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Welcome to the first edition of An Impactful Blog. We, like many of you have started to tune back in to Impact Wrestling, and with good reason. The wrestling has been great, the backstage segments have… Well okay they’ve been hit and miss for me, but they are showing us why they can be another great option of wrestling away from WWE and AEW. So let’s dive into the latest episode.


MOOSE (c) vs HEATH – For the Unsanctioned TNA World Championship Title
This is a great way to start the night off with the debut of Heath [no longer Slater] against Moose, who has really amazed me with his athletic abilities in the ring. I honestly thought Heath would start by returning to tag team action with Rhino, but you can see the faith Impact have in Heath to have his debut match be a [sort of] title match with one of their top superstars and not be jobbed out. The finish sees Heath get the pin, but the ref is knocked out, Moose hits a low blow and gets the victory. Heath looked great and was cheated out of a win, to not gain a contract or win the title, but no doubt he’ll be back next week looking for retribution. MOOSE WINS.


EC3 Promo
I’ll never understand why WWE didn’t give EC3 a chance to shine because from the moment he returned to Impact Wrestling, his promos have been excellent. He has charisma for days, the look and a great wrestling ability. He continues to tell us to “Control your narrative” as we are left wondering what his next plan is. Perhaps after his attack on Moose last week, we will see a TNA Championship match between the two at their special show, Emergence.


The new Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Champions come out and talk about how and why they have returned but are swiftly interrupted by The North, who will active their rematch clause at Emergence. It was a good segment and I am liking this feud. After their last match, I’m sure we’re in for a real treat, especially if MCMG only beat a 40% North, 100% North against MCMG will be something to behold.


The recently signed Kimber Lee puts an offer to take out Jordynne Grace before her rematch with Purrazzo at Emergence, in return will get a title shot, to which Purrazzo agrees. There’s not a lot to really unravel, it’s a nice segment and now Kimber Lee has a contract, it’s good to see she’s straight into a storyline and plays the heel rather well if you ask me. I look forward to more from the both of them, and IF they decide to ever bring back the Knockout’s Tag Team Titles, would not be opposed to these two as a team.


This segment needs to die a quick death. It’s awful, unfunny and just dragged right out. The only enjoyable part of these segments is Tommy Dreamer yelling “MATCH TIMEEEEEE”. This segment though, has to be the worst of all them, Johnny Swinger plays up the slimeball and makes lewd comments towards Alisha Edwards and Susie, to which turns into a 2v1 match.


I have to be honest, I had to skip forward through this, the way Swinger was ‘enjoying’ his match with the two women really sends the complete wrong message. Even when they both jump on him for the three count, he laughs and fist pumps in enjoyment. It’s all kinds of gross and needs stamping out of wrestling. I have no issue with women and men wrestling one another, but if it’s in this context, no thank you. Honestly, if you haven’t watched this week’s show yet, skip right past all of this, it’s disgusting. Impact, do better. ALISHA & SUSIE WIN.


Onto something a little better, as we see the Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Big LG) get set up by Ace Austin, resulting in the Big LG being arrested and later in the night Anderson is attacked by Madman Fulton and Ace Austin. If you think about it too much, there’s a lot of plot holes, but we’re not going to do that, we are going to enjoy the feud instead, as we have four great wrestlers and one of the best talkers by a country mile in the company. Ace Austin is a future champ, here and probably in AEW and/or WWE when he decides to move on, and this is the perfect feud to start the Good Brother’s careers in Impact. I sense a tag team match between the two at Emergence imminent.


EDDIE EDWARDS (c) vs SAMI CALLIHAN – For the Impact Wrestling World Championship Title
We saw earlier in the night a flashback to Sami Callihan winning his first title against Brian Cage, so we should all have seen this coming, but did we expect Rob Van Dam to attack him before the match even started? Probably if you watched last week’s episode. Even though Sami wasn’t 100% after RVD’s attack, there was still great, and not turned into a squash match. I’ve never been a big fan of Callihan, there’s just something about him that doesn’t sit right with me, but he can put on one hell of a match, as can Eddie Edwards of course. There was of course only going to be one winner, with Edwards only recently winning the title, but both men came out looking like stars. I would also like to add it’s great to see the champion defend his title each week, it’s worked wonders in AEW with Cody and the TNT Championship and I’m enjoying it so far in Impact. EDDIE EDWARDS WINS.


Kylie Rae has butted into the whole triangle situation between John E. Bravo, Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary and now Rosemary is fuming, what does that mean? A match of course silly. It was a well worked and skilled match, but when Kylie ‘took Rosemary’s nose’ it prey much ruined it for me. It was just childish, stupid and didn’t work for me. Plus I’d rather see these two have a normal match in the Impact Zone and not in this stupid Wrestle House crap. KYLIE RAE WINS.


What a great headline match, I don’t know if it was being on a different show to WWE or Fallah Bahh, but TJP has really found his flair. While TJP always rocked it in the ring, he was such vanilla ,and I had to force myself to watch his matches, but it seems in Impact Wrestling, he has really found a new level to his ability. Then you have Fallah Bahh, who [for some reason] reminds me of a more versatile Yokozuna. Then you have Chris Bey who from his first match has had me hooked, he’s a future star for certain and being X Division Champion shows how Impact view him. I personally don’t know much about Rohit Raju, other than he’s pretty much used as the joke heel guy, but in the ring he can hold his own like the other three. They leave you wanting more by the end of the match, but I expect a potential title match between Bey and TJP which you won’t want to miss, I promise you! TJP & FALLAH BAHH WIN.


RICH SWANN’S Announcement
Rich Swann walks out on crutches and announces his retirement from wrestling; it’s followed by the locker room coming out in support and finishes off with an attack from Eric Young with a crutch on Swann’s injured foot. There are three reasons for this, 1. Rich Swann is actually retiring and he wanted one more match, and to headline Slammiversary before making his announcement. 2. Swann’s contract is up and this is a way to build up EY as a monster heel, while writing off Swann. 3. (and the most probable) This is building up to a huge feud between EY and Swann. With him announcing he’s injured and retiring, I’m not quite sure what the plan is if it is leading into a feud, and how long Swann would be out for before making a surprise return, but this was a huge way to end the show and surely got a lot of people talking. Swann did such a great job in the ring, which is why it has me questioning it, but it’s certainly leaving me wanting to find out more.



The show is better than I’m giving it credit for, the reason I’ve knocked two crowns off it because Wrestle House really ruins the show for me. The matches were solid, but the creepy segment with Swinger and the awfulness of the idea as a whole just has me wanting to fast-forward. So the worst part of Impact Wrestling’s episode has to be the Swinger creepiness from Wrestle House, but the Moose vs Heath match is for sure the best part of the night.

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed the new review on Impact Wrestling and will keep with us as we continue to review the weekly show. We’d love to know what you thought of the show, so leave your thoughts in the poll and/or in the comments section below.

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