SummerSlam Review – Beyond Mad Max

WWE presented SummerSlam from the Amway Center, opening up the show to fans who watched remotely, with their pics on the screen.  As far as I know there was only one ball was dropped, which is massive for an operation like this.  WWE continues to floor me with how they can change everything and step up when needed, and they’ve done that through 2020, giving us the second Big 4 PPV without a live audience.  Working with what they have WWE has really proven to be the most adaptable of any sport in the USA today.

This time joining me, just to shake things up a bit, are Noble Natalie and Jester Jason.  As always, please give their writing the same respect you give mine.  If you don’t, I will put you through a table.  I have Eleazar on hand, playing D-Von to my Bully Queen!


A Bit Of The Boredom

I expected so much more from Crews and MVP.  First off, I didn’t like that it was on the Kick Off to SummerSlam, but something has to go first and I get that, but it feels a bit like a kick in the teeth to Crews.  MVP didn’t need the championship, and he’s great leading his faction, but this match was just a bit boring compared to what I’d hoped for it.  I really thought that Cedric might get involved and further push things for himself as well as Crew and The Hurt Company, but maybe it will happen on Raw.  Maybe?


Besties All The Way? (Noble Natalie)

Asuka came out looking great as always, while Bayley lived up to her reputation and wore ring gear that does not look good on her, the jacket pretty much makes her look like she has no neck and the double cat-eye wing makes her eyes look small but dang girl have you ever heard of blush and lipstick?

While Asuka looked bubbly and fun as always, she was determined. She took the fight to Bayley of the perpetual muffin top right from the start and came close to winning. That DDT from the steps was a thing of beauty and she should have won right there. Unfortunately, Bayley recovered and managed to turn things around after a bit. After a bit, Asuka came back and they went back and forth. Of course, Sasha was running her mouth and tried to intervene a few times and eventually won a hip attack for herself, flinging her from the apron to the floor, Bayley took advantage of Asuka being stuck in the ropes momentarily and somehow pinned Asuka. It wasn’t enough for Bayley to bask in the glory but she and Sasha used the moment to try and hurt Asuka. Bad sportsmanship ladies, bad sportsmanship.


Where Are The Ladies?

I really expected Bianca and Zelina to get involved in a most messy way, yet it didn’t happen.  I get that WWE is tweaky about Intergender Matches, but that’s what needs to happen at Payback.  I’m all for long storylines and slow burns, but this one is falling into the boredom bowl for me.  I love the Street Profits, Zelina, and Garza, but this has fallen flat.  The match was solid, but their matches are always solid.  I expected so much more from this match, because they are so much better than this, so I’m going to blame the booking over what they actually did in the ring, because they were all on point, just wasn’t as exciting as I expected from them.


Breaking My Heart

This match wasn’t anywhere near as good as it should have been, and I blame the man in jail for it not being what it once would have been.  They went out there and gave passion and feelings, and did what they could with what they were dealing with.  Sonya looked off from moment one, but I don’t blame her in the least.  At the end, when Sonya left, I just wanted to hug her.  Watching her about ripped my heart out.  She was walking away from the thing she loves dearly, the WWE ring, because of someone who has nothing to do with her or the WWE.  It’s the heart, drive, passion, and commitment that these two women gave us in the ring, and the fact they were in there at all after the ordeal they went through and all that is coming their way, especially Sonya, that I graded this one on.  It’s not for how technical the match was, but for the fact that they were out there and gave us all they had through such a trying time, one that no one would have batted an eye (other than the IWC who hates everything) had they not had this match when and where they did.  Sonya and Mandy deserve this grade and our love and support.


Dom & Dad Destroyed?

I really thought Dom was going to win his first match in the WWE, but he couldn’t have looked any stronger in losing.  That young man truly proved, as if he hadn’t already, that he’s a WWE superstar.  Not only did he take that beating on Raw, but he came into SummerSlam with the face of a kid, but the mindset of a warrior.  That young man is a year younger than MJF, and as ready to step in the ring as anyone I’ve seen at that age.  Yes, Orton was younger, as are others, but Dom comes off more prepared to put in the work than Orton did for many years of his career.  If Dom can stay healthy, I see him having a massive career in WWE, and he’s someone that McMahon will hold onto as tightly as he can.  I’m so excited to be watching and writing the first steps of his career.  I had only just started writing about wrestling when Dom first debuted and did a great job selling at all of eight years old.  Ellie and I discussed then what would happen with Dom, and if he would grow up to be a wrestler.  I had a gut feeling he would, and I have to say it sucks that his Papi wasn’t able to be there, in his corner, backing him up with his Dad.  We discussed this in the DD and all were a bit heartbroken that Eddie wasn’t able to be there live, to see Dom follow in the footsteps of those who came before him.  Like all of us, I’m sure Eddie is smiling down on his (kayfabe) boy, and knowing the greatness he will give us all for years to come.  So, Tag Match at Payback?


The Pink & Green Attack!

There was no way that Sasha and Bayley were both walking out with two belts, so when Bayley won, it was only a matter as to HOW Sasha was going to lose.  Personally, I liked this match more than I did Bayley’s.  I think it was better wrestled, a better story was told by Sasha in both matches, and it just felt like they worked harder in this match.  Sasha was selling all night, she was so on point, selling through every facial expression, and it will only get better when things explode between her and Bayley.

Asuka pulled double-duty and looked really tired after her two matches, and had lost all of her makeup due to tears and sweat, yet she looked even more beautiful hugging the Raw Championship once again.  While tired, she worked both matches as if it was her only match of the night, and looked great doing it.  Asuka is a top superstar in the WWE and proves it every time she comes through the curtain.  I can’t wait to see her work with Shayna, hopefully starting ASAP!


Scottish Backslide Outta Nowhere! (Jester Jason)

The Orton/McIntyre match was every all the excellence that I expected. What I didn’t expect was the outcome. This match went over 30 minutes long and provided exceptional spots from both superstars. 

I was hoping to Orton win his 14th championship because it would have tied him with Triple H, as was hyped throughout the night. I would have loved to see an extended feud between Triple H and Orton, with the ultimate culmination resulting at WrestleMania next year.


Again, Where Are The Ladies?

I don’t think anyone truly believed that Braun was going to walk out with the Universal Championship, but I think most of us thought it was going to be due to either Bliss or Cross getting involved and costing him the strap.  I’m truly shocked that they built Bliss and Cross into this storyline and didn’t use either of them in this match in any way.  Hopefully something comes up Friday on SD, but for this match I thought it was greatly missing a big chunk of what they’ve been building.

Beyond dropping the ball with the women, this was a decent match, but I really hoped for so much more.  Maybe there will be more to come, but personally I really wanted more at the actual PPV.


Shut Up, I’m Talking Here!

This really was a solid PPV, and was even really solid for a SummerSlam, even with all the things I wish they had or hadn’t done.  I’ve been on a roller coaster of emotions about pro wrestling since the pandemic hit and pro wrestling is the only real ‘sport’ to watch.  Between the PC, Full Sail, and now the Amway Center, WWE has done a solid, if absurd, job of it.  Pulling off SummerSlam is a testament to the performers and the company as a whole, and I, for one, am excited to see what they pull out of that locker room next!

Queen, Natalie, and Jason