Pro Wrestling Covid-19 Issues

With the upswing in Covid-19 cases as the United States starts opening up for business again, pro wrestling is starting to take a major hit.  Florida’s single-day count of new people testing positive, as a whole, went up to about 5,500 on Wednesday.  That’s up triple from three weeks ago.



Tony Khan posted on Twitter that both Jon Moxley and QT Marshall came in contact with someone who tested positive, so they are staying home, getting tested, and protecting the rest of the AEW roster and staff.




Multiple people in the Performance Center, including in-ring, have tested positive for Covid-19.  At least three people have tested positive, and WWE will be testing more as this week moves forward.


QD – A number of us have discussed backstage that while the economy is in trouble, states are opening up way too soon, and the second wave will be coming.  Well, it looks as though that second wave has hit and is devastating Florida in a major way.  Here’s to hoping that these companies don’t end up killing people to entertain us.

Botch Take:  I dropped my take in our backstage area and Queen asked that I put it here too so I will.  If we’re gonna crucify WWE’s brush with COVID-19, we need to do the exact same thing with AEW.  Regardless of Tony’s rather obvious Twitter spinning, two of his talents had contact with people who’s have COVID-19.  That’s what it is.  “Brief contact” means absolutely nothing.  “Having contact with someone who had contact” similarly means nothing.  That’s not how COVID-19 works.  In truth, this will get worse; it has to.  Under the circumstances both promotions are choosing to work, this will happen again.  Stay tuned.