AEW Dynamite – Live Coverage And Results

Daily Dre:

Based on how poorly this burrito was wrapped, I assume it was made by the one person at Taco Bell that has never rolled a blunt.



Tony outside earlier, both MJF and Jericho roll up in black SUVs.  Jericho talks up MJF.  MJF throws props back at him.  They almost shake hands, then elbow bump.  Split-screen as the way away in opposite directions, both say, “What a loser!”

Jurassic Express defeat Lucha Bros  After the match there was some pushing in the ring.  Butcher and Blade came in to break them up.  Kingston in on mic yelling at all of them for fighting and for Saturday night.  Kingston demands they shake hands, it took a lot of pushing and arguing, but Penta finally shook Fenix’s hand.

Video promo by Jake Roberts with Archer who speaks up against Mox himself.

Matt Hardy to the ring talking but stopped by chants for him.  He talks about his fall and the love from everyone from it.  He apologized to his family for putting them through all that.  He said the vendetta between him and Sammy is over.  He’s going to get healthy and chase his first AEW Championship.  His journey in pro wrestling isn’t over, because of the fans.

Orange Cassidy defeats Angelico  After the match Santana and Ortiz attack OC from behind, attacking with weapons.  Best Friends rush out to save OC.  Chuck gets on mic and he is mad!  Next Dynamite they want to meet in the parking lot.

Backstage announcer knocks on Young Buck’s door a couple of times.  The door finally opens and they both superkick him before closing the door.

Kip and Penelope in the ring.  Kip throws Tony out, and then goes on an on about who the best man will be.  Puf came out dancing, but Kip stops him and says he never said he was best man.  This time Pillman Jr. comes out.  Kip says that the text he sent didn’t mean he was the best friend.  Finally it’s Miro who comes out with bleached hair.  Miro gets on the mic.  He goes off about ten years of glass ceiling and brass ring.  You can shove that brass ring up your a$$!

Tony interviews Hangman about The Elite and he admits it’s his fault he lost friends over this.  Hangman says he and Omega will get through this too.

Jericho & Hager defeat Janela & Kiss in a No DQ Match

MJF in his campaign office going off on Mox, Nina smiling next to him.  Until he fires her and the rest.  Nina is all smiles now that she’s been fired.  He screams in her face to get out.  All of them flee, but Wardlow.  MJF goes off on Wardlow for costing him the match and the title.  MJF says Khan doesn’t sign his checks, MJF does.  He threatens to put Wardlow and his family out in the street.  Wardlow steps in line, but doesn’t look happy.

Backstage Mox promo about MJF, then onto Archer.

In the ring is FTR and Tully celebrating their Tag Champion win, a number of teams around the ring with drinks in hand.  FTR then starts ripping down SCU, the Private Party.  Then they go after Billy Gunn and his son.  Lastly to Jurassic Express, but they aren’t getting a Championship Match.  Jurassic Express isn’t impressed and they get in the ring.  They try to jump Jurassic Express but end up fleeing the ring.  Marko dumps the cooler of ice and beer onto FTR outside the ring.  The rest of the teams share the FTR cake.

Taz on announce showing what his team did to Darby Allin at All Out.  Then Taz says Allin is there, but it’s Starks who comes out with Allin’s face paint and cuts a cranky promo on Allin.

Recap of the women’s matches at All Out, making them look like they care about the division.

Nyla Rose defeats Tay Conti  After the match Vickie is in the ring screeching.  Nyla goes after Tay again, but Shida rushes out with a kendo stick in hand to stop the attack.  Shida then helps Tay up who is holding her knee a bit.

JR interviews Omega about All Out.  Omega really gets deep talking about his career and Hangman.  He’s going back to singles wrestling.

Brodie Lee defeats Dustin to retain TNT Championship

Breaking News – Cody announces the Go Big Show, being filmed in a parking lot.  Over-the-top acts will be competing on TBS.  Rosario Dawson, Cody, Jennifer Nettles,  and Snoop Dog are judging the show.