A Great Night For Wrestling- AEW Fyter Fest Night 1 Review

The wait is finally over, tonight we get the first night of AEW’s Fyter Fest. It’s not just an average Wednesday night. The competition is a couple channels away with their own big show. The Wednesday Night War is in full effect tonight more than ever. I believe that AEW will pull through and this will be a great show. The card is so stacked, they needed two nights for it. Tonight, we’ll get three championship matches and one of those matches may just steal the two-night show. Don’t forget we have Jericho on commentary too so that should add an excitement level to night one.


Go Off Then

No better way to start the night than with some MJF on the mic. The way he comes after Jurassic Express and especially Jungle Boy is great. He acknowledges the Wednesday night war that is going on with NXT. That’s the way you start off the night. Every time Jungle Boy and MJF are in the ring together, it becomes must-watch wrestling. The future of AEW and wrestling is in their hands. I truly enjoy the heel aspect that comes from Wardlow and MJF in every match they are in. Luchasaurus shined in the match and didn’t hold back with his offense. Wardlow and Luchasaurus picked up right where they left off in their Lumberjack match. They both have great chemistry together in the ring. Jericho’s commentary on Jungle Boy’s trifecta of topes on to MJF was amazing. Jericho commentary made this great match so much better. This is how you kick off the night on Wednesday Night War. The match was non-stop action and it was amazing. It had everything you’d want in a match. I don’t remember the last time I was on the edge of my seat for any match. My hat goes off to the four men that participated in the match.


Get Him Joey

I’m ready for Janela to beat up Lance Archer. Joey isn’t scare of anyone in that AEW roster. This partnership with Sonny Kiss helps Joey so much as well. That little segment made me very excited for their match next week in night two of Fyter Fest.


Steal The Show Ladies

I will try to be neutral for this match, but Penelope Ford is one of my favorite wrestlers right now. I’m so happy to see her get a chance at the AEW Women’s Championship. I actually enjoyed Kip getting kicked out before the match started. That let me know they wanted the ladies to go at it and have a good match. Shida is so good in the ring and has gotten so much better wrestling on a consistent basis. I enjoy matches that waste no time getting into the action and these ladies wasted no time getting after each other. Penelope has been working on her craft and looks so good in the ring. I have been the worst critic when it comes to the women’s division in AEW, but this match was great. The chemistry was there from both of these ladies. The close pin falls from Penelope Ford had me for a second. The crowd was chanting this is awesome and I was right there with them. That was the best match I have witness in the women’s division. I want to see more of these two ladies, please.


Sports Science

I keep enjoying these “Sports Science”s for the AEW Championship match. They’re actually good and Tazz isn’t as annoying in them. They have done a better job of hyping the match this week. It is very interesting to see what will happen to the AEW Championship with Mox staying at home with his wife. I can honestly see him dropping the title to Cage.


The Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge to Cody’s championship reign so far. After the two previous matches tonight, these two have really big shoes to fill. The feeling around the ring before the match started was electric. The theme for the matches so far has been start fast and get into the action right away. I truly enjoyed the amateur wrestling background that came out of both to start the match. I have been one the biggest Hager haters in previous matches. Tonight, he looked decent and didn’t look dangerous. The boxer briefs on Hager were a little too much for me. He needs to get some good wrestling gear. I’ll hop off the Hager hater bus for now. I wish the fast pace of the match would have continued throughout the whole thing. There was a period of about 5 min that the matched slowed down a bit. I didn’t like the end, with Dustin getting involved. Then all the extra drama that happened at the end of match was so unnecessary. Out of all the three matches so far, this one was the worst one. An okay match to bring us back down to earth.


No Fear

I really like Darby Allin’s daredevil persona. I’m a big fan of skateboarding and seeing him pull these crazy moves is awesome to watch. The guy truly has no fear and will do anything to stand out. I hope to see Darby back in the ring soon.


A Stacked Division

I can’t wait for Orange Cassidy and Chris Jericho next week. The build of it has been great and having Cassidy at ring side for this match helped make the hype even bigger. The relationship between Private Party and Hardy is working great for Private Party. The way Ortiz and Santana help tell the story within the match is so underrated. Ortiz’s antics makes him very fun to watch. Both teams complemented each other so well. Private Party’s athleticism makes them so fun to watch. They did not shy from jumping and diving all over the ring.  I hope Santana is okay as he hit his head really hard on a beautiful double-team combo. The guy is a true pro and finished the match, but at that point his health is more important than wrestling. This match represents what the tag team division in AEW is all about. Any team can have a great match any given night. I feel like the commercial break hurt the match. The match felt short even with all the great moments.



I really thought we wouldn’t have to suffer through a Tazz promo tonight. Due to Mox staying home with his wife the match was moved to Fight For The Fallen. I hate that they used Mox staying home to protect others from COVID-19 as an angle. I understand they had no choice and he must quarantine for 14 days, but to use that as an angle for the match is a rally bad look. That was a bad move AEW. I truly don’t ever want to hear Tazz speak ever again. Botch & Queen were definitely less than thrilled with this one.

Botch:  Oscar did mention me so I thought I’d chime in real quick.  I pretty much agree with him.  The biggest problem with the promo was the hypocritical shot at WWE.  He said “We don’t run a sloppy shop” and, well, it’s just not true.  I wrote an article last week about how very sloppy their shop actually is.  Heck, they showed us during the Jericho/Cassidy brawl into an unmasked and a non-socially-distant crowd of fans.  There’s a picture in that article that you can look at if you like (here).  Even tonight, many of the workers weren’t wearing face coverings.  I don’t care that he brought up Renee testing positive for COVID-19.  Maybe I should but I don’t.  I only care about the hypocrisy in the statements he made and in how AEW is handling itself.  So far, we haven’t heard any reports of positive COVID-19 tests and I honestly hope it stays that way.  If it does, it won’t be because AEW is being all that safe.  They’re taking chances just like WWE was prior to their breakout.  Let’s hope the chances they’re taking don’t get the same results – especially since Georgia is a veritable hotbed for COVID-19 right now.


The Odd Couple

A great way to close night one, with the tag team championship match. Not having Jericho on commentary wasn’t a great choice in my opinion. He had been great all night and could have helped the match better. That entrance by Best Friends was amazing. Best Friends have deserved this match for a long time now. I was expecting the match to start fast and it was the complete opposite. The match started in a more classic way. I don’t enjoy that picture to picture commercial breaks. The match was short already for being the main event. It takes away from the match going on and makes the matches feel really short. Looking at Chuckie T, you would expect him to pull the moves he does. The final 8 min of the match was the whole wrestling match. The match wasn’t bad but felt really rush in the end. That Awful Waffle by Chuckie T looks so devastating. The ending felt a little off, with Page picking up the win alone. Both teams did a good job with the short time they were given. I’m sick of these FTR and Young Bucks protecting each other. I’m ready for them to kick each other’s head off.


The Count Is Here

Night one of Fyter Fest was a good one. The last two matches lacked compare to the first three, but all together they had a great show. Next weeks card feel more stacked than this one and they will have big shoes to fill after night one. For the first ever I’m excited to see the ratings of the Wednesday Night Wars. Shida and Ford stole the night and had a great match. I hope to see more of them in the future. A great night of wrestling from AEW. My favorite part, there was basically zero boring talking. These are the shows I look forward to.  See you next week for another review covering part 2 of Fyter Fest.