The Bro That’s Gonna Run The Show

Hey, kids.  It’s been a while.  Lewis’ computer is currently being fixed and Queen was busy with the “other” article so this one fell to me.  For those who may have missed it, this is the last taping before the COVID-19 scare they had earlier this week so we’ll see how things change beginning next week.  For now, let’s see how this episode of “Smackdown” goes.


Intercontinental Championship Celebration – AJ Styles, Renee Young, Daniel Bryan, & Matt Riddle

AJ heeled it up well here.  Renee is so good in this role.  She’s just so full of personality and she always delivers in situations like this.  Love that he called Daniel up to put the title around AJ’s waist.  Daniel did his thing really well too.  He’s such a great instigator.

Despite what happened today, Matt wasn’t removed from the broadcast and there’s really no way they could have done that had they wanted to.  He didn’t talk much but it was enough and just like that, Riddle & AJ have a problem…and a match!

P.S.:  I can’t believe they’re still using the Shorty G name for Chad.  It’s played out and long since time to move on from it.


AJ Styles vs. Matt Riddle

LOVED how AJ took the expected title opportunity away from Matt Riddle.  He’s done nothing to earn it, of course, so it made total sense.  It’s really nice to see someone new enter the mix for AJ to work with.  Turns out they work really well together and this was one heck of a match.  It got a nice chunk of time too.  Further, Riddle picked off Styles! Riddle has always been a grappling machine and AJ can adapt to anything so this was a really solid match.  Like the little tease of King Corbin and Riddle too. That could also be fun.  Riddle has a whole new playground and it’ll be fun to watch him play on it.

The confusing thing about this match was trying to figure out why the superstars stayed out there around the ring.  It wasn’t a Lumberjack match so why?  Lew and I were both confused about that and I’m sure we weren’t alone.  The ending was fun though with all of the superstars in the ring with him.  We’ll see if current events alter any of what appears to be happening with Riddle.


Jeff Hardy recap and interview

Jeff has been so bad at this.  He just can’t put this stuff across.  I know I said it before but they keep showing it like it was good and it wasn’t.  Sheamus has done all he can but Jeff just couldn’t pull it off.  I was hoping this was all over.  This recap went on forever.  This was “show helper”, if you will.

As for the interview, it felt utterly scripted.  It wasn’t terrible and he’s been worse but it just needs more fire than he seems capable of giving it.  Renee gave him all she could but he came up short here too.


Backstage segment – Shorty G.

They’ve swept Shorty G under the rug for so long that he just doesn’t matter.  When he talks, it means nothing.  He just recited a script.  He cracked Rawley in the mouth at the end of it so that was something.  Thank you very next.


Shorty G. vs. Mojo Rawley

More “show helper”.  Great.  Again, it’s not that Shorty G. can’t work.  Mojo can too.  It’s just that they’ve made them both irrelevant too long and I just can’t care.  Heck, even Corey said it that they’ve never done anything with Mojo.  When Gronkowski left, there went Mojo’s chance to matter.    The match itself doesn’t matter; it was just a decent match.


Miz TV – The Miz, John Morrison, Mandy Rose, and Sonya Deville

Morrison has been vanilla since his return.  He should be thankful to the Miz for carrying him like he has.  Miz has made this whole thing work as he always does.  Lewis and I both absolutely loved the way Miz whispered “Mandy” like her entrance.  A riot.

They have absolutely built a star in Sonya Deville.  Mandy was really good here too but Sonya is just incredible and she showed all of it here.  Mandy slapped Miz at the end of it and I have no idea why. What I do know is that she didn’t go easy on it.  Miz’s face was red immediately.  Fun segment.


New Day (Big E. & Kofi Kingston) vs. Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik) – w/ Role Models (Sasha Banks & Bayley) on commentary

Absolutely love Big E. and Kofi’s arm bands.  For completely different reasons, I also love that they both throw their gear at Corey.  So satisfying…LOL!

This was a solid match.  No mystery as to why.  Everyone in this match can work their faces off.  This is the second match like this we’ve gotten where there’s just no story here.  There’s no reason to care about why they’re facing each other.  It’s just a match.  The interference from Nakamura and Cesaro was fun because why not?  It sets them up nicely and a match between them is always great.  That’ll get some real build too so I’m not mad at it.

Loved listening to Cole trying to start trouble between Bayley & Sasha.  Both responded to it well.  I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but both were equally fun on commentary.  This was an “on” night for Bayley and she did well here.  Sasha always nails so that’s no surprise.


Dana Brooke, Tamina, Alexa Bliss, Naomi, Lacey Evans

If you see our blog, we actually talk about taking the ignored women and putting them together.  I wonder if that’ll happen here.  This was different.


Backstage segment – Sheamus

While Jeff hasn’t done well here at all, Sheamus has been absolutely platinum.  He’s single-handedly told the more compelling parts of this story.  He is playing monster heel so well.  Amazing stuff.


The Role Models & Nikki Cross

Well, THAT was orchestrated.  They take off their headsets casually AND THEN get attacked by Nikki.  Still, I won’t seriously complain about that.  It was entirely too short for a grade so I’ll spare you.  It was still fun and it gets us a match with…


Nikki Cross vs. Sasha Banks

Nikki has become unhinged again and I dearly love it.  Unhinged Nikki is life and I am all the way here for it.  Of course, Sasha is fabulous in the ring and can take either version with equal aplomb.  The two of them are just great in the ring and this was a fun match.  When there’s a story to keep me involved with a match, I can go all in.

Also, it’s really nice to see them doing something with the Tag championships.  They’re really defending them across all brands and I absolutely love it.


Titus O’Neil Segment – 2020 ESPN Muhammed Ali Sports Humanitarian Awards

It’s so nice to see them giving Titus his props.  He’s been treated so ridiculously by WWE in every conceivable way.  They don’t deserve him in any way.  Congrats, Titus.  Good news is hard to come by in 2020 and it’s so great to see things like this!


Firefly Fun House – Bray Wyatt, Ramblin’ Rabbit, and Braun Strowman

I’m glad we got a break from him for a while.  Not that I don’t enjoy him – I always do.  It’s just nice to get a break from a character like this for a bit so he doesn’t get old.  As a result, this was a great welcome back.  The sound effects during the recap of the Braun match were a riot.

Braun came out and things got cheesy.  He is full of “angry man promo” and I’m not into it.  Bray made this work all by himself.  I love that we’re getting the old Bray for this too.  We haven’t seen him in ages.  This is officially going to be fun.  Can’t wait to see what the original Bray does here.