The Royal Council – Greatest Stables (Part 1)

Grab some snacks and settle in as Baron Botch & Duke Dre discuss Part 1 of their favorite wrestling stables/factions of all time!  It also veered in a few different directions.  We had a lot of fun with it and it, like the last one, is in two parts.  Part 2 will come later this week:



Botch Take:  This one came with great difficulty.  First, Lewis’ laptop broke so he couldn’t join us.  Then, Queen was ill so she couldn’t join us.  That basically left Dre and me without our usual crew, we had no host and we had to change topics on the fly.  Thankfully, Dre came up with the “stable” idea and we were off and running.  I stumbled around a bit as the host here but we got away with it and had a good time.  We figured Dre and I would be more…economical in our approach since it was just the two of us but…we weren’t.  We went on at length – forcing us to split it into two parts as to make it easier to watch/listen to.

If that wasn’t enough, just getting this uploaded took two days of trial and error.  For whatever reason, YouTube was playing rough with me and wouldn’t take the video.  I lost count of how many times I tried.  Thankfully, it finally uploaded on Saturday evening.  Hopefully, Part 2 will be significantly simpler.  I also decided to just upload at 720p as that’s the actual resolution Zoom recording offers.  It’s a little soft but there aren’t any artifacts this way either.