THAT’S OLD HAT BROTHER!! – AEW Dynamite Review

Count Oscar is back in the kingdom. A big thank you to Botch for letting me have a big time rest these past two weeks. I spent an amazing five days in the woods, and I couldn’t wait to get back to my beloved AEW Dynamite. Some great matches are scheduled for tonight. The 10-man tag match has the potential to steal the show. I won’t make you guys wait any longer. Let’s get on with tonight’s show!


Inner Circle vs. Orange Cassidy, Best Friends, & Jurassic Express

There was no other way to start the show! Jericho is the G.O.A.T, no question about it. The dude adapts to anything and runs with it. There’s no question about it, Jericho has made Orange Cassidy a star. It took about two minutes and it turned into all-out brawl. The hardest part about so many guys in the ring is giving each wrestler the proper time to shine. It’s hard to not be a fan of Marko. He jumps on the back of Luchasaurus and goes for a ride. He has become the most entertaining part of Jurassic Express. I expected more of the match to be completely honest. There was so much talent in the ring and it underperformed completely. A couple moves here and there to give us a little something. Then it was done. I feel like a fool for having this match as my “Steal the Show Match”. The commentary was the best part of the match. I’ll let Botch tell you all about it. He was having a blast throughout the match!

Botch:  The commentators were just having a blast and they made this match.  Everything was there to make this a great match and it was a lot of fun but the commentators going back and forth with each other was just golden.


Mox’s Promo

Mox is a star! The dude is a natural on the mic and in front of a camara. The guy translates so well through that TV monitor. There’s nothing else to say about Mox. Let him have that AEW Championship forever!


Cody vs. Warhorse

The power of the internet is tremendous! I decided to come prepared tonight and did some homework on Warhorse. Warhorse is the true Indy wrestler. The guy has competed in over 80 independent wrestling companies. I decided to hold back on watching any of his previous matches. I wanted to be surprised and have no opinion of who Warhorse is in the ring. You have to love Cody! The dude can tell a story within the match with his emotions. Cody is a showman and tries to do all he can to entertain his audience. Warhorse is not that far behind. The dude can put on a show and is over the top with his in-ring persona. I loved every minute of Warhorse’s persona in that ring. He showed great flashes of his ring work, but I need to see more of his in the ring work to have an honest opinion. What happened after the bell was great. The Dark Order attack Cody and the surprise I was waiting for happened. It was joy to see Matt Cardona come out and help out Cody. I enjoy what this open challenge for the TNT Championship has become. It’s full of surprises and keeps us guessing of who might be next. For all we know, I might be next up to challenge Cody for that belt.

Botch: For the record, I do love that he’s giving indie guys a shot on TV.  AEW has been great with that.  Still, it has been said that Cody is far too giving in these matches and I’m starting to agree.  They can’t all be close matches that he barely wins.  That’s not doing either the title or him any favors.  He’s allowed to have decisive victories.  Think about it.  While his record stands at 16-1 (for all that matters), every TNT title match has been close and he manages to win by the proverbial skin of his teeth.  He’s not once been portrayed as a dominant champion who knows what he’s doing.  There is never a question of whether or not he’ll win against the “indie darling” he’s facing.  The issue is that he’s essentially making himself look weaker than he should in the process.   


Le Champion Promo

Jericho is the only person that I can listen to all day. It’s great to have Sammy back as well. Sammy and Jericho together are gold. A debate between Jericho and Cassidy, that is must watch TV. I hate promos and especially bad promos, but Jericho promos are above all.  Let Jericho and Cassidy go on this feud forever.


FTR Contract Singing

Arn was great during this segment. Page was great during this segment. FTR were great during the segment. This was straight GOLD, or like BOTCH would say Platinum. The promo was a must watch. One of the best promos I seen in my life!


Kenny Omega & Adam Page vs. Evil Uno & Stu Grayson (The Dark Order)

Page’s cowboy persona was made for him. He has developed into a star right before our eyes. The dude has no fear and doesn’t even wait for Kenny to begin the fight. Together, they are very entertaining to watch. The same can be said for The Dark Order. They are very entertaining to watch – especially Stu who I have become a big fan of. The dude can sell and wrestle with the best of them. Evil Uno needs some help with the selling and the leg slapping as well. The Champs were on point tonight with all their moves. Their chemistry has picked up since that horrible tag match they had a couple weeks back. The match was very entertaining and all the extra stuff added well-needed drama. Brodie Lee has become the ultimate heel and I’m here for it. It’s great to see all the stars in the ring at one time.


Baker Promo

Baker has developed into a great heel. This injury was honestly a great thing for her. She can get on the mic and make me feel something. It looks like we will finally get to see Swole and Baker in the near future. Great SLIME like Botch would say!


Hikaru Shida vs Diamante

I have always been a sucker for Latin wrestlers in any promotion. Diamante gets the chance to shine on the big stage. If she can be great in the ring her time will come. A great opportunity against the champion Shida. Its great to see Shida lead in a match for a change. She is the champion and she doesn’t have to get beat down in every match. Diamante help Shida sell her as a strong champion. The addition of Diamante will help the women’s roster.  She held her own in the ring and did her thing. The match wasn’t very long and lacked big moments, but its growth overall. The important part is the champion wins in a dominant fashion, as she should.


Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero Promo

The addition to Vickie Guerrero as Nyla’s manager was genius. Some find Vickie annoying. I find her great! There’s also a nostalgic aspect to seeing Vickie. She reminds of Eddie and I really enjoy that. VIVA LA RAZA!


MJF- State of The Industry Address

I would give this 10 crowns if I could!

MJF is the greatest troll on this earth. The dude is great on the mic and this was proof of it. He takes shots at Mox and WWE in the same sentence. The promo could have ended there and I would have gone to bed happy. The dude goes on and on and delivers GOLD BROTHER! The dude had a better State of Address than any other president in the world. Give him a mic and let him rant because he is the best at it. MJF took names left and right and did not care who it was. I spoke too soon labeling the FTR promo one of the best promo’s I seen in my life. This was the best promo my eyes have witnessed and my ears have heard. That might have been the best promo of all time…no lie.  I’m surprised podium didn’t catch on fire after that promo.  MJF we don’t deserve you!

Botch:  Couldn’t agree more.  He set that podium on fire and took no prisoners.  This is quite easily one of the best promos I have ever seen by anyone at any time.  MFJ’s confidence has soared and he continues to get better.  Where is his ceiling?  I have absolutely no clue.  This was just platinum from beginning to end and all I could do was watch and marvel.  MJF is, without question, the best heel in the business right now and no other heel can touch him.  


Jon Moxley & Darby Allin vs. Brian Cage & Ricky Starks

Taz was so great on commentary and then he had to ruin it with a mediocre promo. Let’s us not worry because Starks can take it from here. Starks was great on the mic and Taz just isn’t needed any more. Starks and Cage looked great together in the ring and I don’t just mean wrestling-wise. I mean they look like they belong together. The match was about eight min long and it was full of punishment. I made a comment during the DD about Darby. I feel like they treat the dude as a jobber. I think they use him like a punching bag. Well, the punching bag finally hit back. Darby shined in the match and did it in full Darby Allin fashion. Darby ollied on the back of Stark with a board full of tacks. This was a great main event and helped Darby shined. Mox has his eyes set on Mox’s championship now.

Botch:  I can only imagine how Starks’ back must feel today.  I’m sure the tacks were painful but worse would likely be the aforementioned Ollie with the skateboard that he took to the back.  That left a NASTY bruise that’ll likely be there for a while.  Starks really put his body out there for this match and while I hope he doesn’t do that often, it really sold Darby well.  Starks has charisma and talent for days and was easily the best thing in NWA.  He floated about a foot higher than everyone else on the roster including the champ, Nick Aldis.  He can leave the extreme tack damage and more dangerous spots to lesser talent that really needs to do that stuff to get over.  Darby is clearly AEW’s crash test dummy and while I don’t agree that he’s treated like a jobber, he certainly takes a lot of your standard wrestling damage and does it incredibly well.  He’s so well-rounded that he can do both.  


The Count Is Here.

This will never come out of my mouth again. The promos were far better than any of the wrestling matches. Every single promo was done with intention. The commentary was outstanding. The combination of the two made the night fly by. This was a very fun show to watch. As a fan, you watch wrestling for the stories told here and not be disappointed at all. Tonight, I felt happy, motivated, and nostalgic. I hate to sound dramatic, but that’s the honest truth. All of these emotions came from promos and not from the actual wrestling. That was a blast!