Speechless! – AEW Dynamite Review

I’m still riding the high from last week’s show. Tonight, two of the greatest wrestlers will be back on the mic. I have no idea what I’m looking forward to the most. The Debate should be out of this world with Jericho. MJF is coming off what was probably the best promo in wrestling history. Let’s not waste more time and get on with tonight’s show!


12-man Tag- The Elite & FTR vs. The Dark Order

Entrances are a big part of wrestling, and not having any sort of introduction for this match made it weird from the start. I get it’s a two-hour show and you have to account for time, but this is how the night started. From the start, it was a wild one! I had no idea Brodie Lee had the wrestling ability he was showcasing. He has an excellent exchange with The Bucks. Poor number 9 was the crash test dummy to start the match. Every single member of The Elite and FTR took a turn beating the guy up. Everyone is trying to get in the ring and get involved making it very confusing to follow. This might as well be a tornado tag team match. Every cover was met with a member of both corners getting involved. It felt like the bottom of the 9th and everyone was swinging for the fences. No surprise here, the educated feet of Nick Jackson always stand out. The dude works the ropes with the best of them. The match wasn’t bad at all. Every single competitor was one upping each other. It was a bit messy and felt rushed at times. The ref had no control of anything or anyone getting involved. This might have caused an injury to Dax who had to be helped to the back. Sending best wishes to Dax and hoping he’s okay. Don’t forget about Colt Cabana. The dude has been a different man since his partnership with The Dark Order. I enjoyed the way they slowed the match down and took their time with the ending. Don’t worry kids! Page is here to save the day. The dude flows so well in the ring. It’s a beauty to watch him wrestle! Page and Brodie have this amazing chemistry inside of the ring.  We can all agree the ending was great. The Dark Order needed that win and what better way to do it then with Brodie Lee pinning Adam Page. That’s a big statement win for the Dark Order.

Botch:  This was…a lot.  I hope Dax is okay too.  There was so much going on that I missed where he may have gotten injured but it wouldn’t be a shock if he legitimately did.  I love that Colt is kinda the same character and kinda not.  He’s straddling the line between what was and what is now and it’s fun to watch.  Dark Order needed a win like this badly so I’m glad they got it.  No reason for the outcome to be any different.  I’m interested to see where the faction goes next.


Mox’s Promo

The dude is GOLD on the mic. He cuts this amazing promo and it feels like it’s only the two of us in the room. His words go beyond the TV monitor and they sink in. I had all the feels during every single one of the words he said.

Would you say PLATINUM Botch?

Botch:  LOL!  Yeah, I would.  It was like he was talking to a younger version of himself.  I loved that.  He cut the “advice promo”, knowing Darby wouldn’t listen to it because had anyone cut it on Jon himself, he wouldn’t have listened either.  He then went to the fact that since he knew Darby wouldn’t listen, Mox had to do what he had to do.  This promo was a nuance, pacing and emotion triumph.  It was all there.  He had me from beginning to end and I couldn’t look away.   I never mess with Oscar’s grades (it’s his blog, after all) but I would have graded this higher.  Four crowns isn’t enough.


Best Friends vs. Santana & Ortiz

The “Ring General is in the house! No offense to Walter, but Aubrey Edwards is a boss. I love seeing her officiate matches. There was no way this match wasn’t going to be fun. Two of the most unique and fun tag teams in AEW. Before AEW I wasn’t familiar with Trent and Chuckie T. They have become two of my favorite wrestlers. They bring fun into their matches and at the same time have this amazing chemistry. Ortiz doesn’t fall short when it comes down to having fun in the ring. His personality is over the top and it makes it so fun to watch. At the same time the dude isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.  I love the way Ortiz was calling out Trent’s mom.  Santana and Ortiz were on point tonight. They picked apart Trent in perfect tag team fashion. They tag in & out and use double teams every chance they can. Every week I see a different combo that I haven’t seen before. It wasn’t like Best friends had a bad match. There’s something about Santana & Ortiz that makes them pop no matter who is across the ring from them. It’s a great combination of wrestling and comedy. Tag team wrestling in AEW is elite, and both teams showed that by putting it all out there. A great win for Best Friends in a great match.

Botch:  Santana’s facial reactions throughout this match were everything.  I agree with Oscar about Ortiz calling out Trent’s mom. Just a tag match clinic, really.  The story is so rich here.  Wonder what new turn it’ll take next week.


MJF’s Campaign Headquarters

MJF is PLATINUM in every way possible! I try to find words to describe MJF’s promo, but couldn’t find them. I was speechless! I still don’t know what to say. We get an exclusive look at the MJF 2020 headquarters. The dude is doing everything so well with this campaign bid. MJF is the perfect heel with the perfect combination of comedy.   I can’t wait to see more of this!

Botch:  Another perfect promo from MJF.  It’s just becoming elementary at this point.  Put a mic in his hand and get out of the way.  His supporting cast of characters was a lot of fun too.  They played their parts perfectly.  He never fails to blow me away…and he’ll only get better as time goes on.  


 Matt Hardy’s Promo

Matt came out a little flat for his promo. He forgot to bring a little more emotion from Broken Matt. Maybe it was enough to set us up for some violence. Sammy brough the emotions straight to Matt. I didn’t know Sammy had a crazy side to him. Two broken tables and a mask of blood…that’s how you hype a feud. This feud benefits Sammy so much more. It will help him get back to where he was before he was suspended.

Botch:  Yep, the promo was a little dry.  Hardy can do so much more than this.  It was just a setup as Oscar mentioned.  Hardy really put himself out there for this one.  He’s clearly intent on getting Guevara over as strong as possible.  I loved the “crimson mask” reference from JR.  He holds Gordon Solie in the highest regard so it was no surprise to hear it.  This feud should be fun if Matt’s multifariousness becomes an issue…and it just has to.


Santana & Ortiz Promo

Not the mini-van! Trent’s mom won’t be happy that’s for sure. If Sue shows up next week on Dynamite, I’m going to lose it. She has become a star without even being there. I loved this because it adds great heat to the feud with Best Friends. I hope she has full coverage!

Botch:  This was fun.  We all knew it was coming but it was just done so well.  I wonder like Oscar does if Sue’s gonna return to scold Santana & Ortiz.  I said this last night but it bears repeating.  Honda’s windshields are fantastic!  Note to self if I ever need another car.


Cody & Matt Cardona vs. The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds & John Silver)

Broski gets the pyro in his first match in AEW. I’m exited to see Matt get a chance to shine in AEW. Don’t you guys worry, Cody got his pyro too. Taz throwing some shade at Matt was excellent. The dude was truly mad at Matt being in AEW.  Broski came with a chip on his shoulder and it showed. He was on point in every single one of his moves. Cody and Matt actually do look great together. I didn’t think it was true, but Cody loves selling for anyone he is in the ring with. The dude is a champion and takes the most punishment in every single match. Alex Reynolds was a foot shorter than him and the dude was giving him the business. Matt looked great in the match and in my opinion the match was made for him to look good. I’m not taking anything away from Reynolds and Silver they surprised me with a beautiful combination of moves to almost pick up the win. No surprise Cody and Matt pick up the win. I’m happy for Matt he deserves a chance to shine and show he is more than what WWE gave him. Insert the YES chant here. Scorpio Sky will get a shot at the TNT Championship. Long overdue!

Botch:  This is where Taz is less than interesting on commentary.  He went all heel and it was annoying.  I will also say, yet again, that Cody takes way too much damage.  As Oscar said, I get that he loves to sell and tell that story but he does way too much of it and it doesn’t make him look like a very convincing champ to sell for this much.  Maybe he thinks he has to so that he doesn’t look like the “dominating booker” or something?  I don’t know.  Either way, I think he takes it too far.  


Best Friends Promo

I love this van segment. Both teams took and ran with it. The result is GOLD! I hope Best Friends win and we get what will be a hilarious apology from Santana and Ortiz.

Botch:  There is no fury like a mother scorned.  The results will be chilling…


AEW Super Wednesday Debate 2020- Orange Cassidy & Chris Jericho

First off, its weird to see Eric Bischoff outside a WWE program. I’m not old enough to remember him from his WCW days cut me some slack. You have to love Orange Cassidy the dude wont break kayfabe. I didn’t know what to expect when Orange never speaks and this was suppose to be a debate. The way they set it up was perfectly. Bischoff gives them an actual question about rising sea levels. Jericho pushes the question away and Cassidy hits him with facts. The dude is an absolute legend. I lost it because of Jericho’s facial expressions. It was GOLD! Jericho made Orange a star. Orange gets some credit as well; he has developed his character so well. Orange killed this promo and finally broke out of his silence. There’s two thing I love in this world. One is wrestling and the other being comedy.  This feud has had the best of the two. It made their match for next week something to look forward too.

Botch:  This was amazing from beginning to end.  Eric was a legitimate surprise!  He did what he needed to do perfectly.  Jericho is such a pro and he nailed all that was asked of him – goading Orange with all he had.  When Orange started speaking about rising sea levels, I died.  There was even a moment there when Jericho corpsed a little.  Jericho is bent on making Orange a star and because Orange is that good, that’s exactly what he’s become.  Orange’s threats at the end were totally believable and I loved every second of this.


Big Swole vs. Reba

Reba? I did not see that coming. There was no way Reba had a chance with Swole. Wrong! Reba had a chance for a total of 20 sec. Then Swole took care of Reba and had her eyes set on Britt Baker. I’m ready to see Baker versus Swole.

Botch:  Thanks, AEW, for the ONE women’s match we got in two hours.  Pathetic.  Anyway, this was fun.  I’m a huge Big Swole fan.  She has charisma for days and the ring work to match.  We knew Reba would lose and she did.  Reba (Rebel) was so much fun in there and really played it up.  This wasn’t about the match itself; this was about the story between Swole and Britt and I really liked it.  Again, I’d have rated this higher – far higher, really, because of the story it told.


AEW Championship- Jon Moxley vs. Darby Allin

I made sure to watch the whole match before I put any words into paper. I’m glad I did! I have said before I feel like Darby is the crash dummy for AEW. He takes real punishment from anyone and then loses the match. This match was different. He took plenty of punishment and gave some as well. Every time Mox knocked him down, Allin kept on getting up. Darby took every risk possible. He threw himself on to Mox from the top of the ring post. I’m 100 percent glad this match was the main event. The involvement from MJF and Wardlow added just enough drama. For a second, I thought Darby was going to win the match. We had violence, drama, and of course some blood. I take everything back I said about Allin. The kid is a star that enjoys to give it his all in every single match. It took everything out of Mox to finally put him away. That was a heck of a match!

Botch:  Allin = Moxley, Jr.  I absolutely love the story told here and the match more than lived up to it.  They made a real show of this.  Darby is a crash test dummy and he went all in on this match.  The story of Mox giving everything and Allin still getting up is an age-old story but rarely told this well.  Stellar work from both.  


The Count Is Here

Its hard to summarize tonight’s show in a couple of sentences. There was a little bit of everything for the wrestling fan. It’s my first time giving anyone a 5-crown rating. The three 5-crown ratings for tonight are well deserve. My hat goes off to the main event! Two guys that are very similar in personas and styles. Two dudes that went out there and put on a show. This was a great night of AEW Dynamite.