Hey, kids!  It’s the Botching one subbing for Oscar for this week’s Journal.  I couldn’t be more excited to dive into this.  We are on the Fight for the Fallen and we got one heck of a show.  Let’s dive in, shall we?


Cody Rhodes vs. Sonny Kiss

I’ve been watching Sonny for years.  He spent some time in Capitol Wrestling as well as other indie promotions before he got to AEW and he’s the whole package.  Sonny did NOT disappoint here in any way.  Heck, Rhodes even let Kiss use CrossRhodes on him.  That’s respect, kids.  Rhodes really let Sonny shine and I couldn’t be happier for him.  None of us actually thought Kiss would win but that’s not the point.  The world can now see how incredible Kiss has always been.  They both told a great story in there and both sold for each other extremely well.  Kiss has all it takes to be successful (dig the entrance!) and I can’t wait to see what’s next for “The Concrete Rose”.


#FTR vs. Lucha Bros

There’s no way this wasn’t going to be fun.  The Lucha Bros. have been a little botchy lately and they were here too.  It didn’t distract much from the match but they really oughta tighten that up.  Dax’s chest got absolutely cut open by the repeated chops he took.  Pentagón’s chops take no prisoners.  The back and forth was not easy to keep up with.  #FTR feels like they’re home now and AEW is so right for them in a way WWE wasn’t.  The finish was just beautifully bizarre.  Fenix’s face was never seen so as not to disgrace Lucha and the story was told beautifully.  Loved the Bucks attacking Butcher & Blade to get the truck keys back for #FTR. Even better was #FTR getting even with Omega with the beer bath.  There will be no peace here.


In-ring segment – The Inner Circle (Santana, Ortiz, Chris Jericho, & Jake Hagar)

I HAVE BEEN A SLAVE…TO THE JUDAS IN MY MIND…IS THERE SOMETHING LEFT FOR ME TO SAVE…IN THE WRECKAGE OF MY…oh sorry.  It’s good, okay?  How can you not love that song?  Why does he then have to drag me back to Earth by desperately bring up “the demo” like it matters?  Oh, come now.

AEW got beat.  The end.

Excepting that, few cut a better promo than Jericho.  That said, the rest of said promo was absolutely delicious.  Best of all was the Inner Circle getting a thorough juicing from Orange Cassidy.  I love that Orange says nothing and it forces to Jericho to do all the driving.  Few do that better so it really works.  I also love that the feud between Orange & Jericho isn’t over yet.  It’s been so much fun.  Turns out Jericho sold the OJ bath all night long.  He didn’t go backstage and take a shower; he stayed out there in that sticky mess.  Props for that.


Backstage segment – Jurassic Express (Marko Stunt, Jungle Boy, & Luchasaurus)

This was quick but fun.  Love that Marko enjoyed the Jericho dousing.  Luchasaurus got in a little promo and then off to the match.  The contrast between what you think Luchasaurus would sound like and what he actually sounds like is really fun.


Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, & Marko Stunt) vs. Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) & Kenny Omega

Jungle Boy & Nick Jackson started at about 110 mph and it was hard to keep up with.  Fantastic stuff.  Marko really is just fun personified.  He cannot be easy to work with because of his size but the exchanges between Omega and him really were fun.  Heck, this whole match was just pure fun.  Omega’s snap dragon suplexes are absolutely VICIOUS!  There was just moment after moment in this match and I can’t possibly recount them all.

Kenny went ballistic on Stunt at the end of the match.  He totally lost his cool.  Great storytelling there.  Is Omega over it and turning heel?  I don’t know where this is going and I like it.


Backstage segment – Hikaru Shida

This was a disaster.  She was as stiff as an android and I saw zero passion on her face.  She’s great in the ring, of course, but she just shouldn’t be talking.  Maybe a mouthpiece is the way to go if story needs conveying.  Shida certainly isn’t the one to do it herself.


Nightmare Sisters (Allie & Brandi Rhodes) vs. Kenzie Paige & MJ Jenkins

This was kept short but what we got was decent.  The story being told was more important than the match itself.  Brandi appears to be getting it together in there and Allie’s always been good.  Kenzie and MJ did well too.  A blip on the screen but it did its job.


In-ring segment – Nyla Rose & Vicki Guerrero

Who didn’t see this coming from a mile away?  Nyla has been less than fun in any way but Vicki will add all the fun we need.  I’m happy about this.  Nyla needed Vicki badly and now it’s a thing.


Brian Cage (w/ Taz) vs. Jon Moxley

I love listening to AEW talent curse (not really).  It’s like “ooh, we can curse…it’s so cool!…lets!”.  No one’s bothering to think about whether or not it actually means anything to do it.  I just can’t care.

This began with a horrible promo from Taz – complete with obligatory cursing to “shock” or whatever.  He’s just an annoyance.  He’s great on commentary and that’s where he should be.  As a manager, he’s an amazing electrician.  Thank you very next.

Enough of that.  The match itself was great.  Moxley in AEW couldn’t care less and he’s more off the rails than he ever was in WWE.  He will do anything and when it’s done at the service of interesting stories, it’s really cool.  Cage was a great foil for him.  He was there for all of it and did really well here.  Mox said he was going after Cage’s surgically-repaired bicep…and boy, did he!  He was a mercenary at the end and it forced Taz to throw the towel in for Cage to end it.

It was all going so well.  Then, Cage blew it…badly  Cage was all of a sudden okay and went after Mox with both arms working perfectly.  IT’S A MIRACLE!!!  What??  I HATE stuff like that.  Don’t take me out of the moment.  Cage did.  Darby coming out for the save was fine, I guess.  They were clearly looking for a way to reintroduce Darby and this is how they chose to do it.  It did save us from further unrealistic beatdown nonsense from Cage.  Yes, it dragged down the grade because of how silly it all was.


Solid episode of Dynamite this evening.  Great matches and only a couple of quibbles – both of which I expected to see.  Jericho is great on commentary and I hope he’ll keep doing that once he finally leaves the ring.  Taz is great there too…and only there.  Yes, I’ll leave it alone.  Anyway, fun show.  Let’s see what they come up with next week.  Oscar returns next week to the Journal but I’m glad he let me have it for a week.  See you all in AEW’s DD next week!