Brock Lesnar’s Contract…

Well, there’s been a lot of questions about Brock Lesnar flying around the internet today.  It’s simple, his contract expired, which we knew was going to happen today, but we also know how wrestling fans can be when they’re faced with an idea – they run with it.

Everyone seems to have their own idea about where BL is going and what he will be doing.  I’ve even seen pics of BL integrated with the AEW logo!  I don’t know anyone who thinks that’s going to happen.  So much craziness, so many ideas about what his plans are from here, but not a lot of really looking at BL’s history of contract negotiations.

BL has always been very quiet about his business dealings, and that includes how he handles his contract negotiations.  Looking back, this isn’t the first time BL’s contract has run out before he signed his next.  Each time this happens the IWC goes into a tizzy over it, but I won’t be part of that, not this time!

The jist of this article is that we don’t have a clue what is going on with BL and his possible place within or outside of the WWE.  We don’t know if BL was holding out for something bigger and better, if he’s leaving WWE for good (as so many of us wish will happen), if he’s going back to UFC, if he simply hasn’t signed a contract, or even has signed one and we don’t know it yet.  For all we know, he will be on Raw tonight to completely swerve us.