There have been more questions than answers this week when discussing WWE’s latest faction.  The cryptic way the lights flickered, and then the figures dressed in all black outside the Performance Center during Raw gave us something to talk about, but not much.  I believe most of us were just waiting for Raw to see what would be happening next, but we didn’t have to wait that long.

Smackdown had similar power issues, but it was the end of the show where things went higgledy-piggledy.  RETRIBUTION came through the ‘stands’ and ‘took over’ the ringside area, sending announcers and cameramen running backstage.  They then went after some of the PC/NXT kids watching the show, both male and female with fists and weapons.  The two women pulled their hoods down to make it obvious that they were not men beating up on a woman ringside, but all we saw was hair.

This leaves us with one of the biggest questions we’ve had in a long time and has wrestling fans around the world buzzing.  After the SD Dignified Discussion ended we all ran backstage to discuss what we saw and who it might be.  We’ve been all over the internet and discussing all sorts of ideas, and have come up with what we think are a couple of viable possibilities for who might be part of RETRIBUTION!

We have seen names like Rusev, Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis, but I’d honestly be shocked if WWE brought back any of those names to be part of a faction that I believe would only work this well during this pandemic.  I truly think they would have had to change a lot of things if they wanted to try this in large arenas with fans in attendance.

Interestingly, there’s been a number of superstars that have wiped their Twitter accounts, specifically Velveteen Dream (could be due to allegations), Dominik Dijakovic and Tommaso Ciampa. Aleister Black has also posted a black screen on his Instagram.  Both Lewis and Sam thought that one of the guys sounded like Ciampa, and he’s the right size to be one of the guys out there.  While none of the guys in the group were big enough to be Dijakovic, but who is to say that all of the faction was out there at one time.

Other names that have been brought up are Mustafa Ali, Chelsea Green, Vanessa Borne and Brendan Vink.  As previously noted, everyone in the faction who appeared on Smackdown seem to be fairly small, but there could be more than who we’ve seen, however there were the same number of hooded figures outside Raw on Monday. Another thing to note is this could all be linked to the Hacker storyline, who has recently been tweeting once again.

Interesting to note just how wild the internet has gone over this.  If Vince McMahon wanted to get fans talking, he did it.  Hundreds upon hundreds of comments on Reddit, as well as NEXUS was mentioned over 18k in an hour on Twitter.  As I said, we were backstage chatting about this for almost two hours and I know WR isn’t the only wrestling site pounding the keyboards, discussing who the members of this new faction could be.  This is the first time in a very long while that we have been in the dark about a storyline, and with 2020 been so negative, it’s great to have something fun to discuss. Because of this, I asked those who were interested to share their personal ideas on who makes up RETRIBUTION.


Queen – Tommaso Ciampa, Mustafa Ali, Vanessa Borne, Chelsea Green, Joaquin Wilde

Sam – Tommaso Ciampa, Vanessa Borne, Chelsea Green, Cedric Alexander, and Ricochet

Lewis – Tommaso Ciampa, Chelsea Green, Vanessa Borne, Steve Cutler, and Tehuti Miles

Jason – Tommaso Ciampa, Dominik Dijakovic, Velveteen Dream, Chelsea Green, Vanessa Borne – CM Punk as the hacker/coach/leader.


The biggest and best thing we can take away from the end of Smackdown, is that there’s a new faction and their name’s RETRIBUTION. We have no clue who they are, but WWE finally has us talking about wrestlers and storylines, instead of where the next PPV is being held and how the audience is getting away with pulling down their masks as often as they do.  This is refreshing, wonderful, and exactly why I fell in love with pro wrestling in the first place. Please share your thoughts on the faction and who you think may be a part of it in the comments below.