AEW Star Worked “All Out” Not Cleared

During the “All Out” PPV which I reviewed (here), one of its better moments was the Tooth & Nail match between Britt Baker (with Reba/Rebel) and Big Swole.  The whole thing took place in a doctor’s office setting with Big Swole coming out on top.  We’ve just recently learned (thank you, Fightful) that Britt Baker worked that match while not being medically cleared to work a proper in-ring match.  She was originally injured in a tag team match in which she tagged with Nyla Rose to face Hikaru Shida and Kris Statlander.


Botch Take:  What is it with AEW lately?  First, during Matt’s promo last night, he utters the phrase, “when I’m cleared”, which all but corroborates what Reby was saying the whole time about him being concussed.  Then, we get this.  The match was fun but if she was working through an uncleared injury, it should have waited.  Would we have complained about one women’s match being on All Out? Yeah, but there was SO MUCH MORE to complain about on that show too.  

Look, I absolutely love the idea of another company coming along and giving us an alternative to WWE.  These last couple of months have been glorious for AEW in all but one area and I’ve been a huge fan.  We’ve gotten great stories and fun action in the ring.  However, I’m not gonna just be loyal for loyalty’s sake.  If something is bad, I’m gonna say it’s bad…every single time.  All Out, for instance, was largely bad.  If the company I’m a fan of makes stupid decisions, I’m gonna call those out too.  Just like allowing Matt’s match with Sammy to continue and then lying about it is stupid, having Britt work a match when she’s not cleared is stupid.  People backstage apparently gave her props for doing it.

Why?  It’s stupid.  She shouldn’t have been put in that position.

That is now two incredibly stupid moved by AEW on one show.  Khan and company really need to get their act together.