Wade Barrett In Full-Time Negotiations

It is now being reported by multiple sources that Wade Barrett is in talks with WWE for a full-time contract within the company. No, this is not for a full-time return to the ring, which some matches can’t be completely ruled out, but rather a multi-year deal as a full-time commentator.

As many know, Barrett was on NXT last week and will be returning to ringside tomorrow. This is reportedly being done to feel him out on the mic and camera, as well get him better acclimated with the position. Based on feedback and how he does will determine the length and amount of the contract.

This is pretty significant as Barrett walked out on the company back in 2016 after a major falling out with Vince McMahon and others within WWE that was very far from pretty. Up until recently, he had refused to work in WWE, but clearly his mind has changed.

Jason’s Jest: I would certainly love to see Barrett behind the desk every week in WWE! His mic and camera skills come so easily and naturally to him, that it seems almost like 2nd nature. Hopefully this deal can be worked out and we get to see more of him!