WWE Releases Running Rampant?

The world isn’t the same place it was a year ago and most of it is due to Covid-19.  With WWE staying in Florida for the seeable future, and even though WWE is making money hand over fist, they’ve started releasing people right and left to cut costs.  Some of the released people were originally furloughed in hopes that they’d be able to return, but that now doesn’t appear to be the direction things are going.  The number we keep seeing is that WWE will be dropping about sixty employees, some from the crew that works for the traveling shows, but not all.

Mike Rotunda and Sarah Stock, a producer, have both been released.  Lastly, of names we know, Anthony Benigno, a long-time staff writer is also gone.


QD – Only time will tell how much WWE will be adding to the unemployment line, even though they’re doing better than ever through the pandemic.  I’d love to go off about this, but I know it will turn into a political rant and WR is a wrestling site.  That being said, I understand that not everyone is going to keep their job through this, I only hope we can pull ourselves up after this and make the world a better place, all the way around.