Who Is The Iron Man Of NXT? (NXT Review)

This week’s episode of NXT was different as it was happening on a Tuesday rather than a Wednesday. It was also going to be a special one since there would be a 4-way 60-minute Iron Man match and it featured some of the best talents to have made it through NXT. That would end up taking up the whole second hour which means this review may be shorter than usual because of that. There was also a six-man street fight featuring Legado del Fantasma taking on the team of Breezango and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott. Plenty to look forward to so let us see what the black and gold brand had for us this week.


Legado del Fantasma vs Isaiah “Swerve” Scott & Breezango

This was such a fun match to star NXT this week. Legado continue to look like a million bucks and they really do come off as a unit. Santos may be the clear leader, but he doesn’t treat Mendoza or Wilde as people that are beneath him. I like that in a faction rather than when it is all about the leader and he treats his fellow members like dirt. Breezango and Swerve worked well together too, and I will for sure mention a spot in which they really worked well together later. I liked that they had all the weapons set up around the ring rather than have all the competitors drag them out from underneath. Really fun back and forth in this match and there were some great spots in it. Fandango would end up going through a table and Imperium would come out to reluctantly help Legado because they hate that Breezango beat them for the titles. The spot of the night belonged to Fandago and Swerve as they were on a forklift and did dives in stereo onto everybody in the ring. With all due respect to Vic Joseph, who is a fine voice, but this moment needed Mauro’s signature “MAMMA MIA!!!” because it was that kind of moment. Mauro will be missed in NXT because he really became the voice of NXT whether you liked him or not. Breezango would take out everyone on the outside with dives and Swerve would get the win by pinning Santos. I loved Santos’ face when Swerve had him in his finisher because it was perfect. Great opener and a fun way to start NXT.


Tegan Nox Promo

Solid promo by Tegan here as she continued to talk about Candice LeRae and how she doesn’t like what she has become. She spoke on how they became friends and how their friendship blossomed as they both found their way to NXT. Tegan believes that she can get through to Candice and bring the old Candice back if they just talk things out. I like this from Tegan and this direction they are taking with the story because they are really letting it build until the eventual confrontation between the two happens.


Candice LeRae vs Kacy Catanzaro

This match was a lot more competitive than I thought it was going to be. There is no denying how athletic Kacy is, but she just needs more to her character than that. Same goes for her bestie Kayden Carter. Candice has been great since turning heel and it has brought out this side of her that we have not seen in NXT. This was a fun match and Kacy did look great out there. Candice would prove to be too much for Kacy though as she would end up picking up the win here. Candice would then get on the mic after the match and talk about the things that Tegan said a bit earlier. She mentioned how they were a bit distracting, but she is willing to talk things out with her. She said that dinner will be on her and we shall see how that will play out when it happens.


Rhea Ripley Backstage

Rhea was backstage and she didn’t waste any time in saying what she needed to say here. She is fed up with Mercedes Martinez and the Robert Stone Brand and wants to end things with them. She wants Mercedes and she wants her inside a steel cage. You can sign me right up for that match all day, every day, and twice on Sundays.


Bronson Reed vs Timothy Thatcher

Bronson has quickly become one of my favorites in NXT and he is certainly one to watch. They did a great job in building him up when the NXT North American Championship was vacated, and the man has really taken his opportunity to show the brass what he can do. Thatcher is another one that I have enjoyed seeing as well and I wondered how their styles would mesh here. Thatcher is very grappling heavy while Bronson is more towards the power moves. The result was a pretty good match and I enjoyed that Bronson would power out of Thatcher’s moves and that Thatcher had to adjust because of that. Really solid back and forth here and Thatcher would end up winning due to some unexpected help. Bronson would be on the outside and Austin Theory would attack him a bit out there. That weakened Bronson enough for Thatcher to lock in his submission for the win.


Mercedes Martinez Backstage

Mercedes kept it short and sweet when replying to Rhea Ripley’s challenge for a steel cage match. She said she loves to fight and that she is game for it. She accepted the challenge and the match will happen next week. That has all the makings of being quite the fun match.


60-Minute 4-Way Iron Man NXT Championship Match

I will fully admit that I wondered if this match might be a cluster because of the iron man stipulation. My worries would be gone because this was a really good match. Multi-person matches really can be good or they can be clusters, but this was a good one. I like that they took their time in who got the first pin because that let the story build and let the damage accumulate among the participants. Finn would end up being the first to get a fall and I liked how everybody started to gun for him because he was in the lead. There were two moments in this match that I really liked though that I think stood out from the rest. First, we had Gargano and Ciampa realizing they were right by each other and I liked the look they shared. The stipulation of their final match was that they would stay away from one another and I liked that you could see they thought about that. Finn and Cole would clear them from the ring, and I loved the look they shared. Adam Cole would then, for the first time I believe, throw up the “Too Sweet” that all Bullet Club members did, and Finn would throw it up as well. It is nice to see Cole do that because it acknowledges that he was in the same club that Finn was at one point. All four men would end up with a pin and time was quickly ticking down. Finn would end up picking up a second fall as time was dwindling but he would eat a Last Shot from Cole and Cole got the pin just in the nick of time. There was confusion as to what would happen, but Regal would come out to tell both men that they would have a match next week to determine who is the NXT Champion. I know some fans may not like that decision, but I am okay with it. It could lead to some shenanigans with the Undisputed Era and we will see how that plays out. I will say though that I knocked the grade down because of the finish.



Mauro may be gone but I and still naming the summary after his famous catchphrase. As I stated multiple times, I am a huge fan of him, and it does suck to see him go. Overall, this was a pretty good episode of NXT that was really built around the main event that took up the whole second hour. The main event was really good, and I am sure that Balor versus Cole next week will be good. The opening street fight was a ton of fun and that forklift spot was awesome. The Thatcher/Reed match was solid and so was the Kacy/Candice match. I am interested to see how the story will play out between Candice and Tegan when they have their chat as well. I also cannot forget that we are getting Rhea versus Mercedes in a steel cage next week and that should be great. All in all, fun episode of NXT this week. I am Sovereign S.A.M. and I will see you all around the WRC.