Royalty of the Ring: Semi-Final – Pentagón Jr. vs Suge D (SUGE D WINS)

It’s time for first semi-final match and it’s the match up I’m sure no one except for the competitors saw coming. It’s the round of the ultimate underdogs, so let’s hear why they should get your vote and watch match they have to back up their claim.



Some might say that Pentagon’s win in the first round was luck. The underdog came out on top and put away Okada to move on to the semi-finals. My client, Pentagon, knows that this is not the time to celebrate, there’s more work to be done. We might not be the underdogs for this next match, but we know our opponent very well. Across the ring from us stands a man that is no stranger to big wins. Suge D, better known as Pineapple Pete, has become a popular figure in AEW, but he owes that popularity to Chris Jericho, while Pentagon Jr. has set his own path to the top of the wrestling world. There was no fear when Pentagon faced off with Okada in the first round and there will be “Cero Miedo” when Suge D stands in the way to the finals.

This second match comes to you from PCW Ultra. Pentagon Jr. is well travelled in the independent scene, before signing with AEW. His opponent in this match is another well know veteran, Johnny Ultra, or as he is known now, John Morrison. This match is hard hitting from the start and the rowdy fans in attendance were behind Penta. These are two guys who are no stranger to one another. Pentagon has been a Rudo for a long time, and in this match he takes the baby-face part. His popularity has transcended beyond Rudo or Tecnico. There’s no need for me to hype this match, it has all the drama and energy that any great match needs. Pentagon is serenaded with a “Cero Miedo” choir at the end of the match. Suge D, beware of the “Fear Factor” coming your way.


SUGE D/The Pineapple-is of Petes

As is the case with Pentagon, Suge D./Pineapple Pete could look like a fluke win too.  Then, I remember that was facing off against a man who is closer to AARP benefits than not so it’s not so far-fetched after all.  Now, Suge faces off against someone who’s actually still wrestling.  Problem for Pentagon is that Suge has more charisma in the nail of his pinkie finger than Pentagon would have if he were identical twins.  No, really.  Have you seen Suge lately on AEW?  Even when he’s not featured, you KNOW he’s there.  I can give you even more proof of his obvious charisma and incredible ring work if you need it.  My first instinct to prove this is the match between Yahya and Suge D for the PWX Pure championship.  Unfortunately, it only lives behind a pay wall on the PWX Pivotshare site (I get it – they’re entitled).  I’ve gone for this one instead.  This is Suge D. vs. Matt Sells from APW 13th Anniversary event.  This match is different from the other one I showed you in that you get Suge’s charisma as a heel instead of as a face.  He’s absolutely capable of both and this match, like others, proves it.  Have a look:

The man is absolutely magnetic and “must watch”.  Can Pentagon work?  Yes!  He’s extremely talented…but he ain’t Suge.  Few are.


The competitors has spoken and the time has come, only one can advance to the final. Make your vote now (Poll ends Friday July 3rd, at 8pm ET).

Pentagón, Jr. vs. Suge D (Pineapple Pete)

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