The Royal Council – Metamucil Memoirs

This week, Queen KB and her panelists, Noble Natalie & Baron Botch discuss wrestlers who’ve aged like we all do and aren’t what they once were.

Please note:  This episode was recorded BEFORE this week’s “Raw”.




Botch Take:  Who ever could have imagined what we got from Ric on Monday evening?  We certainly didn’t.  He’s never delivered a promo like that.  “Never” isn’t hyperbole either; he really never has.  It was fragile, introspective, humble, and reflective.  His acting was just exceptional.  Sam wrote the same in his Raw blog this week.  We couldn’t have seen that coming so take what we said about him with a grain of salt.  ‘Course, it was done to write him off TV and send him home and given his age, that’s absolutely the safest thing since regardless of the movement of sports in general these days, COVID-19 has shown NO signs of slowing down in the least bit.