AEW Dynamite – Live Coverage And Results

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If 2020 were a drink, it would be a Colonoscopy Prep.



Santana & Ortiz defeat Best Friends in a rather sloppy opening match.

MJF tries to speak backstage, but he’s interrupted by a member of his staff saying Mark Sterling wasn’t ready.  MJF pulls Sterling out of his room and rips him a new one.

Jurassic Express & Bucks defeat SCU & Private Party

Backstage Hager walks in and sits next to Orange Cassidy.  OC needed to move his foot as Hager basically sat on it.  OC pulled his foot out and put it on Hager’s lap.  Hager tells OC that Jericho demands OC ringside for Jericho’s match tonight.

FTR and Tully in the ring to talk to Omega.  Hangman joins them and much angst from all.

Jericho backstage talking up his Mimosa Mahem Match, and OC!

Jericho defeats Janella while OC watches on unimpressed.  After the match Jericho removed the padding from the top of one corner, then bounces Janella’s face off it while Hager talks smack.  Janella is busted open and Jericho still beating on him.  Jericho wiped the blood of Janella onto the face of OC on the shirt Jericho was wearing.  OC rushes in with his backpack, so Hager gets in and they double-team OC. Sonny Kiss out to even the score.  OC takes Jericho down, but Hager pulled Jericho out of the ring before things got too bad.  Out of the backpack comes more shades and a bottle of bubbly he pops open.  He dumps some bubbly on the mat giving it a thumbs down.

Taz and his boys to the ring and Taz talks down Archer and Roberts.  Roberts cuts Taz off this week.  Eddie Kingston and his group comes out, cutting them off.  Then Tully and Shawn come out!  The fighting starts and Billy Gunn is suddenly there, and so is Darby Allin.  Everyone fights going into commercial and everyone fighting coming out of commercial.

The Dark Order video.

Thunder Rosa defeats Serena Deeb

Backstage Mox promo about MJF and All Out.

Tony with Big Swole as she talks down Britt .  A pizza delivery comes in as a distraction and Britt from behind on Swole with the crutch.  They dumped the pizza on her head, then Britt with the lockjaw on Swole on the floor with pizza and phones all over the place.

Mox defeats Sterling then Wardlow is on Mox in the ring.  MJF comes through the tube with his walker than he then tosses aside, removes his medical collar, scarf, jacket, and then into the ring and on Mox.  The bell rings, but no one tries to stop this assault.  They bust Mox open and the show ends with MJF holding the AEW Championship high.