Payback AfterGlow – Vince’s Golden Boy Back on Top

Just one week after SummerSlam WWE gives us Payback.  A short card, but most of the storylines carried on from SummerSlam made for great matches at Payback.  Going into SummerSlam there was much angst over how Payback would work, but listening to the reactions in the Zoom chat showed just how into the show and some of the great things we saw really were PPV quality moments.

Changing things up a bit this week, as you can see, Jason has written the majority of this Glow, though I demanded the Uni Match.  So, Jason wrote most of it, Queen’s segments are in Italics.


Kick-off Match

Riott Squad vs IIconics


This was a pretty decent match that saw a lot of physical moves in the ring and saw the official reuniting of Ruby and Liv as the Riott Squad. I definitely loved all the action and the fact they kept it moving with very little stops. It allowed both sides to show what they have, which was nice for IIconics for a change as they have gotten buried deep lately.


Main Card

Bobby Lashley vs Apollo Crews


This match was as physical as expected. It started out kind of slow, but as the match progressed, it definitely picked up. We went on to see several suplexes and even a shocking, high flying frog splash from Apollo Crews. This also led to some amazing returns from Lashley for a change, including some quick moves, something we don’t normally see out of him. In all, this turned into a decent match.


Big E vs Sheamus


This match was mostly ground attack with no real movement. Sheamus kept Big E grounded for the better part of the match, which turned it pretty boring to me. Thankfully, the pace did pick up a bit towards the end. The only positive I got from this match was allowing both to show their in-ring strength.


King Corbin vs Matt Riddle


This match allowed Riddle to demonstrate his true ability in the ring. There wasn’t much to this match beyond letting Riddle demonstrate what he can do in the ring. After the match was more interesting as it showed that the rivalry between the two is just beginning with Corbin attacking Riddle.


Banks & Bayley vs Baszler & Nia Jax


All I have to say about this match is WOW! I can’t even begin to describe what I saw at the end beyond calling it a double submission involving a leg hook and armbar. I am still not completely sold on the idea of them retaining the Titles for long. I feel we are due for a fallout in the coming weeks between Shayna and Nia. Of course, we already know a rematch is coming for Banks and Bayley, but don’t expect them to regain.


Keith Lee vs Randy Orton


This was a total and complete destruction of Orton. Lee absolutely destroyed Orton in the ring allowing him to show exactly what he can do in the ring. For the purpose this match served, it was great. However, as an overall match, it lacked a lot. I would have liked to have seen more offense from Randy than we did.


Dominik & Rey Mysterio vs Seth Rollins & Murphy


This was another match that was just there. There wasn’t nearly as much action as we should have gotten out of these four in and out of the ring. There were a few higher-end moves, but not enough to really justify what should have been. It was really just an OK match that didn’t sell or move anything forward.


Roman Reigns vs The Fiend vs Braun Strowman


I am absolutely going to shred and rip this travesty apart. The crashing of the ring was too predictable, especially with the LED lights from the poles gone. Then once that happened, it was far too predictable that Roman was going to sign the contract and enter late with a major advantage.

But the worst part of the whole match was giving the belt back to Roman when he didn’t deserve it. He just shows up, attacks, and gets granted a Title shot that HE walked out on due to COVID? Yes, we have a huge problem with this! He did NOTHING to earn the Title, besides being Vince’s Boy. I get that he’s supposed to be a heel, but that doesn’t mean the Title has to immediately go back on him.


Shut Up Corey, We’re Talking!

I hope you enjoyed this change of pace as much as we enjoyed WWE Payback.  The fallout from this PPV should be, as Botch would say, delicious!  I think the PPV was much better than most of us expected this close to SummerSlam, and the fallout from it will be, as Botch would say, delicious! 

Jason & Queen