What A Loser! (AEW Dynamite Review)

The fall out of All Out is here! We have new tag team champions and Mox still sits on the AEW throne. It’s very exciting to see what new feuds develop and what old ones continue. No competition tonight from a couple channels down. No pressure for AEW to put on a great show. Let’s not waste any more time and let’s get into tonight’s action.

This had a lot of damage to undo as far as I was concerned.  Let’s see if they got away with it, shall we?  P.S.:  everything in italics is by Botch…


MJF and Chris Jericho Promo

Two of the best of all time to start the show off. We finally were honored to hear Jericho and MJF on the same promo. What seemed to be a show of respect between the two, turned into something more. A great comedic spot with the split screen and both guys calling each other “Losers”. I could listen too both of these guys talk all night. A great way to start of the night. The possibilities between these two…a MJF and Jericho feud could be around the corner!

Untapped chemistry here perhaps?  This was fun.  ‘Course, Jericho is interested in making stars and MJF doesn’t need him for that.  Still, a really fun segment.


Jurassic Express vs The Lucha Bros

I’m glad we are getting to see the Lucha Bros on a consistent basis. Rey Fenix is an amazing talent. He works the ropes with ease and Jungle Boy was able to compliment Fenix perfectly. I want to take a second to admire the beautiful gold on Pentagon’s gear. One of the wrestlers and Luchadores that puts great detail into their gear. A very entertaining match, with great high-flying non-stop action. I hope Fenix knee is okay as Luchasaurus botched the slam and Fenix leg gets caught behind him. The Lucha Bros always wrestle like they have something to prove. Its non-stop every single second they are inside of that ring. Their creative style of wrestling allows them to pull off moves that I have never seen before. A well-executed ending with the confusion by Pentagon Jr. Jurassic Express picked up a big win over the Lucha Bros. They were able to get back on the winning column after their defeat at All Out. Eddie Kingston is like that annoying family member you don’t want to listen too, but he always spits facts. This weird faction he has going on actually works for everyone involved. I’m ready for it to develop into something more than promos.

Fun match.  They do a lot of these and each one is fun to watch.  Pentagon’s confusion in the end was interesting too.  Jurassic Express needed the win here and the conflict was fun if a little too drawn out.


Lance Archer Promo

Jake Roberts has redeemed himself since that horrible promo where he was out of breath. Archer won the Casino Battle Royal and has his set on Mox and the AEW Championship. Mox is always up for a challenge so there is no way he backs down from Archer. To me this feud doesn’t work. I see no excitement behind Archer. I guess I was too spoiled with the MJF and Mox feud that I don’t want to see anything less than that.

I agree with Oscar.  I honestly don’t care about this.  If Archer couldn’t beat Cody for the TNT belt, why would be be able to beat Mox for the main belt?  Logic gap and one I can’t get past.


Matt Hardy’s Promo

Its great to see Matt in the ring, after that horrible fall he had from his match at All Out. Specially with all the controversy surrounding his condition during and after his match. To me they needed to have Matt out here to protect Tony Khan and the way they handled that situation. Reby Hardy didn’t look too pleased with Matt. I couldn’t even see her full face, but I can tell angry eyes even with the mask on. As much as they want to tell us Hardy is okay, I think they’re also hiding a few things. I hope Hardy truly does get healthy and can come back better than ever. As for the grade, nothing against Matt but I feel like this was all done to cover Tony Khan’s/AEW’s behind.

Agreed.  This was just done to cover the deplorable decision-making skills of the on-site doctor and Tony Khan.  I love that he said “when I’m cleared”.  That tell us all we need to know.  People were so quick to dismiss Reby when she said Matt had a concussion because of the fact that she has no filter.  I even got into it a little with someone on Twitter about it.  They’re failing to understand how HIPAA works.  Doctors will dispense legal information ONLY to the patient or family – i.e. whoever’s on that HIPAA document.  There’s no way Khan is on that document.  As such, he was likely in no position to claim that Matt was concussion-free.  I was always more inclined to believe Reby and that appears to have been the correct course.  All of that said, I bought none of what Hardy said.  Seeing Reby staring a hole into Matt was unpleasant but it’s not hard to imagine how she feels.  So much for not running a “sloppy shop”, eh, Tazz?


Angelico vs Orange Cassidy

It has been a very long time since Angelico has wrestle on AEW Dynamite. Angelico has a very unique style of wrestling, with a little bit of Lucha Libre. He is a very exciting to watch. Cassidy swag was on another level tonight. It was great to see Cassidy go toe to toe with Angelico’s submission style. Cassidy has developed into a top star in AEW. The dude is more than a gimmick now. He has become great wrestler and picked up a big time win over Angelico. The feud between Jericho and Cassidy might be over, but it’s a great way to continue the feud between Best Friends and Santana & Ortiz. We might have an old school parking lot match coming next week.

I had no reason to care about this, really.  We haven’t seen Angelico since the signing of the Louisiana Purchase.  He is fun to watch and Cassidy always is but I just didn’t have a reason to care.  This was a 205 Live match for me.


The Young Bucks Promo

The Elite is no more and The Bucks are super kicking everyone’s head off. The super kick party continues and the heel Bucks are here!

Now they’re heel.  Cool.  I’m into it.  Let’s see how this goes.


Kip’s Best Man Promo

The best part about Kip is Penelope Ford. Sabian was trying a bit to hard during the promo. If that was suppose to be a comedic promo, it felt a bit too scripted. Don’t worry it was all done to bring in Miro. Miro looks fantastic and I’m so happy to see him back in the ring. This might be the best thing that could have happened to Kip. Miro wasted no time coming after WWE and the dude took the biggest shot from anyone that has left WWE. I wish I could quote his line but its not very kid or family friendly.  A little rust on the microphone, but it doesn’t matter as Miro is All Elite and he is ready to bring the house down.

The beginning of this dragged.  I agree with Oscar that it wasn’t anywhere near as funny as whoever devised this thought it’d be.  Miro coming in was a surprise for sure.  I don’t know how they’ll use him but we’ll see.  For a company that said they weren’t gonna bring in a bunch of WWE guys, they’re sure bring in their share…of WWE guys, aren’t they?


Adam Page’s Promo

I love Page and the way he has developed his character. Page was very genuine on his promo. He does his best work when he is able to be himself. I will love to have a few cold beers with Page. The Elite has split for now and this story line is being set up for something great.

This was really good.  We saw some humanity from Page that we haven’t seen yet.  I’m interested to see where he goes from here.


Chris Jericho & Jake Hager vs Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss

I love the way AEW ties story back in. After the attack of Jericho on Janela last week on AEW Dynamite, Kiss and Janela wanted some revenge. Take a moment and go watch the match again. I had to pause the match as Janela and Jericho look like twins. If Janela can have half the career Jericho has had, he will be okay. Great team work from Janela and Kiss to start the match. I’m happy for Kiss and Janela because they actually have great chemistry. For being a no DQ match, there wasn’t much utilization of chairs and tables to start the match. It was pleasure to see Sonny Kiss kick Hager’s butt. I hope you guys saw the vicious Irish whip from Jericho to Janela into the lights. I’m being sarcastic if you can’t tell. I had a great laugh the way Excalibur tried to sell the mediocre Irish whip. It’s one of those spots where we can all have a good laugh. Kiss took the MVP award and was on fire. There was no way Sonny and Janela would win that match, but they were able to display their ability. Jericho pulls out the fire extinguisher and extinguishes Kiss into defeat. A solid match to introduce us into a new story line. Jericho and Hager want FTR. That should be another great feud.

Janela literally threw himself into the stage lights.  LOL!  Genius.  I was happy seeing Janela and Kiss on my TV screen.  They’re like peanut butter and water but it works somehow.  We were all noticing how amazing Janela’s hair looked last night.  Someone broke out the Pantene!  Such body!  Such bounce!  Such shine!  Such…yes, I’m done.  Hopefully, Dolph Ziggler was watching.  LOL!  Kiss is just so amazingly athletic and fun.  Good match all around and now apparently, Jake & Chris want the tag belts.  Not sure why but okay.


MJF Promo

MJF 2020 is officially over. MJF has fired his whole staff and has ended his campaign. MJF can be funny, but he can also be a pain in the butt. As my friend Botch will say, he can be great slime. The jokes and laughter are over, MJF means business and no one is safe.

That poor woman.  She fought the good fight and smiled till lactic acid built up in her cheeks and this is the thanks she gets?  So CHURLISH and UNDERHANDED!  Ah well.  It was fun while it lasted.  Wardlow showed OUT here!  The nuance in his face once he realized how unwise it was to buck to MJF was really cool.  It’s gonna be so much fun when Wardlow decides he’s had enough of MJF.  I don’t need it right away but I’ll be here for it when it happens.


Jon Moxley’s Promo

Please no one come after my neck for what I’m about to say. I was hoping to see a new face with the AEW Championship. Not that Mox isn’t great, but it would be really cool to see MJF holding that belt. Archer is up next and there’s no way he beats Mox. If he does it would be a tragedy to see Archer with the AEW Championship.

I feel a little differently than Oscar does.  I like MJF chasing.  I wouldn’t have been mad had he won but I love that he didn’t and I love WHY he didn’t.  Mox doesn’t care about rules which makes him a totally different kind of opponent for MJF.  He’s just as likely to cheat as MJF is and it drives MJF crazy.


FTR’s Tag Team Championship Celebration

FTR has become the best heel that the tag team division needed. They have the rest of the tag teams ringside only to roast them in the best FTR way possible. They are so cocky and its great to see them finally get the spotlight they always deserved. As much as people might hate on them, AEW has done what WWE could never do. They gave the belts to FTR and let them bring a spice to an already great tag team division. Jurassic Express will get a chance to get some of the spotlight next week on Dynamite in what should a great match.

The slime.  The passive-aggressiveness.  What’s not to love?  Every bit of this was fun.  Tully’s fun with them too as he knows how to set the stage and get out of the way.  Fun segment all the way around.  I was sure someone was going to end up wearing that cake.  I’m almost disappointed that I was wrong.


Ricky Starks Promo

There’s plenty of times when I truly ask myself how does Darby go through so much punishment. The dude was tossed in a body bag full of tacks. I really didn’t think he would be on tonight’s show. I’ll give it to Ricky Starks; he can do his thing on the mic and this feud with Darby is getting very personal. At this point in the night, I would be Oscar The Grouch on any promo, but this one was actually decent. Starks and Allin have so much to gain from a well-planned feud.

The cosplay tho.  LOL!  It was clear on the two occasions I bothered with “NWA Powerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrzzzzzzzzz” that there were a few who had “it”.  We know Ken Anderson does, we know Eli Drake does, and I found out that Ricky Starks does.  They’re all way too big of a deal to be stuck in NWA.  Starks in particular just shined here.  This should be great to set up Starks’ very first feud in AEW.


Tay Conti vs. Nyla Rose

AEW you keep dropping the ball on the women division. Your champion appears on TV every other week. The rest of the talent is being misused and the only match on tonight’s show has no story line behind it. Conti was very emotional making her way to the ring and it showed in her wrestling. I hate to trash the only women’s match tonight, but it was so botchy. Even Vicky Guerrero who has the easy job sucked at it. I don’t blame the ladies in the ring. Who ever is in charge of the women’s division should be fired! I’ll try to stay positive and give Conti credit as she was out there doing her best. Nyla, well, she will be Nyla and that can’t be changed. She was decent and actually did her best to help Conti. The end was bit too dramatic for my liking. My favorite part was Vicky screaming “excuse me” after the match. That should tell you all you need to know about the division. Let me get this straight, Shida comes to aid of Conti, but I thought Conti was with The Dark order. Again, something has to change for the ladies.

Another match thrown together with no story.  Thus, I don’t care.  Further, Nyla’s a mess and I don’t see the magic potential in Tay at all.  She’s there and that’s about it.  Vicki was kinda fun at the end.


Kenny Omega Promo

I actually enjoyed this interview from Kenny Omega. He seemed very sincere in everything he said. I had this idea that Kenny Omega was going to be the top star of AEW coming in. When he originally became tag team champion with Page it felt weird. They were gone from TV for so long that they became and after thought. Little by little, they reeled me back in with the amazing promos and matches they had. They made me a fan and even though we all saw this break upcoming, it’s tough to watch it happen. Its very interesting to see what happens to Kenny moving forward. For now, the Page and Omega team will be no more.

This was all it needed to be.  It’ll be interesting to see where Omega goes from here.  He has no clear direction as of now.  Maybe he can actually start paying attention to the women now if he still has that responsibility.


Brodie Lee vs. Dustin Rhodes

Please ask Dustin where he found the fountain of youth. The dude has turned back the clock and has reinvented himself. I love the way the match started with Dustin taking the fight to Brodie before the bell rang. Dustin size allows him to match so well with Brodie Lee. I like a good old school wrestling brawl. They wanted to take each other’s head off with the punches they were throwing. Wait a second here, did Dustin hit Brodie with a hurracarrana. The dude has been wrestling for over 30 years and that might have been the first time I seen him pull that move. Dustin put the best match of his life together. Props to Brodie for looking like Cody and making the challenger look good. The ending wasn’t too my liking, but I can live with that.  I’m glad we were rewarded with a great wrestling match after a night full of promos.

How does Dustin do it?  He shouldn’t be wrestling at this level.  Just amazing.  I agree with Oscar in that they are a good match for each other.  Of course, we knew Dustin wouldn’t win but we had fun watching it.  


The Count Is Here

Umm, the last 3 min of the show were used to promote a show on TBS that will involve Cody as a judge. I’m intrigued about the show and way to stay kayfabe Cody. An 11:5 ratio for tonight promos vs wrestling. I hate to do ratings on a show full of promos because my judgmental side comes out. They did a great job to put some closure on old story lines and develop new ones. Archer and Mox will go at it on the anniversary show of Dynamite. That tells me that Mox will retain the title. The main event actually saved the whole show because it was a night of too much talking. Overall, I can live with myself this week and come back ready for next week show.

…and so is Botch

 After the disappointment that was “All Out”, they didn’t have me on their side at the beginning at all.  That’s what happens when you take fifty dollars of my money and I don’t get my money’s worth.  Anyway, this was better than that by a long shot.  New feuds were begun and it’ll be interesting to see where they go from here.