As You Wish- Smackdown Review

A really strong episode of SD this week.  Storylines pushed forward, feuds growing, and more questions than answers.  They really worked hard to make this one interesting.  So many people were comparing the end of Smackdown to the movie Saw.  Did you figure out the title to this week’s Rendezvous?


Recap Or Premonition?


After reviewing what RETRIBUTION did last week, Cory and Cole claimed that they had security posted, including showing two skinny indie guys guarding one door.  That pretty much guarantees that something great is going to happen tonight.  As I write this as the show airs, that’s my early prediction for this SD…


How Many Members?


And before the first match started they were attacking!  Guess I have finally figured out McMahon’s obvious way of doing things!

There were eight members of RETRIBUTION this week, and one has long red hair.  Interesting how they really seem to be mixing things up so we don’t know who might be part of this faction.  Last week there were five of them, two females with long dark hair.  This week there were eight of them out there and hair colors were different.  If the rumor that McMahon hasn’t decided who everyone in the group might be, then this is how to go about it.


Best Frenemies?


Backstage JoMo made a comment to Miz about Maryse, “I know how she is.”  I wonder if something is going to come of that?  I really hope it does.  As much as Miz says JoMo makes him better, I’m over Mr. Dishrag.


Not My Role Models!


I get why Ruby and Liv were eliminated early, but they looked weak until they went after IIconics.  We know they’re going into a feud, so it makes sense, but they deserve better.  Then there’s my girl Nikki who looked great in there with everyone, including Tamina.  Can’t complain about Nikki being eliminated by Tamina.  Further can’t complain with Tamina working with Bianca!  If anyone can eliminate Tamina, it’s Bianca!  Did NOT expect Tegan Nox to eliminate Bianca!  I never would have predicted that to happen.

Honestly, I didn’t know Shayna was in the match until she grabbed Shotzi the way she did.  Sadly Shotzi didn’t get to show off her work much, but she still looked great in there.  I’m kinda thrilled that Dana got some solid props in there until the two obvious Raw beasts (other than Bianca) fought it out in a lovely way.  Of course, it came down to Asuka and Shayna, as it should have, I just wish some of the others who are so good had gotten the time in this match.  I don’t think it would have taken anything away from the rest of the show, and shown just how much WWE loves the women on their rosters.



Mandy Drops Words!



I’m in awe, that was a great promo from Mandy!  She was well-spoken, articulate, and passionate.  Sadly she was also darker than Sable at her darkest, and it’s not good for her skin.  It didn’t look like spray tan, it looks like she’s been out tanning in the Orlando sun.


Different Best Frenemies!


The tension between Nikki and Bliss was great.  Nikki is all angsty over her losses and pushing Bliss, but Bliss was all twitchy because of Bray.  So much going on there and this was the very first time we’ve seen them together since The Fiend grabbed Bliss, but more than that, this is the first time we are seeing Bliss really playing nervous, disturbed, and possibly downright scared.  I’m loving the direction they’re going with Bliss, but I worry that Nikki will be left in the dust with Bliss working with the monsters.


He’s Chad Again?


This really wasn’t even worth the time they took to have this match.  I know Sheamus needs to look strong, but poor G keeps getting flattened at every turn.


Joseph Park!


I looked up at the TV and I thought I saw AJ talking to Joseph Park, but then SD cut to commercial and I was sure I had been seeing things until I checked the DD and saw Botch had posted about it.  Honestly, I’m all good not having Abyss on WWE TV, and didn’t figure we’d see him at all when he was brought into WWE, but seeing him on-air makes me hope that maybe, just maybe I’ll be getting some of him on WWE TV and that makes my night in a massive way.


Statistics & P.I.S.S.


Wait, Park to the ring with AJ?  I love the PC kids pounding on the pixie glass walls at Park as he went to the ring.  Park sold it really well.  He’s great in that role and made that much better when he has people to react to.  I’m so giddy over this.

When AJ got to P.I.S.S. I was thinking about Rosie, the S.H.I.T. when debuted 17 years ago this week.  I just happened to see that fly by on Twitter the other day.  I was loving this promo until Jeff Hardy came out.  Yes, Jeff has been looking strong and sounding decent, I just have less than no interest in him.  I’ve always liked Matt better, and while his promo this week wasn’t his best, it was still better than Jeff.

Park even got to say something!  He’s so great in this role without having to say a word, and I hope McMahon sees just how much talent that man has, how he can tell such a story without saying a word – which everyone knows is huge for me.  The thing about Park is he doesn’t even have to move much but tells a big story.  I truly hope things go well for him, especially since I didn’t know he was going to be used as on-air talent.  So giddy!


Lucha House Party Thieves


Not only did they steal the straps backstage, but they stole that match by Kalisto coming out the way he did – looking buffer than ever.  Lots of great moves in that match, but it was the abuse of Cesaro outside the ring that sticks with me.  Otherwise, while not bad, the story told was better than the match wrestled.


Bro With His Head On A Swivel?


I’m liking Riddle more and more, even though Natalie is right, he does look like he is sniffing something bad.  He always looks like something is festering under his nose.  That being said, it looks like he’s being booked to the moon, and I’m excited to see where it goes.  Between his fantastic ring work, his very strong mic work, and his unique character, he’s destined for greatness.




The way Bliss talked about Braun was so sweet.  They have such chemistry when on screen together.  The way she talked about Bray was really creepy.  A bit Stockholm Syndrome-y for my taste, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s Bliss and her faraway stare.  I loved how Bliss spoke, but really hated how the end cut off as if there was supposed to be more, but someone went to commercial too quickly.


Cleavage Much?


Dang, Sonya was rocking that look backstage, but I wish she was in the ring so I could see the whole outfit.  She had quite the open front to her top and it was rather distracting, but then the camera came in closer and I realized that she’s gotten lip fillers.  I’ve not seen her that close in a while, and I’d not noticed the work she had done.  All that being said, she’s been KILLING it in this storyline.  Her mic work in sublime.  She’s running with this in a way I didn’t think they’d let her run with.  I’m giddy, and I called it from when she debuted on WWE TV with Mandy and Paige.  I also called for a Hair vs Hair Match for these two before Sonya chopped at Mandy’s extensions.  I’m totally rocking and loving all of this between Sonya and Mandy.


Main Event?


Not a match, but it was an event!  Bliss was fantastic yelling at her friend, slapping him silly, and holding her body stiff over Braun’s head for as long as she did.  Braun looks fantastic with a shaved head.  No matter what people say, he’s not a Big Show clone.  Yes, there’s a similarity, but this is a character like Show’s never touched.  He’s so different from Show that I just don’t feel it.

I am floored at how they put this segment together.  They have been killing it with The Fiend for a while now, and the slow burn has been great, though I have to say I wish there was a bit more time between now and SummerSlam, just to flesh this out a bit more.  While I’ve not said this or felt this way in a long time, I’m excited about where this is going!


Shut Up Cory, I’m talking!

What an interesting episode of SD!  Some felt it was too sloppy of a show, and it was, but so many interesting things happened, the show flowed really well, and the two hours went by very quickly.  For me, that’s a good show.  So many interesting things happened, and they moved storylines forward in a really great way, but not too quickly.  I actually am very excited for next week and have no clue what I’m going to predict for SummerSlam yet.