All He Did Was Laugh

Hey, kids.  It’s the Botching One covering covering the Rendezvous once more.  This was a lot of Undertaker celebration so I won’t bother covering any of that.  I’ll just cover the new stuff we got.  We’ll see if there’s enough of it to make this a worthwhile read.  I’m writing as this happens so we’ll see what we get.  Let’s dive in, shall we?


In-ring segment – King Corbin

Well, we have some masks.  That’s a nice change.  Shame what it took to get it but I’ll take it.  ‘Course, there are many masks as not so there’s that.  Corbin makes a very good heel and he really should be further along than he is.  He’s been King Corbin since Gerald Ford was in office so it’s gotten a little stale through no fault of his own.  He did what he could here but it’s not immediately clear why he went after Taker other than to get people to yell at him for doing it.  He did it well though.


Backstage segment – Jeff Hardy

Of course, these things are scripted.  Every word is.  I get it.  He’s just entirely to stiff to make stuff  like this work.  He’s never been good on the mic and too much is being asked of him lately when it comes to mic work.  This was proof of why that’s a bad idea.


Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki Cross vs. Lacey Evans vs. Dana Brooke

Well, Dana has never been made to matter so that’s why she’s there.  I know Queen loves her dearly but I just don’t get it.  She gives very little on the mic and she’s merely okay in the ring.  Nothing special in any respect.  The corny “that’s what you get!” trash talking did her absolutely no favors.  It’s nothing she’s good at and she shouldn’t do it.  I don’t wish bad for her by any means but she’s in the position she’s in for a reason.  Lacey has been largely de-fanged for a bit and I’m not sure why.  She, unlike Dana, has charisma for days and very solid ring work.  I absolutely adore her but she’s nowhere at the moment.  Alexa and Nikki were really the only two who were likely to win here and that’s what happened.

This was a fun match and lots of story was told here between Lacey, Nikki, and Alexa.  I loved Nikki going to roll up Alexa and going “I love you…but this is about that” (and making the belt sign on her waist).  I love that she won.  I wonder if Alexa will be in her corner when she faces off with Bayley.  The Bayley and Nikki clash will be a fun match for sure and I can’t wait to see it.

Bayley and Sasha were so much fun.  It took Bayley a second to get it but I like her this way now.  They really added something to the match.  Corey and Cole were a riot with them too.


New Day (Kofi Kingston & Big E.) & Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik) vs. Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura, The Miz, & John Morrison

New Day will always be classic but I couldn’t care less about the Lucha House Party.  Whenever I cover a match they’re in, it takes me a second to remember their individual names.  They just aren’t memorable.  Heck, even Cole couldn’t remember Lince’s name and I had to go back to our chat to see who’s name I said he forgot.  LOL!  He got the hot tag from Kofi and even the choreographed workers acting as audience couldn’t get excited for it.

As for the match itself, it was decent.  I loved watching Shinsuke & Cesaro do Shinsuke’s “COME OOOOOON” together.  Once Cesaro, Shinsuke, & New Day started fighting with each other and left the area, things got a bit more interesting.  Who’d have thought that Gran Metallik would get the pin?  Not sure what that means going forward but we’ll see going forward.


Backstage segment – Baron Corbin

Corbin had his turn to talk about the upcoming Corbin/Hardy match and did it so much better.  This is how you cut a promo.  Jeff needs badly to be taking notes.  This got the job done and showed silos full of Corbin’s ego.  Loved it.


In-ring segment – Braun Strowman

Story time with Braun.  Braun did what he could but the writing was just bizarre.  Lewis didn’t like it and I don’t either.  I knew I didn’t like it but Lewis gave voice to it better than I could.  He said, “It’s because he’s doing the worst sin a writer can do, he’s telling, not showing. I felt this, then this, then this.”  That about sums it up, really.  It was a writing failure, not a Braun failure so I’ve been kind with the grade for all it matters.


Jeff Hardy vs. King Corbin

I complain about Jeff on the mic but I will NEVER complain about him in the ring.  He brings it every single time.  Corbin, for all the crap he unjustifiably takes, does the same so this was a fun match.  Not sure why the roster came out when we got back from commercial break but okay.  Big E. is a gift to us all and watching his reactions made the presence of the roster worthwhile.  Hardy got the win but the storytelling stuff happened at the end.  Corbin was summarily “dressed down” and took multiple finishers from people – first, Big E.’s Big Ending, Braun’s slam, and Riddle’s Floating Bro.  “Show helper” for sure but fun nonetheless.


All told, an odd episode of “Smackdown” that was borne of necessity given all that’s happened this week with COVID-19.  Not sure what next week will hold either.  See you for Raw this coming Monday!