Raw Tapings Postponed, Questions as SD Tapes

The Raw tapings scheduled for today have been pushed back until tomorrow.

The only thing confirmed for Smackdown this week is the Tribute to Undertaker, including the replay of his WM Boneyard Match with AJ Styles.



QD – There are a lot of questions flying around about and within WWE about Covid-19 testing, and who has tested positive.  I’ve even heard rumor than WWE employees are contacting news outlets, including dirt sheets, to see if they can find out any information as to what is going on in the company they work for.  Is that how you run a multi-million dollar company?  How is that good for morale?  There are more and growing issues within WWE and if they continue in the vein they’re going, they could be in serious trouble.  One person passes away after getting Covid-19 after being forced to work, it’s going to really start spiraling downward, more than it is already.  Add in the 9,000 or more who were diagnosed in Florida on Thursday and things are getting really scary!