Matt Hardy Suffers Potential Serious Injury

Matt’s wife, Reby, took to Twitter following the match and she is NOT happy with AEW and the crew there right now:

During the match tonight against Sammy Guevara, it almost ended as soon as it began. During the opening minutes, we saw the match start in the “concession area” of the arena. While there, a scissor lift was nearby and saw both talents climb to the top. While Matt was holding onto the outside, Sammy made a move and both overshot the table meant to “cushion” the blow. This resulted in Matt hitting his head hard directly on the concrete.

It was immediately apparent that something was seriously wrong as Matt was struggling to stand on his own. At this moment, the match was called off. However, moments later, it resumed and saw Matt pick up the pinfall almost immediately after Sammy fell from a high area and crash through a table.

We can confirm at this point that Matt has been taken to a local medical facility due to unknown injuries. It is clear he at least suffered some type of concussion, but the severity is unknown. We’ll be following for updates. You can see video of the spot that resulted in the injury below courtesy of Ryan Satin.


Update:  It is a definitely a concussion per Reby Hardy:


Jason’s Jest: This is precisely why wrestling promotions put so much emphasis on DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Matt is a near 30 year veteran in the ring and he still suffered a potentially serious injury. I hope and pray there is nothing serious, but based on his actions following the move, I would expect him out of contact action for at least a few weeks.

Botch Take:  Reby is saying “concussion”.  Tony Khan is saying it’s not.  Call me crazy but I’m going with Reby here.  There was another dirt sheet writer that said Matt was doing better and Reby called him out on it saying neither Matt nor she had spoken with him.  There are also docs who are also weighing in that ‘s fine.  Again, I’m going with her.