Raw – Live Coverage And Results

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Raw Results:

A rundown of what is set to take place tonight on Raw is aired and the commentary team share their thoughts but stop when the lights flicker. They blame it on the weather and hype up how the US Championship match will start Raw.

MVP cuts a promo prior to the US Championship match with Apollo Crews about how he is the real United States Champion and that Apollo can go back to catering with Ricochet and Cedric Alexander after he loses tonight.

Apollo Crews def. MVP to become the undisputed United States Champion. Lashley tries to attack Crews after the match but Crews escapes.

Apollo Crews is interviewed after the match in the back and he talks about how he hated seeing MVP walking around claiming to be United States Champion at home. Apollo then talks about making his children proud and he says he will hang the old US Title in his house and walk around with the new one that MVP paid for.

MVP then grabs a mic and starts complaining about the issues at WWE. MVP says he was distracted by the flickering lights and working conditions. MVP then says that Apollo stole his US Title and he wants a rematch at Summerslam.

Sasha Banks and Bayley are interviewed backstage and they brag about having all the gold in WWE. They are asked about if they will defend any of the titles at Summerslam and Bayley dismisses the question. Bayley says they brought something special for Raw and it is a video package talking about how great they are. Asuka then appears at the end and yells in Japanese and says that she will get revenge. Sasha and Bayley are irate at Asuka doing that and Shayna Baszler interrupts them. Shayna voices her displeasure at how Sasha got the title and talks about waiting in line. She then punches Sasha and Bayley checks on her.

Kevin Owens is walking backstage and grabs a drink. The IIconics then walk up to him and want to be on the Kevin Owens Show tonight. Owens says that he can’t tonight because he has guests tonight. Owens apologizes to them and the IIconics don’t look happy about it.

Kevin Owens comes to the ring for the Kevin Owens Show and he mentions how Shane McMahon is here but he doesn’t need to get into that right now. He continues, with mic issues, and introduces Ruby Riott as his guest for the evening and she makes her way out. Kevin asks her about her issues with the IIconics and Ruby talks about how she has had a rough go of it since her return. She talks about the IIconics and how she has dealt with people like that her whole life. She mentions Liv Morgan and Owens then introduces Liv as his other guest. Liv makes her way out and Liv says that Kevin convinced her to be there to listen to what Ruby has to say. Owens talks about how he has seen them and Sarah Logan when they were a team and that they bring out the best out of each other. Owens mentions how he has lost friends and Liv should hear Ruby out. Ruby then talks about how she thought things would be the same as before but she saw Liv flourishing and that Liv may not need her anymore. Ruby says she took out her frustrations out on her and she wants another chance for the Riott Squad to be stronger than they have ever been. The IIconics then interrupt and Peyton Royce says everybody is sick of hearing them and tells Liv she should have stayed in the bathtub. Billie Kay then talks about how Ruby has lost a lot and Peyton says they have dominated the tag division while also having mic issues. They continue talking about how they have dominated and Liv says that nobody starts a riot like they do. Owens then suggest a possible tag match and Peyton challenges them to a match. The IIconics end up slapping Owens and Liv and Ruby attack the IIconics as Raw goes to commercial.

Liv Morgan & Ruby Riott def. The IIconics. The IIconics attack Liv after the match but Ruby comes in to save her. The two hit a double standing STO on Billie and leave united.

Charly Caruso is backstage and provides an update because something happened backstage. She says that some moving boxes were knocked over and some talent are saying it was done deliberately. MVP then comes up to her and tells her she should be reporting on everything else happening and not that. Charly informs him that Apollo Crews has accepted his challenge and MVP says of course he did. Shelton Benjamin then appears and tells him someone stole the 24/7 Championship and MVP goes with him to try and find it.

Drew McIntyre makes his way out to the ring and he talks about Randy Orton and how Orton is not like Stone Cold Steve Austin or the Rock. He says Orton would hit him with an RKO from out of nowhere and Drew says he should have seen it coming last week. He adds that it will not happen again and he says both men are motivated to have the WWE Championship. McIntyre says that he and Orton were both told they were the future of the industry and things didn’t quite turn out that way. Drew then talks about being in Scotland and wanting to make it to the top of WWE and how everything was handed to Orton. Drew talks about how he was fired and how the stuff Orton did when he was younger should have resulted in him being fired. Randy Orton then makes his way out with Ric Flair and Orton asks him if his respect for him is enough but it clearly isn’t. Orton talks about how he does want to be there contrary to what Drew said and he enjoys punting people in the head. Orton tells Drew he will hit him with an RKO and a punt to talk the WWE Championship from Drew. Orton says Drew is right about how he should have been fired but he is more valuable to WWE than Drew is because he is the real chosen one. Orton than asks Drew to tell him an original thought and Drew says Orton represents everything wrong with WWE. Drew then mentions how the Undertaker brought Orton to his level and Orton has never done that to any talent. Drew talks about a story about how his world was crumbling around him during his first run in WWE and Orton could have helped him but he didn’t. Drew calls Orton selfish and he is ready to cash-in receipts from multiple people on Orton at Summerslam.

Kevin Owens is backstage with Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan and gives them props on their win. Ric Flair then comes in and asks to speak with Owens. Flair tries to give him advice because he feels like he is becoming too much like a guidance counselor. Owens says he was just trying to help his friends and he is trying to take a different path to the top. Owens says he is trying to be what Randy could have been and Flair tells him to look out for himself and maybe he can get a title match at Summerslam. Owens then tells Flair to tell Randy to meet him in the ring next week and he will show him what he can do.

Nia Jax is in the ring and talks about what happened last week. Nia then talks trash about Pat Buck, who stepped up to her last week, and doesn’t apologize to him. She instead tells him to have a match with her and that is the only way he will get his apology. She continues to taunt him and he says he just came out for an apology and not a match. Pat then grabs the mic and suspends Nia indefinitely without pay and Nia throws him to the ground again.

R-Truth runs to the ring and is being chases by Akira Tozawa and his ninjas. He runs around the ring and Shelton Benjamin shows up to join in. Phillips says the three are supposed to have a triple threat match for the 24/7 Championship and Raw goes to commercial.

Akira Tozawa def. R-Truth and Shelton Benjamin to win the 24/7 Championship

Shane McMahon is backstage and he announces that Raw Underground, an MMA fighting type of thing, will happen at 7 pm and tells people to stay tuned.

Dominik Mysterio is interviewed backstage and he explains why he is continuing to appear on Raw. He says he hasn’t been the same since his dad had his eye taken out. He then says he wants to challenge Seth Rollins to a match at Summerslam and leaves.

Sasha Banks vs Shayna Baszler is thrown out when Asuka attacks Bayley on the outside. Asuka gets in the ring and Sasha retreats to Bayley as Raw goes to commercial.

Raw returns from commercial and Asuka is still in the ring. She is interviewed by Charly Caruso and a replay of the closing moments from her match with Sasha Banks from last week is played. Asuka then says that Kairi Sane will be okay but she isn’t there. Asuka says she wants a rematch against Sasha Banks at Summerslam. Shayna Baszler enters the ring and tells Asuka to calm down because she isn’t there to fight her. Shayna tells Asuka she will be rooting for Asuka so she can dismember her and take the championship from her. Sasha Banks and Bayley then come back out and Sasha brags about being Raw Women’s Champion. Sasha then tells Asuka if she can beat Bayley next week, she will get her rematch.

Angel Garza is backstage and he is with a woman and gets her number. Andrade then shows up and Angel introduces her to him. Zelina Vega then shows up and says that if she is with Garza, they need to have a talk.

Shane McMahon is backstage again and he once again hypes up Raw Underground.

Shane McMahon is backstage in the ropeless ring and he announces the two competitors in the next fight. The bigger man takes care of the smaller man and Shane asks who wants next. Another person enters and he takes cares of him as well. Shane asks for another competitor and they transition out of it to the commentary table.

The Street Profits make their way out and they cut a promo on Angel Garza and Andrade. They talk about each man and how they will beat them tonight. Montez says their bond is great and Dawkins says they are family. Montez takes off his shades and says they are done playing nice and they want the smoke.

Angel Garza def. Angelo Dawkins. Dawkins was distracted because Montez Ford collapsed on the outside and he was worried about him. Dawkins checks on Montez after the match.

Montez Ford vs Andrade ends in a no-contest when Montez collapses again. The referee calls for a doctor and he is checked on by Angelo Dawkins and the doctor.

Murphy is backstage and he is watching the highlight of when he gouged Aleister Black’s eye. Seth Rollins is there as well and he says he is proud of Murphy and he did the right thing. Murphy asks Rollins about the challenge from Dominik and if he will accept it since he has no experience in the ring. Seth smiles and walks off as Raw goes to commercial.

Raw cuts back to Raw Underground and Shane says that Erik of the Viking Raiders will be taking on someone. Erik makes short work of the man with strikes and suplexes.

Charly Caruso is outside the trainer’s room to provided an update on Montez Ford. Angel Garza then appears and sweet talks her and hands her a rose. Zelina Vega and Andrade then show up and she says they are worried about Montez but worries about what it means for their tag title match at Summerslam. Angelo Dawkins then appears and says he may have been poisoned. Bianca Belair the comes out and asks Zelina if any of them were responsible for it. Bianca then takes off her earrings and attacks Zelina. She is pulled back by Dawkins and Zelina is held back by Garza while Andrade stands in the middle.

Raw then goes back to the commentary team and Phillips says that security footage from earlier in the night will be played. A group of masked people in black sweaters are showing throwing Molotov cocktails at a generator outside the PC.

The Hurt Business is walking backstage and are interviewed by Charly Caruso over what has happened tonight. MVP stops her and starts talking about what has been happening tonight. Lashley talks about Raw Underground and MVP then questions whether there is sabotage happening. Shelton questions if the Raw Underground has anything to do with what has been happening and MVP thinks he figured it out as they walk off.

Seth Rollins and Murphy make their way out to the ring and Murphy hands Seth a mic in the ring. Seth starts to talk and says he and Murphy have some things to take care of before he addresses Dominik Mysterio. Seth calls out Tom Phillips and asks him some questions on his professionalism. Seth starts yelling at him for cheering Dominik when he attacked him and Murphy with a kendo stick and that he should be unbiased. Seth continues to berate Phillips and says he will be a liability if he doesn’t act right. Seth calls on Murphy to grab Phillips but he is stopped by Samoa Joe. Joe tells him that it isn’t going to happen and he is more than happy to smack them around. Joe says he was laughing harder than anybody and Joe takes off his headset at the challenge from Seth. Joe then takes off his suit jacket and Seth and Murphy enter the ring and Seth tries to threaten Joe but Joe is prepping for a fight as Raw goes to commercial.

Raw comes back from commercial and Seth is in the ring with Murphy and is armed with a chair. Joe is ready to enter when they are attacked from behind by Dominik Mysterio with a kendo stick. Dominik clears the ring of Seth and Murphy and stands tall. Seth then grabs a mic and says he accepts Dominik’s challenge for Summerslam.

Raw cuts back to Shane McMahon and Raw Underground and Dolph Ziggler is fighting someone. Dolph makes the person tap with a rear naked choke and the Hurt Business show up. Lashley gets in the ring and MVP says they are taking control of the Raw Underground. MVP tells someone to take on Lashley and someone steps up to the challenge. Lashley makes quick work of the man and MVP gets in the ring because he wants some action too. Lashley brings a smaller man into the ring and MVP makes quick work of him. Shelton is the next one in and he makes quick work of his opponent that happens to be Dio Maddin. The Hurt Business then takes care of the bystanders on the outside of the ring. Shane then says this was impressive and MVP says the Hurt Business is booming.