Let The Wrestling Do The Talking- AEW Review

A stacked card for tonight’s AEW Dynamite. As AEW grows more it will be interesting to see what they do with so much talent on the roster. They used AEW Dark to help the stories of wrestlers move along each week, but I’m not sure everyone tunes in to watch. They have survived the lock down in the past couple of months and continue to put out great content. Fyter Fest will be a show throughout two weeks next month and there are already some good matches on the card. AEW continues to stick to what makes them good and unique.


The Natural Nightmares Surprise

First off, my hat off to Justin Roberts for his amazing introductions. I was actually a bit surprised to see this match kick off the night. To me, it could have been the main event of the night. Dustin Rhodes turning back the clock with Kenny as both put on a show to start the match. The man is 51 years old and still surprises me from time to time. I’m not a big fan of QT Marshall’s character. In the ring he can hold his own and is surprising how athletic he can be. The match lacked energy until Hangman Page entered the match. He is so great in the ring and has great flow in all of his moves. He compliments Omegas baby face style very well. Page isn’t there to make any friends and will do anything he can to his advantage. The match turned out to be very good for both teams. Marshall and Dustin surprised me with a couple of beautiful high-flying moves on the outside of the ring. I’m a fan of this weird thing Allie and QT have going on. It brings drama to the Natural Nightmares, that I didn’t know they needed. It makes me want to watch them more, making the angle work well for them. A great match to start off the night.


From Denver Colorado

A couple months back when AEW came to Denver, I had the chance to watch Abadon compete in the ring. She is a local star and competes in RMP Wrestling, a local wrestling company here in Denver, Colorado. It’s always a feel-good moment when you see people from your town get a chance to succeed. A big shout out to RMP Wrestling and Abadon. With Britt Baker and Kris Statlander out of action, it’s great to see new young talent get the chance. The match wasn’t very long, but the announcing team did a great job highlighting both wrestlers. Abadon makes a big statement, with a big win in her AEW Dynamite debut. Anna Jay might be getting a big push after she was helped by The Dark Order after the match. This was a win, win for both wrestlers. Pushing two new female wrestlers will help the women’s division in AEW.


Age Doesn’t Apply To Billy

Billy is 56 years of age and doesn’t look a day over 35. One of my favorite wrestlers growing up because of his affiliation with DX. MJF is 24 years old, let that sink in for a bit. I love when the past meets the future inside of the ring. The match wasn’t a show of in ring ability. The match was a showing of who has the bigger personality. A very entertaining match, with plenty of comedy in it. Even Aubrey Edwards got into the action of who has the bigger personality. She is the best referee in wrestling right now. MJF has developed into a mastermind inside and outside of the ring. He knows where every camera is and he uses them perfectly to advance his amazing persona.


Funny Guy

The duo of Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara is the gift that keeps on giving. Sammy has shined under the wing of Chris Jericho. He has picked up plenty of the details Jericho’s uses in his promos. They can be serious and trash talk their opponent, and at the same time bring comedy into their promos.


Where To Doctor?

It is time now for everyone’s favorite AEW segment. How bad was the Britt Baker promo this week? Well, it actually wasn’t that bad. Big Swole has this large personality that I’m a big fan of. She has started this feud with Baker that can benefit the both of them. Baker stays relevant through her injury process and Swole gets the TV time we all know she deserves. Swole saves the Britt Baker promo spot this week. The second part of the promo was a good way to tie it all together, but I didn’t enjoy it. I need Baker to heal soon so we can finally be done with her promos and actually watch her wrestle.


Ricky Starks

The pyro budget is fully used on Cody’s matches every week since winning the TNT Championship. I can’t get behind the whole Arn Anderson coach persona. When Arn speaks I don’t feel the motivation needed to be a coach. I had to do a quick google search on Ricky Starks. My first impression of Ricky, is this mean streak that he wrestles with. He has a great confidence in the ring and walks around like he owns the place. The match was hard hitting and it allowed Cody to actually wrestle. There wasn’t any blood or what we usually see in a Cody match. It was to the point and no drama needed. I really enjoy when Cody gets in the ring and shows us his wrestling ability. Great showing for Ricky Starks in his AEW debut.


The Greatest Tag Team Division

It’s a joy to watch The Young Bucks in action. It has been a while since I have seen them in a tag match and I forgot how great they move in the ring. Superbad Squad have become one of my favorite teams in AEW. They have gained so much chemistry over the last couple of weeks. Havoc is more than the death match wrestler he once was. He brings that hardcore style of wrestling to the ring, but is also an all-around wrestler. The only thing I’m not a fan off is the weird partnership The Bucks and FTR have going on. I’m ready for them to take each other heads off. There was so much going on outside of the ring during the match that it took from the great match that was happening. It was distracting and it made it hard for me to enjoy the great action in the ring. There’s only one person that is allowed to be distracting during the match. Penelope Ford continues to help her team, even with her being the number one contender for the AEW Women’s Championship. She continues to be the greatest manager in the history of managers. The match went a little bit to long for me and it became boring at the end. One thing is for sure, there is so many great tag teams in the division.


The Machine Speaks

Well, I finally got my wish and we were able to hear Brian Cage speak. I don’t know if it’s what I expected, but it was better than hearing Tazz talk.


Jack Of All Trades.

Sammy is back on the mic to serenade us with Judas. His singing is horrible, but it works so well for their gimmick. I love the aggressiveness that Best Friends had to start the match. They were out to get revenge from what was done to Orange Cassidy last week. The addition of Hardy to the announcing table was a nice touch. I have to agree with the praise they gave to Sammy Guevara. He has to be one the four cornerstones that AEW builds their future on. The match lacked big moments and it felt like a dishonor to Best Friends. It seems like Best Friends had to come down to the level of Le Sex Gods. The match felt more like a brawl than a wrestling match. Usually matches are done like a story, this one felt like it was all over the place.  Sammy was the only one that had a good match. The ending felt a bit lazy because of how Sammy was dominating Trent. The good thing from this is Orange Cassidy and Jericho will get their match at Fyter Fest.


The Count Is Here

A night full of wrestling with little talking. Overall, the matches were good. Some of them lacked fire power and underperformed. One more week ahead of us before Fyter Fest. Next week should be a great show with it being the last Dynamite before Fyter Fest. AEW all of the sudden is stacked with so much talent. They have utilized their resources so well and have given plenty of opportunity to young talent. Their uniqueness is what makes them great. Each week we are given new surprises, no one knows who can appear on AEW. Another great week of AEW wrestling.