Excalibur Clips Unearth Racist Dialog *UPDATE*

Some rather unfortunate clips of Excalibur uttering the N-word while he was still working as a wrestler.  We won’t be linking to either one because of their incredibly profane nature.  They both contain cursing of all kinds as well as the offending words.  Neither are particularly recent.  The clips can be found on Twitter if you’re so inclined.

UPDATE: We can confirm Excalibur was not at the announce table last night on Dynamite. There was no mention or reason as to why he wasn’t there on the show. No other information has been released yet on his situation within the company.


Botch Take:  Well, this isn’t good.  Both are from some years ago.  Still, coming from the commentator of a major wrestling company where the diversity of the roster of said company has been called into question numerous times, this is not a good look at all.  I had the misfortune to hear both and to be real, Excalibur was old enough to know better.  Using that HORRIBLE word is NOT how one should EVER attempt to “get heat”.  There is no worse word in the English language, IMHO.  He should be deeply ashamed of himself and I sincerely hope he is.  Dre and I were talking about this amongst ourselves and both of us are hopeful that Tony Khan will keep the same energy he had while showing Hogan the proverbial door.  Khan has been good at addressing bad behavior so I’m sure he’ll take action here.  He really has no choice.