Royalty Of The Ring: Round 1 – Shawn Michaels vs Suge D (WINNER: SUGE D!)

Welcome to the very first match of the Royalty of the Ring. I will stress for the purposes of fairness, please try to vote solely on the matches presents by our competitors. So without further ado, let’s see what the competitors have to say!



Looking at a vast array of wrestlers who wanted to be represented by me, Queen KB, I was torn between the best and those with the talent and charisma to take themselves to the top, but in the end I had to go with one of the greatest of all time, Shawn Michaels. HBK is not only a great wrestler in his own right, but also part of one of the greatest factions of all time, DX. With Triple H by his side, along with Steve Austin, Rock, Taker, and Foley, HBK was one of the main superstars that helped save WWE in the Monday Night War. His matches won PWI’s Match of The Year almost every year he was actively wrestling: 1993-1996 and 2004-2010. He topped the PWI 500 in 1996. After being the first Grand Slam Champion, the fourth Triple Crown Champion, holding gold sixteen times and winning fifteen Slammy Awards, he’s been inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame twice – the first time for his own work, the second for DX as a whole. He retired Ric Flair at WrestleMania 24, before being retired himself by Undertaker at WM26. He’s only coming out of retirement for this one tourney.



When this tourney was announced and it came to my attention that my client, HBK, would be facing Suge D, I was intrigued. Suge D, AKA Pineapple Pete, is a great talent, and not as new as many might think. While a 17-year veteran of the ring, and about 20 years younger than HBK, there’s no way he can keep up with the finesse of The Show Stopper. I picked the match I did because it’s extremely divisive and while we are far enough removed from it that most people no longer hate HBK for his part in it, it’s the only match I could see that would give Suge D a fighting chance moving forward.

You can watch the match in full on the WWE Network, here.



I love old men. Really, I do.  They have a fondness for soup and other soft foods (dentures, you know).  They can get discounts so they’re cheap to hang out with.  Old men are great for offering sound advice in difficult situations. They’ve got years of experience and have a lifetime of knowledge from which to draw.  Old men are full of wisdom and few old men are wiser when it comes to wrestling than The Heartburn Kid.  In many cases, they also know when discretion is the better part of valor.

Apparently, this particular old man doesn’t.

I mean think about it. When he climbs into the ring with Suge D/Pineapple Pete, here’s what’s likely to happen. Suge D moves very quickly and Shawn is likely to have terrible trouble keeping up with him. Heck, he may not even be able to see all the way across the ring to lock up with him properly. During the course of the match, he could even break a hip and you know how gruesome hip injuries can be when you reach a certain age.

On top of Suge’s stellar ring work…oh wait…you should see that now, shouldn’t you? Well, of course you should! This match took place in PWX in October of 2018. Here, he faces off with another indie standout – an incredible wrestler you should already know named Darius Lockhart. This match (and many others) is proof positive that Suge has EVERYTHING. Both his incredible ring work and his matchless charisma are on display here to stunning effect:



Right, so Suge’s ring work is nearly impossible to argue with. He is also incredibly crisp too. He can grapple with the finest British wrestlers (he’s toured there to great success in the past) and he can fly around like the most hyper of hummingbirds. As you’ve seen, he also has a tremendous amont of charisma and a great sense of humor. Even when in the ring with more serious competitors like Darius, he forces them to engage in a humorous spot or two.

Do you really think that a man, great as he once was, who now nearly qualifies for AARP benefits stands a chance against Suge D.??? Nice pic and all (kudos to Lewis for conveniently picking a photo of a young, well-coiffed, and spry Hickenbottom) but the reality is that the sands of time have passed him by. No longer is he the man who so effortlessly won championship after championship while dazzling audiences the world over. No, he’s now a shell of his former self. He is totally incapable of matching speed or technical ability with a man of Suge’s ilk. He will likely hurt himself badly – not just his body but his pride.

Based on nothing but logic, the choice is clear. Suge D. is on his way up…and Shawn is just a glory hog looking for one last moment in the spotlight.


You’ve heard what the competitors have to say, now it’s your time to pick the winner (Poll ends Friday May 29th at 8pm ET).

Shawn Michaels vs. Suge. D. (Pineapple Pete)

  • Suge D. (Pineapple Pete) (60%, 15 Votes)
  • Shawn Michaels (40%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 25

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