Wednesdays Are AEW- AEW Review

I’m back to bring you bring you the fall out of AEW Dynamite. I’m very hopeful we will get more wrestling than promos this week. So many great matches on the card tonight. There’s one match that stands out the most. FTR makes their in-ring debut against The Butcher and The Blade. I’m expecting great things from that match. The build for Fyter Fest continues and I’m excited to see what matches are added to that card.



First off, that entrance from FTR is gold. This fits FTR so well and that old school truck adds great detail to their entrance. The atmosphere around the ring before the match even started made it feel like a big-time fight. The addition of Jericho on the commentary table was genius. He was great throughout the match. There isn’t anything Le Champion can’t do. Dax & The Blade put on a beautiful ground and pound display. There was no rust from Dax and Cash, with multiple tags in and out. They flowed so well and their chemistry hasn’t lost a beat. This match is an example of what tag team wrestling is all about. I felt like a kid in a candy store. I enjoyed every single minute of this match. Two great teams that didn’t shy away from punching each other in the mouth. At one point I thought the arena was full of fans because how loud it was in there. If you didn’t get a chance to watch this match, you owe it to yourself to do so. I had forgotten how great FTR is at what they do. They reminded me of the old FTR, in their NXT days. They put on a show of what tag team wrestling is in AEW. My hat goes out to The Butcher & The Blade as well, they had a great match themselves. I don’t get tired of saying this, AEW had the greatest tag team division in the world. If this match is any indication of the matches to come for FTR. Then please keep them coming, I’m ready for more.



I’m usually not a fan of the love soap opera promos, but this one right here has pulled me in. As much as I would love to rather see The Bunny wrestle, she fits this so well. I’m excited to see where this goes and what effects it will have on the match next week.



I haven’t seen many women tag team matches in AEW. An interesting match as we don’t know yet who will face Shida at Fyter Fest. In my opinion, I would love to see Penelope Ford get a chance. She keeps on improving each week inside the ring and what better test then a match against the champion. I was so impressed with Kris Statlander and her great in ring work. Shida and Stalander have a great chemistry as a tag team. This match was proof that given the proper time the AEW women’s division can put on a show. This match is one of the top five women matches in the short history of AEW. There was a story told within the match. To my surprise, Penelope Ford pins the current champion. I’m very excited to see Ford get a shot at Shida’s championship. The ladies stole the show tonight.



Darby is unlike anyone I seen before. He has no fear in the ring or skateboarding. Darby has made me a fan out of me and not necessarily for what he has done in the ring, but for who he is outside of the ring. Darby deserves a god feud to roll with, that will allow him to show how great of a wrestler he is.



I take back what I said about the Britt Baker promos from last week. We don’t need a promo every week reminding us she’s hurt and she’s training to come back. Especially not this one, it was 20 seconds and it wasn’t funny like the one from last week was. Promos should be entertaining and should draw the fan to care enough about whoever is on that promo. This one didn’t do that for me.



Having Jericho on commentary for this match, made the match that much better. The agility showed by everyone in the match is what surprised me the most. We had 6-foot guys flipping and diving all over the ring. Wrestling has evolved so much that heavyweights are doing moves that only cruiserweights would do in the past. Seeing Cassidy actually wrestle is like that solar eclipse you been waiting for years to come. This is why Cassidy is so popular, he leaves the fans wanting more and when he shows us who he really is inside of the ring it’s like seeing a unicorn. It was the Orange Cassidy and show and he was able to pick up the win for his team. The ending was lazy because it wasn’t very eventful, but it fits Orange Cassidy persona so well. The Cassidy/Jericho feud isn’t over and I don’t want it to be over. I want to see Jericho versus Cassidy at some point.



MJF mic skills get better each time he gets a chance to speak. If MJF asked me to run through a wall, I probably would. He gets away with things other wrestlers wouldn’t because he’s that good. I’m a big fan of this little feud he has with Billy Gunn. Billy looks as great as he did when he was in his prime. I wouldn’t be mad at a Billy Gunn versus MJF match in the near future.



There’s plenty of great wrestlers, but there are few that have the charisma outside of the ring. Guevara and Cabana are two of the most charismatic wrestlers AEW has. That charisma translates so well in the ring making their matches seem so fun. The match itself can be hard hitting, fast paced, but they are still fun. They allow the fans to have a good laugh while enjoying them. This match was that, fun and funny. A great wrestling match from two great in ring wrestlers, that were just having fun in the ring. To be credible in this business their needs to be a seriousness to the wrestler as well. This angle that Cabana has with the Dark Order adds that seriousness. I like seeing a different side of Cabana and I hope something great develops from this. As for Guevara, I do believe he is the future of AEW and this Hardy angle can help him further his career even more.



This Janela promo was so good, that at firs,t I thought it was an actual commercial. Janela has this thing about him that allows you to connect with him. If you saw him in the streets you wouldn’t think he is a wrestler. He’s just an average looking guy, but once he is in the ring, he is great. I love this new angle with Sonny Kiss and what can come from it.



Like Mox, I’m running out of patience. I’m ready for this match to happen and for Mox to finish Cage. This feud doesn’t work for me for two reasons. First, the way Cage came in to AEW. He just runs over the competition in the ladder match to get a shot at the title. Secondly, the way I can see through Tazz’s promos. Mox needs opponents that can help him build the match. This match has been carried by Moxley. It feels like he is the only reason I’m sort of exited to watch the match. I will honestly rather see them beat each other up every night until Fyter Fest than here Tazz talk.



If the TNT Championship was made to allow younger wrestlers get the change to showcase their ability, well I’m here for all of it. As a wrestling fan, I’m always looking for who is the next up and coming star. Last week’s match with Jungle Boy was excellent and I have high expectations for this one as well. I don’t know much about Marq Quen, but I know he’s a very athletic wrestler. Quen had nothing to lose in this match. Win or lose, the exposure from the match made him a winner. The opportunity to show the world who Marq Quen is in the ring. Quen is no Jungle Boy, but he has very unique style of wrestling. He is just effortless when it comes down to his high-flying ability. The match started slow but once it got going, I was in awe from Marq Queen. The outcome of the match doesn’t matter. Quen has a bright future in AEW. As for Cody, he has backed up his words and the fighting champion isn’t going anywhere. The only thing I didn’t like was that Hager will get a shot at Fyter Fest for the TNT Championship. I would have loved for Cody to stick to this young wrestling stars getting a chance.



I asked for one thing to start the night and that was more wrestling than promos. I got my wish, as tonight was filled with great matches all around. The commentary table needs some help. After Jericho left the energy went down. Commentary goes hand and hand with wrestling matches. There needs to be better energy to help these matches move along. Overall, great work by AEW once again. They keep getting better and better each week.