Who Makes A Deal With the Devil’s Advocate?

I have to admit that I’m a bit thrilled that Botch was too busy this weekend so that I get to write about Reigns’ teeth, McMahon’s snazzy dressing, and some of the cutest and most excited little kids in the ThunderDome!  Well, until the kids all went to sleep and the mug shots came in to watch the show!  They really need fans who look entertained by the shows!


Mr.Snazzy Pants!


I love the way Vince McMahon dresses!  That man has style, and has for many years, but not all of his years on TV, and I’m not even talking about the horrid gold blazer he used to wear on announce.  He just follows fashion trends, or whoever dresses him does, and he makes it work beautifully.  Yes, his suits are uber expensive and he has an amazing tailor (I hate tailoring men’s suit jackets) who makes him look that much better.  Now, McMahon is aging, as we can see in his narrowing frame, lined face, turkey neck (he did love roosters for years), and voice, but he continues to command attention when he’s on-screen!




When Jeff Hardy took to the mic in the ring, I honestly was wishing I was watching his brother on AEW, but then AJ came out and really rocked the script.  AJ was so great here.  He looked a bit grey, almost under the weather, but dang he sold his mic work while Jeff simply phoned it in.


Lotta Respect


Yes, I’ve been trying to watch more UUDD.  At first I felt like I should watch it to get the jokes in the DD, but I really do love the show.  I’m just so far behind that it’s taking me a long time to really watch it.  Anyway, for me, the best parts of this match were Cesaro’s backstage bit where he looked a bit disgruntled at his partner and AJ on announce.  Oh, also, Naka’s ring gear looks very similar to my medieval tent, but in pink rather than red.  Beyond that, I really didn’t notice what was happening in the ring.  It just didn’t interest me enough to care.

Okay, now I care!  I know a lot of readers love that I write the show as it airs, and I was so glad this match was over and Jeff was going up the ramp, and then so much greatness!  Not sure how I feel about how long Sami’s hair is, but he looks great and I’m thrilled he’s back.  This is going to add so much to the IC Championship storyline.  I’m GIDDY!


IC Man!


I loved Sami looking like a cat in a room of rockers here.  He was not going to get cornered by either Jeff or AJ.  He is so much greatness in that little body.  I know he’s not little, really, but he’s not a huge man.  He sold everything so beautifully today!


Gone Is The Red Sweater?


I was so thrilled to see that Bray wasn’t wearing that red sweater.  Personally, I have a couple of house sweaters – that comfy sweater you love to cuddle into, but will never leave the house in, and will only let your best friends even know it exists.  I’m  wearing my blue and black house sweater as I type this as it feels like fall has hit in Maine.  Anyway, I love that he called out Reigns’ teeth in the FFH!  I truly don’t get the horse teeth look of late.  I always feel like my teeth are a bit too big for my head when recording Royal Council, but I know I don’t look like I share DNA with a nag.

Postman Pearce was great with Bray!  He sold it all really well with Bray, even though you could tell the whole Postman Pierce outfit that McMahon gave him was confusing (to his character).  He was brilliant, which is saying something when you’re sharing the screen with Bray!


Big Little Cranium


Matt Riddle has some of the most beautiful hair of any WWE superstar.  I can’t get over how lovely his hair is.  He must really know how to take care of it, because it’s so healthy!  I also realized what is so different about Riddle:  he’s not covered in ink.  He shows more skin than any other superstar on the roster, and yet there seems to be no ink on his body.  I might have missed something small, but he really has beautiful and unmarked skin.

Wow, I want to see more work between Shorty and Riddle.  The short time they worked the ring was great!  I have always been impressed by them both in the ring, but seeing them together for this short time made me giddy!  They were so fast, hit great moves, and worked so well together.  I want more!


Playing With Meat?


I love Big E with Heavy Machinery, but it was the dirty comments and the growing issues between Sasha and Bayley that sold this segment.  Well, that and Big E pointing out the growing issues between Sasha and Bayley.


Little Toes!


I wonder how many of those toes Riddle has broken.  Anyway, Corbin sold pretty well here, but I’m still dazzled by Riddle’s ring work with Shorty G.


Spackle Much?


“Not quite Tammy Faye Baker level, but it’s bad!” is what Stacy said about the spackle Bayley had on her face here.  Maybe it’s their friendship needs some spackle!

Wow, Nia had as much spackle on her face, and her lips were so over-drawn that she looked like she was trying to look like a Kardashian, but only succeeded in looking like a clown.  Now, I loved the digs they took at each other through this segment.  That was FUN!


Poor Pearce!


I loved Gulak doing that to Pearce!  What a slimy move, it was great!  That being said, Braun has a really funky shaped head that looks lumpier with the fuzz growing in.


Reunited And It Feels So Good!


Naka being upset with Sami after four months was great.  He was so sad in how he said it.  Sami is so good at twisting a phrase to make himself look good, but Cesaro really shot him down.  Naka was great on mic here, and he emoted the tennis match between Cesaro and Sami was simple, but brilliantly executed.  I love these three together, so much chemistry!


Extreme Air!


That’s what Gulak got when Braun tossed him around that ring.  That was a great way to show Braun’s power, but I feel bad for Gulak who was suddenly heel for this with Bry at home with his mini me.  If you’ve not see Buddy’s picture, you should see him.  He looks just like Bryan, in baby form.  Basically I’m thrilled Gulak got TV time, but I’m confused about what he is now.

I’d have given it two crowns, but Gulak deserves more for the air he took.


Party Over?


Problems in the Lucha House Party?  Looks like a party foul to me!


Too Unbelievable


A couple of the major moves in this match really looked bad to me.  The moves that Cesaro had to facilitate Kalisto flying all over Cesaro’s body, looked really not good.  They were not bad, but I had Stacy next to me complaining that Cesaro was so obviously facilitating in a way that didn’t look good, so I really watched closely.  I normally love high flying and crazy moves, and maybe it’s something about Cesaro’s facial expression, but it didn’t work here.


Blue Jacket


Kinda like Blue Pants, get it?  Anyway, I have to admit I was a bit too focused on how perfectly the plaids matched on the breast pocket of his jacket, but then McMahon got talking and he was very AE McMahon, in the best of ways.  Not the sexist AE McMahon, but the bombastic McMahon who we all loved to hate!


Bliss/Cross Tamina Sauce!


I have so much I want to say about this segment, but in reality, it’s one you need to watch.  Bliss blew this segment out of the park.  Cross and Tamina were fantastic supporting characters, but Bliss stole the show here.  I hope this means things will be taking the next step at Payback.  I’m expecting so much from Bliss/Cross going forward, and will admit I jumped when Bliss shattered the mug!


JoMo Living Up To His Potential


Jomo is living up to his mental potential!  Sorry, I have never been a major fan, but I will admit that this was hysterical!  All three of them killed this segment.  I have no trouble with JoMo’s mentality becoming the brunt of ALL the jokes.


What?  Why?


This match made no sense!  Big E is going to be a singles competitor, and he’s in a tag match with Heavy Machinery.  Sheamus decided to walk out of the match for virtually no reason.  Basically the whole thing was silly all the way around.  At least Big E got the win, that was the only thing that made any sense, even though the ring work was solid.


What A Swerve!


This was something I totally didn’t expect to see, ever!  When Reigns looked over to where the camera wasn’t showing us, I thought it was McMahon over there, and he was going to be mad at Pierce.  I wasn’t expecting Heyman to be in Reign’s corner.  Will that change my Payback Predicts?  Only time will tell.


Shut Up Corey!

As Sam brought up at the end of the night, Reigns shows up and REDEMPTION doesn’t show up or do anything at all.  What’s up with that?

I have to say this was a great go-home to Payback, something I truly didn’t expect.  I hope the show is as good as I’m hoping it is.  See you there for the WR Payback Dignified Discussion.