Interesting Names at the Last Impact Wrestling Taping

During the last set of tapings, Enzo Amore, Heath Slater and Curt Hawkins were seen there.  You may remember that Heath & Curt were released in the COVID-related firings a little while ago.  As their 90-day non-compete clauses have just about lapsed, they are now able to appear where they want.  They certainly will have lapsed by Slammiversary.  Enzo has, of course, has been free to appear anywhere he’d like for a long time.  He did a one-night thing for ROH and it appears he’ll be seen here now.


Botch Take:  This isn’t a huge shock.  Two of these names were rumored for a bit now and I hope I haven’t spoiled anything but inasmuch as I wasn’t shocked, I doubt you will be either.