Shoot, Whine, Rinse, Repeat

It’s so completely tired.  WWE worker leaves WWE all in a huff, they post cryptic message on Twitter while their 90-day compete clause runs its course, then do some “shoot” interview with whatever the sheet du jour is.  When they do, they wax effluvial about:

  1. Vince is senile and he’s lost it
  2. I never got a chance
  3. The SCRIPTING!!!
  4. The atmosphere backstage is AWFUL!
  5. No one knows what they’re doing!

Let’s get into this, shall we?


“Vince is senile”

Of course, he is…LOL!  He’s only running the only company that most people think about when they think of wrestling.  I know it’s hard to see, kids, but casual fans don’t think of AEW, ROH, Impact, or any of our other three-letter acronym’d favs.  They only think of WWE.  Vince is the sole reason this is the case.  Vince and Hulk Hogan began the wrestling business as we now know it.  He also signed Rock and Steve Austin.  While one could argue that they blew it with Rock at first (Rocky Maivia??), they got it right quickly enough that no lasting damage was done.  Either way, WWE has been the predominant wrestling promotion in the world since WrestleMania 1 in 1985.  Are the ratings lower than before?  Yeah, but they’re lower for everything.  He’s still raking in that nice ad revenue and will for years to come.  Again, that doesn’t happen with a senile man at the helm


“I never got a chance”

This has somewhat more grounding.  Eric recently did a shoot interview and in it, he basically said as much.  No one has been more hard done by wrestling promotions than Eric Young.  Queen has an article coming on him that will go deeper so I’ll leave that for her.  Still, WWE’s roster is stacked.  While he was being benched, lots of our other favs like Kofi, Daniel Bryan, Apollo Crews, etc. were getting the chances we wanted for them.  Vince also already has Bray Wyatt – the prerequisite dark character.  Sanity, as much as I enjoyed them in NXT, was utterly eclipsed in aesthetic by Bray Wyatt.  Their “thing” was already being done.  It’s not fair at all but sometimes, that happens.  It’s just unfortunate.



I love this one.  LOL!  Like…how do you not know how WWE does things?  Why does this shock you?  Moxley was the last to complain about this and the “two page scripts” like these were a total revelation to him…as if he didn’t know WWE did that kind of thing until they handed him one.  What rock was he living under that this surprised him?  This isn’t new.  We can surmise that they weren’t doing this kind of thing in FCW/early NXT because few were watching.  This was before the network and well before the USA Network deal.  With few watching, they could do as they pleased.  When he got to the main roster in front of a dramatically larger audience, he found that WWE did things differently.  Surprise!  Mox should have known what he was signing up for.  That’s not WWE’s fault; that’s his for not doing his homework.  If he didn’t like that eventuality, he shouldn’t have signed the deal.


“The atmosphere backstage is awful”

This is another one that isn’t a shock and some of what’s said about it likely hyperbolic.  I’m sure it’s not fun right now and it kinda can’t be otherwise.  Again, this is THE major wrestling company.  This isn’t the indies (don’t always hear great things about the atmosphere in those places either).  That there is more tension and that people are doing more to “fight for their spot” shouldn’t be a surprise either.  Especially now with the COVID pandemic wreaking havoc on everything, things are going to be tense.  That shouldn’t be a shock either.  You should know this going in.  If it’s not for you, don’t sign the deal.


“No one knows what they’re doing”

Okay…  WWE gets not one, not two, but three TV shows emanating from the same place on the air every week.  That’s SEVEN hours of TV every week…and that’s without bigger show on Sunday.  They have to write angles that fill all of that time.  They also have to produce the matches (this is TV, not the indies).  That’s not to mention all the cleaning, temperature taking, and other COVID precautions that have to be taken in order to keep the shows running through the madness we’re currently dealing with.

I guess I should also add that our own Jester Jason posted an article that speaks to the fact that they do know exactly what they’re doing .  Check it out (here)


You’ve got to hand it to the “journalists”.  They know that there is a segment of the wrestling fandom that loves the car crash.  They want to read tales of how bad WWE is backstage/what a hard time they had/how awful Vince is, etc….and they’ll read it no matter how little the story changes from wrestler to wrestler.  There are never new revelations; just the same old thing over and over again.  Aren’t you sick of it?  I know I am.