What Do They Want?! – Smackdown Review

After last week’s amazing ending, what do they have in store for us? Will Braun Strowman return for revenge on Bray Wyatt/The Fiend on behalf of Alexa Bliss? Will anyone else try to take our Matt Riddle for the King’s ransom? And why is Tucker so happy to be the third wheel?


Bray Wyatt opens up the show with another fantastic Firefly Fun House segment. Bray really is all in on this gimmick and that’s what you need for this type of character, he really sells every character with 100% dedication and I’m here for every bit of it!


Credit to WWE

This is a match I never knew I needed, Sheamus has been nothing but fantastic since his return and Riddle has never had a bad match in my eyes. The only problem with these two is who takes the loss? Sheamus is moving on from a great feud (on Sheamus’ side) with Jeff Hardy and Riddle is being build to look like a mid to top carder. Thankfully (and I don’t always feel this way) they had a solution and ended it in a DQ with Shorty G continuing his apparent heel turn. I just hope he reverts back to Chad Gable sooner rather than later, as his name makes zero sense as a heel. Overall, a solid match and I’d love to see a rematch down the line.


A less than impressed Sheamus warns King Corbin to butt out his business with this ‘King’s ransom’, neither man is willing to back down, but Corbin has a match with Jeff Hardy he needs to prepare for. It’s a good segment and really ups the tension, you can tell both want to brawl but are holding out, and you just know this isn’t the end of it tonight.


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I really wasn’t feeling this. Miz is great, John Morrison is not… Everything they say is met with groans and sadness, they feel like a past time to humour, a bit like Botch and his jokes… What has me most annoyed with these two is they’re either jobbing or just making wise cracks at other storylines. Considering The Miz was in a WWE title match at the end of 2019, he’s plummeted into host with no real storyline.

Sonya Deville on the other hand was gold. She’s been on another level since turning on Mandy Rose, and now she’s really getting the time to shine. Every chance I get I’m going to say the same thing, if Sonya Deville isn’t a Women’s Champion before the end of the year, I won’t be happy. Deville is the hottest women on the Smackdown roster right now (other than Bayley & Sasha) and deserves to FINALLY have the chance to hold the title.


CESARO w/ Shinsuke Nakamura vs LINCE DORADO w/ Gran Metalik
It’s interesting that Lince is more interested in the tag champs, and not AJ Style after being attacked by him last week. It does makes sense however, as the division is so thin right now. I wouldn’t be surprised to see these two teams square off at SummerSlam, as the only other two teams currently on Smackdown are pre-occupied with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. It was a decent match with some real fun spots, but Cesaro picks up the victory to shock no one, I’d call this a filler match, nothing really that will stick in your memory either way.


Otis plays the bumbling fool so well, you’re forgiven if you didn’t think he has a real intensity to him. Otis really showed a new side and I loved to see it, he can have fun while show he’s not a man to be messed with and that’s not an easy persona to pull off. Otis and Tucker get a match with Miz and Morrison tonight and I have to wonder, is this the start of something leading to SummerSlam with Mandy & Sonya, or are they just trying to keep Otis on TV while they find something for him to do long term?


I find with the plexi-glass and a lack of an audience, The Fiend’s entrance really lacks the edge it had before the pandemic, however saying that, he is still creepy as hell. So we come back from the ads to find the Fiend and Alexa Bliss (how did she even get in the ring?) are having some sort of weird ballet, until Braun appears on the screen. I really don’t know what to make of it, mainly as I have no idea what was going on. Was it good, was it bad? I mean you tell me! No seriously, someone tell me if this was good or not.


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I really want more for Corbin, I used to hate his guts and wish he wasn’t on my TV, then the King of the Ring came along and I was all in on the guy. Since then he’s never managed to get away from worthless feuds and he’s now in another with Riddle, which I can see ending in elevating Riddle and not Corbin. It’s been nearly 3 years since he’s held a title (he’s only ever held the US title once) and I feel he’s more than earned a mid-card title and a chance to be elevated to the main event. Jeff on the other hand, I’m so done with, he’s always good in the ring, but he’s vanilla on the mic, I feel he’s just doing his time until his contract’s up and I’d rather his spot go to a younger guy wanting to make a mark in the WWE. As for the match, it was good, but I was happy when it ended, sorry but it’s the truth in yet another DQ when Sheamus takes out Jeff.


So we get a match between these two and I loved watching the hard-hitting style between the both of them. I do find it funny just how much no one seems to care about Jeff, he’s attacked and yet he doesn’t care for retribution. For the match, I could watch them fight all night, but I think the way these two fight, one of them would end up on a stretcher. ‘Interference’ seems to be the word of the night, as Riddle jumps into the ring distracting Corbin and eats a Brogue Kick. It was a fun little feud between the King and the Celtic Warrior, but back to Corbin and Riddle and Sheamus onto something new.


I love how Bayley’s all moody and bitchy about how Sasha dumped her into a match with Asuka without even asking her, without a second thought of the fact she keeps doing it to Sasha Banks. I honestly thought Sasha would bring it up, but that’s only because I keep expecting another tease to a split up.

A bit later we continue with a video call with Stephanie McMahon who announces a triple threat match across the three brands (Raw, Smackdown and NXT obviously) in a number 1 contender’s match for Bayley’s title and I’m not going to lie, I was a little disappointed. Not that this match won’t be great and I’m intrigued to see who will be in this triple threat match, but because of the way Steph was talking. I thought we could be heading for a Bayley vs Sasha Banks match at SummerSlam for the Raw women’s title. I mean imagine it, Bayley wins to become 3 belts Bayley and Sasha acts begrudgingly happy for her, until they defend the tag titles and Sasha screws Bayley over to start the feud of all feuds. Then again, I want them to trigger the break-up and it’ll just never happen.


I’m loving Big E right now, not only is he able to continue being himself, but he finally is getting the spotlight he deserves. We are all quick to put WWE and Vince McMahon down for poor booking and bad decisions, but no one and I mean NO ONE can say they’ve done wrong by the New Day. Kofi Kingston being WWE champ and now Big E having his moment, all while not splitting them up has been brilliant, because… New Day rocks, let me hear you now. New Day rocks. New Day rocks. New Day rocks.


A good match ended with ANOTHER DQ, this time one that doesn’t even make sense. Mandy Rose runs down to ringside to attack Sonya causing a DQ, because… Yeah I don’t know why either. I was hoping for longer between the two teams as they only just started to get going, but I guess this is just yet another way to keep building this feud to a probable 6 person tag match at SummerSlam.


Credit to WWE

We were teased (just like with Raw) with an imminent interruption from Retribution, but this tiem they made their presence known in the ring. They cause absolute destruction, and I mean they scare off Michael Cole and Corey Graves, the camera crew and even attacked the development wrestlers at ringside. To top it off they put graffiti all around the ring and even cut the ropes with a chainsaw! This was shock value in the right sense, not like Raw Underground. Not only that, but they leave us all talking and guessing who the five men and women could be.



Yet another fantastic ending to Smackdown, they really have got us talking once again, last week with Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss, and this week with Retribution. The main issue with this week was far too many matches ending in DQ or interference, there was only one match with no screwy finish and that was Cesaro vs Lince. I’m all for screwy finishes, but not every damn match! My thumbs down of the night goes to whatever weirdness happened in the ring with the Fiend and Bliss, while my thumbs up has to be the ending, I mean wow, we are all going to be talking about this until Monday for sure!