Let’s Talk About An Underutilized Talent

We as a wrestling community can be really vocal about who we want to succeed in the business. We can also be vocal about who we don’t want to succeed based on personal opinions, but I am going to focus more on the wanting to succeed part. There is also the fact that we will often attach ourselves to talents we feel are being wasted or not used properly. You can classify them under the whole being underutilized, underrated and so forth. It just doesn’t even mean talents in WWE either because it can extend to defunct companies like WCW or ECW or to the more modern ones like Impact, ROH, NJPW or AEW. Yes, I did say AEW so don’t “at me” over their inclusion. We will focus on the biggest company in WWE and who I believe is the most underutilized and underrated talent they have. I know some of you may be thinking I will be talking about Sami Zayn or Cesaro or Aleister Black or Ricochet or some other talent. Those talents are all fine and dandy, but they have also been given a chance to do well in either NXT, Raw or Smackdown. The talent I am talking about is someone that hasn’t truly been given his proper due and I am talking about the man known as “Prince Pretty”, Tyler Breeze. I am Sovereign S.A.M. and I will use this edition of my Summation to explain why Tyler Breeze is the most underutilized and underrated talent in WWE today.


Now there are certain elements we all talk about when speaking about what can make a wrestler truly talented. Usually they end up being look/gimmick, ring work, charisma and mic work. Some of those go along with each other but they are the main things you look for. Tyler Breeze is someone that checks all those boxes and has continued to check them in WWE despite not being given his proper due. Now I will talk about his look/gimmick first. His gimmick of being “Prince Pretty” was one of the most over acts in NXT during his first run and he had a look to match it. I will also add that he also sang his theme song. Obviously, the writers on the main roster did not get his look because he was put into a horrible feud with Dolph Ziggler when he was called up and was then given Summer Rae as his valet. Not a very good way to capitalize on something that could have easily been a great narcissistic heel on the main roster.


Now let us talk about his ring work. I think this could possibly be the most underrated part of Breeze’s work because the man can work his butt off in the ring and tell a great story. Not only does he work his character into his ring work, but he just knows how to do everything well in the ring. There is a reason why he has started his own wrestling school with Shawn Spears, fka Tye Dillinger, and it has gotten pretty good reviews from what I have seen. Let us also talk about the underrated TakeOver match he had with Jushin “Thunder” Liger that was quite a stellar match. The fact that NXT trusted Breeze to work with a legend like Liger on a TakeOver shows how much they believe in his in-ring skills.


Let us move to charisma and that is something he has for days. The man knows how to work it as a heel or a face and that is something that even the greatest talents of all time have struggled with. He played the pretty boy heel so well in NXT and sadly they wrote him poorly when he was first on the main roster. He then found new life in his tag team with Fandango and was able to show off his comedic timing. The stuff they were able to do with the Fashion Files just showed another level of charisma that Breeze had yet to show us. He truly knows how to work his character because he knows what it should be at the given time. I would also like to take the time to acknowledge how charismatic he is on UpUpDownDown on YouTube because he is arguably the best part of it every time he is on. The way he burned the Miz and Zelina Vega on recent episodes just shows how charismatic he and also goes to show last thing he has that I will talk about.


Breeze has shown with his charisma and knowing what his character is that he is great on the mic. Again, he shows it during UpUpDownDown and he brings that whenever he is given the opportunity to talk on the mic. He was great as a heel in NXT in talking about how beautiful he was and had that aura or smarmy heel that could connect with the audience to make them hate him. Breeze has also shown his comedic timing as a face when he joined Fandango to form Breezango because he played being a bit of an airhead so well for laughs. He still plays that role a bit in NXT with Fandango, but he has also shown the ability to get more serious on the mic as well. During his return to NXT he showed a more serious side and it led to a pretty good feud with Velveteen Dream. Sure, there are the allegations with Dream now but there is no denying that Breeze working with Dream helped to elevate him and the two shared good chemistry in the ring and on the mic.


These are just some of my reasons as to why I feel Tyler Breeze is the most underutilized and underrated talent in WWE at the moment. I also know that Breeze is set to team with Fandango to take on Imperium for the NXT Tag Titles for this week’s episode of NXT so there is a chance he finally wins a title in WWE. That being said, I still feel that he is the one that has been the most wasted of the talent that was successful in NXT but did not have the same success on the main roster. Would love to hear if you agree with this and who else you believe is underutilized or underrated in WWE. This is Sovereign S.A.M. and this has been my Summation.