He’s Not Really a Dinosaur (An AEW Review)

Hey, kids!  It’s the Botching one with another entry into our Elite Journal.  Oscar will take this back next week and he was with us in DD tonight.  He’s just on a little well-deserved break (he just got back into town) so I took this one for him.  Man, what a great week to get this.  Check THIS out!


Cody Rhodes vs. Eddie Kingston

Eddie Kingston!  The rumors of a big indie guy were swirling for days before this but I’ll be real – I wasn’t thinking of Eddie.  He’s clearly done with NWA like many others.  This went to 100 MPH right away and it was a fight all the way through.  There is literally NOTHING Cody won’t do.  He took that weight belt to the back twice.  There’s no way that didn’t just KILL!  Cody gave his body to this match and they both really went at it in the most visceral way possible.  They laid in everything on each other and showed no mercy – not like performance but like…really!  Cody seems to think like Vince McMahon does (yeah, I said that name…oooooh).  Vince always said “I won’t ask talent to do anything I won’t do myself”.  Cody killed himself out there for this one – including taking tacks to the back.  I also can’t remember seeing Kingston put the pedal to the metal like he did here either.  The selling job he did with his knee was just amazing.  This is a main event on any show…and they opened with it!


Backstage segment – Jon Moxley

He is platinum on the mic all the time.  Nice to have him back.  I don’t even know what else to say about him.  He’s so fluid and so self-assured.  He just NAILS!


MJF (w/ Wardlow) vs. Griff Garrison

MJF is absolutely incredible slime.   Poor Garrison.  He got smart with MJF and he…um…paid for it.  MJF didn’t come with Ruth and Garrison sold brilliantly for it.  He then broke into the match with more talking.  So ridiculously creative.  Making Griff say he was undefeated was just great.  Garrison was a really good foil for this too.  Great dance partner.  A great one-two punch for Dynamite tonight!


Backstage segment – Reba, Tony Schiavone, & Dr. Britt Baker

Speaking of great slime, Baker has turned into prime slime.  She’s just so hate-able.  This means she’s doing her job exceptionally well.  Love the tassels on the wheelchair.  Reba is a great underling too.  Skeeavone is so abused and I love it.


In-ring segment – Taz, Ricky Starks, & Brian Cage

Taz’s promo was awful.  It always is.  This just isn’t for him.  Cage has the FTW title because…reasons.  Taz has yet to make that make any sense and he won’t be able to.  As a commentator, he’s really good.  As a manager, he’s a fabulous jeweler.  The introduction of Starks to their crew is a little disappointing too.  Starks doesn’t need Taz or anyone else.  He can do it on his own.  The breakup we’ll get at some point should be fun.  Sadly, though, I first have endure Starks with them and I really would rather not.


Backstage segment – The Inner Circle (Santana, Ortiz, Jake Hagar, & Chris Jericho)

Poor jacket.  LOL!!  The best part of this, other than Jericho’s masterful mic work, was watching Alex Marvez and Jake Hagar corpse.  Jericho was a riot and they couldn’t keep it together.  “He’s not really a dinosaur”.  DEAD!


Young Bucks vs. Butcher & the Blade

In.  The. Kitchen.  This match began…in the kitchen!  LOL!!!  WHAT??  I love it.  Literally, the first thing I thought is “Sir Mitch will hate this!”  For mat part, I deeply loved every bit of this.  This was Falls Count Anywhere and everything got used, really.  Daily’s Place was their playground and the match benefitted from it tremendously.  Just like Cody, the Bucks will put their bodies on the line at every opportunity.  Those twin elbows of the top of the tunnels were just breathtaking.  This match (yes, it was a MATCH!) was just spectacular.  I loved every second of this!


Backstage segment – Lance Archer (w/ Jake Roberts)

Great promo.  Lance did the damage and Roberts calmly told the story. I love that juxtaposition.  On the mic, Jake has lost absolutely nothing.  His steely cold precision when telling a story is second to absolutely no one.  Just chilling.  Stellar segment.


This show has been just AMAZING so far!  It’s really flying.  Okay, let’s keep going!


Diamanté vs. Ivelisse

Nice to see both of them in AEW.  Both have been at it a while on the indies and both are deserving of far more.  They really went out at it here.  Oscar loved seeing two Latinas go at it on national television and I really did too.  Really good match with a nice “I out-thought you” finish.


Cinéma de Home – Big Swole

Swole is just money – pure and simple.  It was a quick thing but she displayed such intensity, such charisma.  I only wish it were longer.  I dearly love her.  I had to split this off because it deserved its own spot.


Alan “5” Angels vs. “Hangman” Adam Page

Angels was so great on the indies and I’m glad he made it to AEW – even as a member of the dead-end Dark Order.  He was game for this one just like he was for Omega when they faced off.  He’s got decent speed and showcased it here.  He also showed great selling ability here and Hangman made him do plenty of it.  Said tired stable surfaced in the middle of the match as a show of force but it was all for naught.


In-ring segment – Brodie Lee, Dark Order (Winnie the Pooh, Babar, Spanky, and Tigger too!), FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler), & Kenny Omega

Brodie seems to be playing some sub-Vince McMahon rip-off.  I like Brodie a lot; I just don’t like him like this.  Still, Page saved this nicely.  “I’m just not ready to join a cult yet”.  LOL!  Great line from Page.  Enjoyed the storytelling of FTR coming out with Omega to rescue Page from a certain beatdown.


Chris Jericho & Jake Hagar vs. Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus


I kid.  I love that song.  As for the match, there is literally ZERO reason Jericho should be risking himself on the top rope like he does at his age.  Hagar hardly embarrassed himself either, though he’s certainly nowhere near Jericho’s level in terms of…well…anything.  Jungle Boy took a healthy amount of punishment.  Age-old storytelling and it works every time.  It just makes the proverbial “hot tag” all the more satisfying when it happens.  When Luchasaurus got in there, it really felt good.  Watching Jericho just walk toward Luchasaurus’ waiting throat grip was odd but whatever.  Aubrey is a firecracker and she was NOT going to take ANY mess off of Jericho.  Love that they let her show some character.  I wish WWE would do that.  Stunt had some nice interference towards the end too.  Luchasaurus’ left ear was bloodied somehow.  Guevara has come back.  Love that he was dressed as Serpentico to begin with.  Fun reveal.


I mean…this episode!  There’s very little else they could have done.  Okay, the Taz thing wasn’t good but I either enjoyed or REALLY enjoyed the rest of it.  Hopefully, this week’s ratings will reflect how good this episode of “Dynamite” really was.  I am exhausted.  Join Oscar next week for another entry into the Elite Journal!