Royalty Of The Ring: Round 1 – Minoru Suzuki vs Eddie Guerrero (Guerrero wins!)

Last week’s match between HBK and Suge D was a close battle, with Shawn Michaels ahead for most of the week, but on the final day, Suge D pulled it out of the bag and advances into the semi-finals! But enough about last week, let’s take a look at our second match of the first round.



Here is one of the main reasons I picked Minoru Suzuki, he will get the job done, he’s a brutal man, so brutal that they kicked him and his group from TWO organizations. He is one of the best mat and submission artists in pro wrestling and unlike Brock Lesnar, he was in MMA way longer and has a better winning record. He has fought AJ Styles, Kazuchika Okada, Jon Moxley, Jyushin Thunder Liger and Tetsuya Naito and he will beat Eddie Guerrero in this match! Not only that, but he will do it without help from Suzuki-gun. Eddie will be bent in every way manageable and will tap out or be put in the Gotch style piledriver.

The thing about Eddie Guerrero is that, who doesn’t know about what he can and cannot do in and out of that ring? He was a champion in almost every organization he was a part of, except NJPW. He is a great high flyer and he can go in the ring with anyone, especially against people like Kurt Angle and let’s not forget, he has beaten Brock Lesnar, he’s also had an amazing set of matches with and against Rey Mysterio. I will say that his mat and his technical prowess got my client intrigued and is the main reason he wants him in the ring.



I don’t need to hype this match up; the physicality speaks volumes about what he can do in the ring. Watch it for yourself.



I had myself a tough time choosing who I wanted to be the representative for in this tournament. I struggled between two men, but ultimately went with Latino Heat himself, Eddie Guerrero. The man was able to lie, cheat and steal his way to the WWE Championship and is truly one of the biggest legends of wrestling. The man had charisma for days and his ring work is among the best that ever did it. Eddie was so great that he even led his own faction in WCW with the LWO, but sadly that didn’t live the proper life it could, since we all know who was really running things back there. He eventually found his way to WWE with the rest of the Radicalz and he became such a great talent in WWE. Sure, he had his ups and downs because of his personal life but he came back with a force when he got cleaned up. Sadly, he was taken from us far too soon but that does not mean he didn’t give us great matches from which I have to choose from. We get the chance to see the best of Eddie again in this tournament and I chose a doozy of a match.



I chose this match from Eddie because I feel like it highlights everything that made him one of the best to ever do it. The match showed his athleticism, his agility, his charisma and everything else that made him great in this absolute classic match. The storytelling was fantastic in this match and is one of the greatest WCW ever put out. It may not be the first match people think of, but man oh man this will easily make you a fan of Eddie if you somehow already aren’t. Now I know I am facing one of the toughest wrestlers the business has ever seen in Minoru Suzuki, but I am confident that Eddie can take care of him. Eddie’s combination of charisma, in-ring ability and everything in between are enough to overcome the man that beats up the young lions while making his entrance. I know this will be tough for Eddie, but the man always finds a way to pull out the win by using his wits. If the man can beat Brock Lesnar, he can certainly beat Suzuki. Eddie will get him with a Brainbuster and finish him off with his spectacular Frog Splash in this round to advance.


The time for talk is over, now it’s your turn to pick your winner (Poll ends Friday June 5th, at 8pm ET).

Minoru Suzuki vs Eddie Guerrero

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