Jest on Brock Lesnar’s Contract

I am here to set the record straight regarding Brock Lesnar and his contract status and potential move forward. I am honestly tired of seeing social media flooded with people insisting that Brock is headed to AEW or UFC since he is no longer under contract with WWE. Those rumors are completely unfounded and FALSE!

With regards to Brock returning to UFC, in order to do so, he would be required to re-enter the USADA Testing Pool, which as of today, he has NOT done. In fact, his last test in the Pool happened in February 2019, when there was true speculation and proof that he might be contemplating a return to UFC. In order to return, fighters are required to have at least 1 test performed in a 6 month period. If they fail to do this (which Brock has), they must be tested for 6 months straight before being permitted to fight. Let’s say on the off chance Brock were to return to UFC, the soonest he could do so is March/April 2021, and that’s IF he started testing today.

With the fans absolutely insisting that Brock is headed to AEW, there is once again NO proof of this. The following is the closest Khan has commented regarding bring Brock to AEW:

Even backstage, there has been no mention even close of bringing in Brock at AEW. In order to secure Brock, Khan would have to be willing to shell out literally millions, plus live up to a massive amount of demands, including very limited appearances (15 to 20 under last WWE contract). Brock’s last WWE contract was reportedly worth $10 million per Forbes, and that’s not even including the cut for merchandise sales he gets and what he got paid for the Saudi Arabia shows (paid by Saudi Arabia, not WWE) and PPV appearance pay (rumored $500k per appearance).

Finally, Brock’s contract actually expired 5 months ago. The last day he was under an official WWE contract was WrestleMania, as it expired that night at midnight. If he was going to return to the UFC, or even jump ship to AEW, don’t you think he would have done so by now? At the very least, he would have re-entered the Testing Pool if the UFC was in his sights.

The removal of his merchandise from WWE Shop was a formality as his merchandise contract expired on August 31st, 2020. Plus, it’s a move that is common in the industry. Even without the contract, if WWE were to continue selling his products, they would be required to pay him a cut of the sales.

So what’s going to happen from here? The only person that can possibly answer and know that for sure is Brock himself. As of right now, he has been enjoying his time off and spending it with family. He has 2 younger children (born 2009 and 2010) that he has been spending quality time with since he doesn’t have to worry about traveling right now. This is a luxury and opportunity that Brock hasn’t had in quite some time in his life.

Last thing we have heard is that Vince and Brock are literally 1 phone call away to bring him back. Apparently, both sides are waiting for the opportune moment when he will be utilized again to make the move of signing a contract. There’s also a strong possibility of him appearing without a formal contract for a one-off or very limited run. In all, don’t expect him to show up at either UFC or AEW. It’s just not going to happen as Brock is extremely loyal to Vince, and Vince to Brock.