A Pasteurized 2% Pint Of Choc-AEW Dynamite Review

It’s the going home show for All Out. You guys know what that means! You get a promo, you get a promo, you get a promo, and you get a promo. Its time to hype every match and tie in all the rest. I don’t expect much wrestling to happen tonight, but the ones that were announced earlier have great potential. Let’s get into tonight’s action!

As usual, Baron Botch’s take is in italics.


Santana & Ortiz vs. The Best Friends

I expected this match to be at All Out because of the great story line it had developed. Consider it an early treat to start the “go home” show for All Out. I love the way they wasted no time going after each other. Trent with the big-time splash from the stage. I love Ortiz calling out Trent’s mom Sue. As much as it has become very serious for these two teams, it has also had great comedy. AEW doesn’t mind a chair shot to the head and Chuckie T took a flying chair straight to the head. After a good seven minutes of what was a street fight, the bell finally rang to start the match. I can appreciate the tone that was set before the match even started. No one has ever seen Chuckie T fly and I haven’t either but he rewarded us with a great front flip onto Santana and Ortiz. The match was brutal and it should have been a street fight the way all objects around the ring were used. A big time win for Santana and Ortiz. You call it cheating, they call it winning. A great way to start the night!

Dynamite seems to start all their shows with matches like this.  This was somewhat fun until Chuckie took a chair shot to the head.  I’m not a fan and I know it was a flying chair but still.  As Oscar said, it took a few minutes for the match to get going but once it did, it really was fun.  Of course, Santana and Ortiz got crooked but that’s what they do.  Nice way to open the show.


MJF Promo

I gave the Lee and MJF promo last week a bad rating, but it is starting to develop into a great little detail in MJF’s promos. MJF has the ability to go from funny to crazy in the matter of seconds. It shows his ability to adapt and change the mood when ever he wants. MJF can be funny, but he can also be your worst enemy. With Wardlow by his side it is very easy for him to intimidate anyone. Poor Mark Sterling found what it is like to be on the wrong side of MJF.

Here’s the side of MJF NO ONE wants to see.  He took Sterling’s head off here.  Wow!  I loved every second of this and would have graded this higher myself.  This is a whole other side to MJF and I really like it.  He is NOT to be trifled with.


The Young Bucks and Jurassic Express vs. SCU and Private Party

All baby faces in a match! I truly like the way AEW books certain matches. This one was one of them specially with the winning team facing each other at All Out. A great back and forth from Frankie and Jungle Boy to start the match. I don’t appreciate Matt Jackson wasting a good old pint because he’s upset at Hangman. It was a great spot during the match. The great double teams from all the teams involved in the match shows the great tag team division in AEW. Frankie takes the MVP award! The dude was on fire taking everyone out. The tension between each tag team gave it much needed drama. It was a well-executed match. AEW does things with intention. It’s a great way to tell a story within a match. Frankie hard tagging Isiah Kassidy is an easy reminder that they don’t like each other and that the winning team will face each other at All Out. Its great wrestling and great story telling. That’s one spot but there was plenty of little things allowing us to keep that reminder in the back of our head while enjoying the match. Luchasaurus athleticism is something to watch. He is the biggest man in the ring and moves like a cruiserweight. The botch in the match went to the veterans. A little confusion from Frankie and Christopher Daniels. That’s the only thing I would nitpick from the match. Other than that, it was an amazing match. We will get a big-time match at All Out between The Bucks and Jurassic Express.

Why is Christopher Daniels able to go like this?  He totally defies age and it’s amazing…just like Dustin.  They all flew around all over the place and it was a lot of fun.  Luchasaurus in particular is such a star.  I agree with Oscar there totally.  I saw the botch but didn’t care about it too much.  Things like that happen from time to time.  Props to Jack for selling as well as he does too.  It’s becoming a lost art and he does it really well.


Jake Hager & Orange Cassidy Promo

It was an interesting exchange between Hager and Cassidy. A 30 second promo with a little bit of comedy. I’m usually not a fan of short promos, but this one didn’t hurt anybody.

This was all it needed to be.  Short snatches of Hagar talking and it sets up Orange at ringside.  


FTR Promo

Tully kicked spears to the curb and has a cool FTR jacket now. He actually fits so well with FTR. I’m ready for Saturday Night. I have a strong feeling we will have new champions.

Oscar writes this while he’s watching and I write after I’ve seen it so I knew Tully hadn’t really dispensed with Spears.  Still, it’s nice to see FTR with one of their heroes.  Neither Dax nor Cash need anyone to talk for them but Tully adds a nice accent.  


Kenny Omega Promo

I love Kenny so much, but his promos lack passion. His personality is so chill that when he talks, I don’t feel it. Once FTR came out, he picked it up and took shots at both FTR and Tully. It very interesting to me the way this story line has developed. I feel a Page heel turn coming. Dax and Cash aren’t Page’s friends and now Kenny has turned his back on Page. Page is all alone and deep in his cowboy stuff.

This was kinda fun.  I confess I don’t really care that much about Omega the way most seem to though.  He’s been pretty vanilla since he got to AEW and this is about as much as I’ve seen him show.  Dax got caught in a dialog loop and it was weird.  He just kept saying the same thing over and over again.  Still, the point of the segment came across and that’s what matters most.


Chris Jericho Promo

I remember the promo Jericho dropped in WCW. It was called The Man of 1004 Holds. I go back on YouTube and watch that promo about once a week. Jericho is that good on the microphone. He has the ability to talk and bury his words in your brain. When Jericho speaks, I sit and listen. The Man of 1004 Holds, 22 years later is still giving us GOLD on the microphone.

Agreed.  Jericho talks, I listen.  It’s that simple.  This match between Orange and him has been set up so well.  Can’t wait for it – even if it’s a ludicrous Mimosa Mayhem match a la Vince Russo.


Chris Jericho vs. Joey Janela

With Cody gone, The Demo god gets all the pyro. Wait a minute… did he say 325 pounds? Jericho you know how to make us laugh. The Cassidy shirt by Jericho another great touch by The Demo God. I can’t believe they had Janela job to Jericho to promo the match at All Out. Janela deserves better than a beating by Jericho. The match is not even worth talking about. If the beating wasn’t enough, he was busted open by Jericho. I’m glad Sonny Kiss was able to get a little shine from the Cassidy and Jericho feud. I had to wait three months to get my bubbly and Cassidy decided to waste it. I’m ready for whatever match we get at All Out!

Well, Joey had to job here and he jobbed HARD.  Jericho had to be kept strong going into All Out.  There really was no other way. Joey did it really well here and it gave us Sonny making the save so I’m not mad at that.  Fun segment that continued to push the storyline further.  P.S.:  Oscar really did buy “A Bit of the Bubbly”.  He just got it.  LOL!


Matt Hardy & Sammy Guevara Promo

A nice little video hyping their match at All Out. I expected a night full of promos for tonight but this was our sixth promo of the night. I’ll try to keep my cool if we have any more promos tonight…no promises. This one felt so unnecessary for me. Especially when Sammy came out before the commercial break with his signs. Then Matt does the same. Then, they disappear from the show. I don’t know what that was all about, not the best way to hype the match.

This was a bunch of nothing.  They were clearly trying to avoid old plot devices but there’s a reason they’re used so much:  they work.  I’m all about experimentation and they were clearly coloring outside the lines here.  When you do that, not everything will work and this didn’t.  In the words of Sam, “SKIP!”


Casino Battle Royale Promo

Roberts came out and redeemed himself from the horrible promo last week. He hit his cardio before tonight’s show and wasn’t out of breath. I really want to see Cage and Archer go at it. The tussle between Roberts and Taz turned into a promo for the Casino Battle Royal. Out of nowhere everyone gets involved. Tully ditches the FTR jacket and comes out with Shawn Spears. The whole roster was out there at some point. The Inner Circle and Best Friends fresh of their match to start the night got into the action. No one wanted to be left out of the promo. I couldn’t help but laugh that even after the whole commercial break they were still going at it. They really wanted to sell us the match on for Saturday. My favorite match in wrestling is the battle royal match, so you know I’ll be paying extra attention to this one. Is it too early to pick a winner, because my money is on Darby Allin.

Taz and Roberts have ZERO chemistry.  Their interactions are just so bad and Taz keeps cutting Roberts off.  This was just the old “get ’em all in the ring and show everyone how crazy this Battle Royal will be”.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Generous Oscar rides again.


The Dark Order Promo

There is no question about, Brodie Lee came in and conquered AEW. Now the TNT Championship feels bigger than the AEW Championship. I’m glad that they brought Scorpio Sky into the feud. The dude deserves to be in the spotlight. Matt Cardona and Brodie Lee will meet again outside the WWE. A mixture of very different personalities will battle The Dark Order. If the dark Order wins, they will definitely be going back to Chilis.

Finally, the Dank Odor means something.  Took long enough, didn’t it?  Brodie as a Vince McMahon knock-off is the thing I didn’t know I needed in my life.  I love that Brodie doesn’t care about any of them too.  Matt Cardona is a bunch of nothing so far but it’s early.  He may get there and I’ll give that time.


Thunder Rosa vs. Serena Deeb

My first-time watching Thunder Rosa wrestle. I’m glad Serena Deeb didn’t job to Rosa. It allowed me and many others to speculate her in the ring for the first time and to actually see her wrestle. She had to be on offense and defense which allowed her to show her wrestling abilities. I’m sold on Thunder Rosa even without seeing her wrestle. I will always be behind Lucha Libre. My hat goes off to Serena Deeb as she went punch for punch with Rosa. I was honestly shocked how long the match went on. Like JR said, this was one of the best matches we had on AEW and that is saying something. A big win for Rosa in what was a very had hitting match. She is the perfect opponent for Shida. This might be the match that puts the AEW women’s division on the map.

Fun match!  I just wish there was some storyline to make me care that it was happening.  Heck, they could have given me reason to care by creating conflict during the match and that didn’t happen either.  We basically got a 205 Live match with women in it.  It was well-worked but I just didn’t care.  Oscar was generous here.  LOL!  Thanks again, AEW.


Jon Moxley Promo

Not that this match needed any more hype for Sunday. After listening to Mox and the passion he had in his words, I’m ready for war. MJF will have to put Mox out for good to become the new AEW Champion.

This was so good.  Heck, all of his promos are incredible and this was no exception.  Give.  Me.  This.  Match.  Now.


Big Swole Promo

Brittany Basura Baker… Oh Swole stop it! Swole’s personality is great and I love everything about her. A perfect promo to set up the match for Saturday. Baker is healed up and is back to finally put all this build up on the square circle. For the first time during this feud Baker came out strong. Another match I’ll be looking forward too. Another weird stipulation as well with a Tooth and Nail Match. It doesn’t matter what match this is. I’m ready for the ladies to put on a show.

That opening line…LOL!!  Baker is such slime and Reba is such a…Reba.  Loved all of this and can’t wait for the match.  What I don’t get is why I’ll be watching this match on YOUTUBE??  This should be on the main part of the show but it’s not; it’s on the “Buy In”.  One of the most well-built matches on the card…and they put it on the “Buy In”.  Just awful…


Jon Moxley vs. Mark Sterling

Mark Sterling looking like a walking campaign add was perfect. For the first time ever the main event match was ready to go with more than ten minutes left in the show. Then Mox decided to have the longest entrance in his career and we were left with nine minutes. Not that I expected this match to go longer than five minutes. Mox’s face expression said it all. This match was made for us to have a great laugh. I laughed and enjoy the match as such. There’s nothing much to talk about the match. It was a comedy skit and nothing more. He beat the dude up with his own “I mow the lawn on Saturday at 6AM” New Balances shoes. Easy work for Mox and he hardly broke a sweat. Then, the real hype for the match started. Wardlow attacks Mox and MJF comes out. It’s a miracle MJF is healed! MJF stood tall over a bloody Mox to close out the night. Is it time for MJF to take down Mox and become the new AEW Champion? Saturday can’t come fast enough.

In truth, Sterling has wrestled before.  He was in a tag team with another guy and they did a jobber match some years ago so he’s hardly new to wrestling.  He acted like he was, though, and did it really well.  Mox was, of course, fun from beginning to end.  He was going to make Sterling pay for being slime…and he did.  This is another match I absolutely cannot wait for.  Everything about this feud has just been perfection.


The Count Is Here

It’s no secret that I dislike promos. Well, I should say I dislike shows that are full of promos. Tonight, was a little different. I didn’t mind the promos but I did feel like some of those promos were very unnecessary. All in all, It was a great show leading up to All Out. The purpose of the night was to make me watch All Out and now I’m truly excited about the show. I have a gut feeling there will be gold around some new waits Saturday night. Also, thank you JR for the shout out on my Denver Nuggets. Tonight’s show was done with intention and every attention to detail makes you keep coming back to watch AEW Dynamite. I hope you guys join us Saturday night for All Out.

So Is Botch

Such greatness all over this show as has been their custom.  As has also been their custom, the only bad here involved the women. We have a podcast coming sooner than later that addresses it in far more detail.  Still, great show all around and I can’t wait for “All Out” on Saturday.