A WWE Roster Name Change

The WWE Superstar formerly known by the name Tehuti Miles now goes by the name Ashante Adonis.  He first went by that name this past Wednesday evening in a losing effort to Velveteen Dream.  Recently, he had been appearing on 205 Live under his former name.  WWE has recently locked down the copyright on that name as well.

They’ve also copyrighted the name, Desmond Troy.  We don’t yet know what will become of that name yet but we’re likely to find out in a matter of weeks.


Botch Take:  When Ashante resurfaced on NXT this past week, I’d literally forgotten he was previously Tehuti as I haven’t seen 205 Live in a while.  He was good before but he’s really grown by leaps and bounds in terms of charisma.  He hung with Velveteen nicely not only getting in a lot of offense but also displaying even more charisma and presence than I’d previously seen from him.  If they decide to do something with him, I’d be all for it.