Women’s Tag Teams – A Wish List

The Women’s Tag Division has been a bright light and a sad pit of despair, all at the same time.  There are many really great women in WWE, but spread across three rosters.  Covid-19 has changed the world as we know it, specifically everyone working in the WWE Performance Center.  With everyone in one place it’s the perfect time for them to shake things up and play with different ideas and groupings.  There has been a lot of changes and different male teams on Raw since WrestleMania 35, but other than Mandy and Sonya breaking up and feuding, there has been little to no change for the women facing each other.

There are at least forty women on the WWE roster who can carry their own, and I’m not including Lana in that list.  The Women’s Roster is deep in WWE, but it seems as though not enough women are used, and those that are used are the same women every week.  This is the perfect time to shake things up as everyone is in Orlando, other than those in other countries who cannot return to the USA at the moment.

So many strong and powerful women, but who would be the best teams?  Queen, Sam, Botch, and Lewis got together to put out their best Women’s Tag Division teams, let us know what you think.



I have been saying for weeks to anyone who will listen that Candice LeRae and Charlotte Flair could be an epic tag team.  As much as I love Candice working with her husband in NXT, I think that she and Charlotte could turn all three brands on their heads with the Women’s Tag Team Championship in hand.  While I normally complain about the statuesque blonde and how certain people backstage in the WWE think that only blondes with a certain look should be pushed, the thought of these two women together seems like the perfect pairing.  I think even without the blonde hair, Candice would look great at Charlotte’s side.

Charlotte and Candice is the team that got me thinking about other women who would make great teams, then they started pairing up in my head left and right.  I know they are on different shows, but it seems as though WWE might be pushing Tamina a bit before her time is up, though not enough to strap her.  That being said, I’d love to see her tagging with the tiniest one on the roster, Zelina.  The two of them would be one spicy mix of hard-hitting and great talking!  They could be unstoppable!  Until Tamina is injured.

There are two women in NXT who I think would be great on the main roster.  Both haven’t been working the ring terribly long, less than a decade, but have really become great at what they do.  Moving them from NXT, even though neither have been there very long, at all, but they’re both that good.  I’m going to start with the less-obvious of the two, Kayden Carter.  She has such a lovely look, her ring skills are solid, and something about her screams greatness to me.  Personally I think she could learn a lot from working with Ruby Riott.  They would be an interesting looking and quite creative team in the ring as well as on mic.  My other pick to come up to the main roster has worked the ring two years longer than Carter, but hasn’t been with WWE as long as her.  That would be Shotzi Blackheart.  Lewis picked a different partner for her, and we had it out a bit over this, but I think Shotzi would be great for Liv Morgan.  It’s reversed from Ruby and Kayden in that Shotzi has a better handle on the ringwork and has a look that screams main roster, and I think she could really help get Liv over.  Liv is so close, but I think running with Shotzi would shore her up, and get that question mark out of her eyes during promos.



The women’s tag division in WWE has not really had a fair shake since it started. Sasha and Bayley didn’t have much going on during their first title reign and the same could be said for the IIconics. The IIconics were given nothing to do and they could have been built up while building the division at the same time. There was one team that came together during the initial Elimination Chamber match to determine the first champions that I felt could be a fun team if they came back together. Naomi and Carmella could have been a solid team but were never kept together. Carmella has come a long way since her debut, and she is rather excellent on the mic. Naomi is great in the ring but sometimes is hit or miss with her mic skills so being with Carmella could benefit her. They would be fun as a face or heel team because I think both could work either side. They make way more sense together than the team of Dana Brooke and Carmella that WWE tried to make into a thing. A team of Carmella and Naomi would definitely be my number one choice of a team I would like to see enter, or rather reenter, the women’s tag team division.

I have one more choice I would love to see but it would take a bit of changes in character for it to happen. I would love to see Chelsea Green and Nikki Cross be a team but as their crazy selves they once were. We all know the crazy Nikki from NXT that we all fell in love with, but Chelsea can also execute the crazy gimmick as well. She was the “Hot Mess” in Impact and she pulled off crazy just as well as Nikki did. They would be a ton of fun with their crazy antics and both women are solid in the ring as well. I have thoroughly enjoyed Nikki and Alexa Bliss together, but I cannot help to think how amazing and entertaining a team of the crazy Nikki Cross and the Hot Mess Chelsea Green could be. They could become instant fan favorites and easily be good faces for a team like the IIconics to go up against. Cross and Green would be quite an entertaining duo and would work best at their most unhinged state because they excel at that so very well. I could definitely see them being tag champs and having a nice reign as faces in the division.



It’s simple, really.  Both Naomi and Bianca are spectacular and neither one is currently being used.  They debuted Bianca on TV with her husband and then…nothing.  Both can absolutely work their faces off.  Further, can you imagine the promos we’d get?  So much charisma, so much attitude, and so much incredible beauty in one team.  Dre already said that he might not be able to take.  I doubt I could either…but I’d love to try.  Even better, both are incredibly versatile.  Bianca could be heel with NO problem and I’m certain Naomi could be too, though I’d likely prefer her as a face.  The two of them together would take the entire industry by storm.



Toni Storm & Tegan Nox:  Nox’s feud with Dakota Kai is pretty much finished with now and no offense to her, but the division in NXT is stacked, and that’s BEFORE you include the likes of Xia Li and Kayden Carter waiting to get their opportunity. Then you have Storm down in NXT: UK, and with that currently up in the air, on top of the face Storm has already been women’s champion, it’s time Storm moves on. Imagine these two in a team together, they have the personalities to suit and the ring work to back it up. Bring them to Raw or Smackdown and just imagine the possibilities and the matches we could see these two have together.

Ruby Riott & Shotzi Blackheart:  Shotzi is another woman in NXT that will find her making her way to the top difficult, with others who have been around longer, such as Candice LeRae, Dakota Kai, Mia Yim and so on all deserving of a chance to dethrone Io Shiari, Shotzi wouldn’t be missed down in NXT. While Riott was called up far too soon as has meandered on the main roster, partly due to injuries, but mainly as they have no direction for her. Well here’s your solution!
This one is a little more tough, do they work better as a heel or a face team? I’m not quite sure, but what I do know is these two would make the perfect team! Not just for their tattoo’s and or heightened attire, but for the fact their ring work would complement one another. Ruby with the technician, mat based, and Shotzi hitting those crazy spots we all love in a tag match. These two would not only be fun to watch but would bring something different to a division in desperate need of refreshing up.


Wrap Up

So many great ideas for tag teams and we are stuck with Sasha and Bayley as Tag Team Champions, facing IIconics and Bliss/Cross at Backlash?  It makes little sense at all with so much great talent already on the roster.  Here’s hoping WWE sees the gold mine they’re already sitting on and gives us some more tag teams to enjoy.



Queen, Sam, Botch & Lewis