New Shad Gaspard Tribute Video Released by Ohio Valley Wrestling

For those who may not be aware, Shad Gaspard spent two years and change in its developmental territory, OVW or Ohio Valley Wrestling as Da Beast.  It was there that he’d first hook up with JTG as the Neighborhoodie and and they’d win the OVW Southern Tag Team Championships twice.  Of course, he would go onto greater fame on the WWE’s main roster as a member of Cryme Tyme.

OVW has put together a documentary featuring match moments and a really nice interviews with JTG, Elijah Burke, Batista, and others.  You can view it here:


Botch Take:  Great tribute and SO deserved.  Shame WWE couldn’t be bothered to more than a couple of poorly-placed title cards during its shows.  Bad form but at least one organization has done the right thing.