Ex NXT Talent On AEW’s Women’s Tag Tourney

Chris Jericho let slip on his “Saturday Night Special” Live Stream on Facebook and Youtube that former NXT talent Taynara Conti is set to work their inaugural Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament.

Jericho also said he was surprised at the work put in by the women and he added that fans will enjoy the matches:

“I was really surprised. There was a match, Nyla Rose and Arianne Andrew against Ty Conti and Ana Jay and I did not know what to expect for this because a lot of the girls don’t have experience.”

He continued, “Ty, I’m not sure how many matches she just had, I know she was with NXT. And Ariane, we haven’t seen Ariane in a few years now since she was one of the Funkadactyls. Anna Jay’s super green and even Nyla’s fairly green, so I didn’t know what to expect but I watched this match, and all four girls just kicked ass. It was really good, way bigger, way better than I expected. I’m not saying that in a mean way either, they really impressed me, all of them and hopefully we’ll get to see more of them.”

Jericho also let slip that Diamante and Ivelisse will be teaming in the tournament as well.

Sir Mitch Says:  AEW’s Women’s Division has by far been the promotions weak spot. If Jericho is being truthful, we may see it become a true highlight.