.  I figured neither would go over clean here, and I’d love to see these two fight a lot more as I think they could be great for each other in the ring, and Lacey could be great running with Mandy and Otis.


Forgetting Something?



I’m holding off saying anything major about Forgotten Sons as one of the WR writers is working on something about them, specifically and if I write any more I will say things that will spoil the article.  So I will say I thought they were rather milquetoast here compared to what I’ve seen in the past.


Coffee Clatch



I swear Big E has to strip down and pick all the pancakes, coffee beans, and whatever else might be stored in there off his body.  Just, ew!  Then again, better than beach sand, that gets everywhere!

Bayley, it’s time to pay for a good haircut!  Vickie Geurerro’s haircut is better than Bayley and Vickie’s haircut isn’t great.

Sasha, who hasn’t been on my good side for well over a year now, is right now with her Hana armband.  That was a fantastic show of support for the fallen.

I love Bliss and have loved Bliss since I first saw her, but Nikki, as almost always, stole that segment for me.  I hope they bring Dain to SD so they can be together.


Anyone Have A Spray Bottle?



Bayley had some great moments on announce, but they were only great because Nikki was being Nikki there.  Nikki actually seemed to be channeling her NXT character a bit through her love of Bliss – in that scary voice.  I cannot believe I gave Bayley any props for anything, especially what she says, but that was brilliant!

The work in the ring was really good!  I say that as if it was shocking, but it shouldn’t be as Bliss and Sasha are two of the strongest wrestlers on the roster, but Bliss has suffered concussions and Sasha has a glass jaw, being injured more often than not from the simplest of moves, so I expect something bad to happen with them in the ring together.  Though I guess I should just be glad they’re not facing Nia!

As solid as the ringwork was, this was all about what was going on at announce for me, and from most of the people I’ve spoken to or read in the DD.


Taking Cesaro Down To Size



Nice to see Shorty back in the ring in an actual match again.  I hope this turns into a feud, though I think Shorty needs someone backing him if they move forward.  With Shorty going over in this match, I don’t think it’s the last we’ve seen of them facing off in the ring.  This match was short and solid, telling the start of their story, one I hope continues.


Soft Core…



I love how cute Mandy and Otis are together.  It’s obvious that they’re really good friends because chemistry like that doesn’t just happen when the camera turns on.





I love Angle.  He’s not always been my favorite, but I love who he’s grown into since leaving TNA.  He really seems comfortable in his own skin, something I never thought I’d see in him again.  He was a bit stiff in the start of this segment, but he got there.

At first I was so excited that SD was getting Riddle as I thought he was going to Raw, so I went and rubbed it in Sam’s face that I was getting Riddle.  Then I realized that I haven’t written about SD through most of the pandemic because Lewis is home and a great writer, so he’s been having fun writing SD for WR.  So I don’t get to write about Riddle fulltime, but like this week, there will be times I’ll be sharing this with Lewis, keeping it fresh and everyone on your toes.  Either way, SD gets Riddle!


Bryan Continues To Rule The Roost!



As expected, Bryan and Sheamus left it all in the ring in this main event!  They really went all at it and gave the PC kids quite the clinic on how to work the ring in a main event, even if the stands are mostly empty.  They totally killed it in the ring here, better than any other Sheamus match we’ve seen since he came back.  Bryan always looks great in the ring, but Sheamus brings out that much more in him.  This was a PPV-level match.

Interesting that Jeff was ‘released’ by the ‘police’ who brought him in earlier tonight.  Some said that Jeff looked like he quickly sobered up from the opening segment, but I thought Jeff sold it pretty well that something had happened to him.

There is a laundry list of things I don’t like about Jeff returning at the end of the show, but here are three of the most niggling:

  • Jeff is already going after Sheamus, so Jeff must know something.
  • The police obviously didn’t get Jeff looked at medically, which should have been taken care of before any questions were asked.
  • There is no way the police could get enough info from a very obviously drugged Jeff in under two hours.


Shut Up, I’m Talking Here!

This was a really great episode of SD, so I’m thrilled I got to write it.  Lewis should be back next week, but maybe not.  From here on out we will be sharing SD, though expect him more than me during the pandemic.  I was hoping to find someone to cover AEW and SD so that I could attend my medieval events over the summer without worrying.  Brought in Oscar before the pandemic and he’s getting comfortable within WR.  Lewis has been a reader forever, so he was a natural to bring in as he’s a writer already, and was rather bored.  Last, but not least by any stretch of the imagination, Botch is back!  So I managed to get the coverage needed to attend Great Northeastern War and Pennsic, along with the other weekend events we always attend, except now we are not because of the pandemic.  Such is life, but I have to say that we have been having fun at WR, and hope you have been as well.  If there’s anything you want to see, please let us know so we can provide what you want to read!