The Royal Council – Women’s Wrestling in WWE (Part 1) – UPDATED WITH AUDIO LINK

We really had fun with this one – so much fun, in fact, that it’ll be presented in two parts.  There are just so many incredible women on WWE’s roster and we didn’t want to leave any of them out.  We went on and on and on and…you get the picture.  We agreed to split this into two parts as not to wear you out.  We hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed doing it.

Here it is as an audio link now for your listening pleasure:


Botch Take:  This one didn’t come without a fight.  Dre was supposed to join us as he always does but life intervened suddenly and he was unable to do so.  Mitch is incredibly busy so he couldn’t do it either.  That left Queen, Lord Lewis, and me.  We got about an hour into this (almost all of Part 1) and thunderstorms entered by area (DC if you’re curious).  For the first time in ages, my power went out.  I figured the entire recording was lost.  Thankfully, I was wrong.  We use Zoom now for these and Zoom saved my butt.  Zoom managed to keep all of it, thank goodness.  Anyway, please enjoy this.  We worked for this one…LOL!