Pro Wrestling Tees Release Hana Kimura Memorial Shirt and the mother of Hana Kimura Kyoka Kimura have released a special tribute T-shirt with all the proceeds going to suicide prevention in Japan.

Hana Kimura was arguably the biggest female pro wrestling star in Japan and was poised for worldwide stardom until she tragically took her own life earlier this year after suffering relentless cyberbullying from fans of the Japanese reality show Terrace House of which she was a new cast member. She was only 22 years old.

AEW Tag Team Champion Kenny Omega wore the shirt in this weeks edition of Dynamite.



Sir Mitch Says: As WR’s resident Japanese Wrestling obsessive, Hana’s death shocked me to my core and after many months it still makes me terribly sad thinking about it. But I give full kudos to PW Tees for doing this and I have a huge level of admiration for the strength of Hana’s mother for helping to organise this while she must still be grieving the loss of her only child.